Mini Post – Yashio to Mikumo Tank #7 (spoilers)


Kino is having a pre-Thanksgiving sale so of course I had to take advantage of that :P My original goal was to buy all of Yashio to Mikumo (well, volumes 3-7 since I got 1 & 2 from Book*Off) along with Koisuru Ouji to Junan no Himegimi  (because I’ve been meaning to get that series for like years now). But then I realized I needed to buy a notebook binder thing for upcoming training and then I wanted some cute paper for said binder because I’m weird like that. Then I wanted pens with brown ink to match the binder because like I said, weirdo present. Then I made the mistake of looking at new manga releases for this month and saw Tooyama Ema released a collection of one shots…(for me, I’m hit or miss with Tooyama Ema, but there was a one shot in the collection I read prior in Aria and I really enjoyed – thus the purchase :P). After assessing how much I was spending, I decided to settle for volume #7 of Yashio to Mikumo (and Koisuru Ouji because who knows how long that’ll still be around) .


I always love how cute her animal drawings are >w<

Why volume #7? (since I haven’t even finished reading the first volume lol)

Because I wanted cute fluff. That’s pretty much the answer. xD I’ve been seeing random chapters of Yashio to Mikumo in various Lala DXs I buy on a whim and their interactions are always so cute. Each time I read a chapter I’m like:

Volume #7 is the final tank in Yashio and Mikumo’s adventures together so my thinking was there had better been some damn kissing before we get the “end” notice. Otherwise my money ain’t going no where to support a kiss-less cause.

And for those of you wondering, there was a kiss <3 (maybe two but one def for sure) It took all the way to the last page but there was a kiss!


I did a blitz read of volume #7 on my commute home. Blitz in the sense that I didn’t use my dictionary to look up words I didn’t know. Thankfully everything was pretty straightforward so a dictionary wasn’t really needed save a few parts. In volume #7 we get backstory on Isshiki and how love made him become the boss cat (too bad dancing in the rain killed his girlfriend o__o;). We also get backstory on Yashio and his owner Riyo. Big surprise a car accident was the cause of her demise (not sure what is it with shojo and cars…). Another chapter was dedicated to Yashio winning Shiro’s approval to date Mikumo. This chapter was pretty amusing because Mikumo finally got over her fears and was just about to confess her feelings when Yashio covered her mouth and called for a time out. He said he needed to do something first (talk with Shiro) before they could continue. Poor Mikumo!

And after the Shiro thing, Yashio comes back to see Mikumo. He calmly confesses his feelings at the same time Mikumo blurts hers out like she’s declaring a scientific breakthrough. Then she gets embarrassed because hey, Mikumo just admitted he likes her and wants to be her lover. Before he can continue, she calls for a time out (Yashio: wtf!?) and she asks for some time to get some air. After a half an hour goes by, Yashio is like, okay fuck this I just confessed after 7 volumes of dick slapping and papa needs some love, and goes to find her on the roof, literally getting some air. She tells him she’s not ready for him yet and he’s like, welp with most things in life you aren’t so… *goes outside*. They scuttle around on the roof until Yashio catches Mikumo and tells her he’s got lots of things he needs to tell her. One being:


Mikumo, I love you.


And I think they have an off camera kiss but I can’t tell due to the angle but this leads to the final two chapters in which some dude is being an ass and causing problems and the gang has to stop him. However, dude is hiding out in the human world I think? Specifically at a clock tower where you have to sacrifice one of your lives to go in your human form (this was probably mentioned before but I haven’t read shit so yeah) so Yashio is chosen since he has 8 lives. Mikumo wants to go human too but she only has 3 lives and yeah no. Before the big fight, some fluff happens and a whole bunch of characters from the previous volumes appear but since I haven’t read the volumes, their appearance has no effect on me haha.


Lots of hugging going on in volume #7

In the final chapter, the battle commences. The whole cat gang goes with Yashio, who is in human form, to the clock tower. There are a bunch of other rogue cats (I guess the ass’s buddies) running around the outside perimeter. While they’re not the main target, the gang decides what the hell and fights them, with Yashio doing the majority of the ass kicking, seeing as he’s the only one with legs that can kick ass effectively. While fighting, Mikumo looks up at the clock tower and takes a small brigade up there to investigate. There they find the ass. They beat him up and corner him, telling him to sign the book and just give it up. Rather than do that, the cat says YOLO and jumps off the clock tower, turning into a Bakeneko. However, apparently his form causes static cling to any cat with fluffy hair, including Mikumo, Shiro, and Isshiki. With them literally stuck to the Bakeneko like little fluffy meat armor, Yashio is unable to kick ass, for fear of hitting his comrades. The other cats in the main group decide to sacrifice a life to go human and fight the Bakeneko but Mikumo tells them life is precious and not to waste it. She then does the opposite of what she just said and turns human herself to pin the Bakeneko, sacrificing a life in the process. Yashio defeats the Bakeneko and asks the cat gang if he and Mikumo can hang together in their human forms until the forms wear off and they become whatever their new names are. This is when we get…:




The chapter ends saying their time together as Yashio and Mikumo came to an end and that’s where this story ends. But it’s implied their adventures continued as whatever their new names are ~

Ah satisfaction ~

In the end, I was very happy with Yashio to Mikumo ~ I look forward to starting my adventure with them because the ending left me with such a big goofy smile ~ Lot of good laughs and squeals from this shojo so if you don’t mind the fact the actual story is dumb as shit, then this is a good read (you have to change your name when you die or you’ll go crazy wtf?). I would love to see Yashio to Mikumo licensed so others can enjoy the read but I’m not sure if VIZ is feeling up to it. Had CMX still been around, you bet your buttcheeks this would have been licensed. But only time will tell I guess ^^

And that’s it. I just wanted an excuse to take pictures and share them haha


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