Mini Post – Sekai de Ichiban Warui Majo


Before I go to bed, I’m throwing a quick post out here. Earlier this month, I bought the newest issue of Lala DX off of Not sure what’s been going on but Lala and Lala DX have been selling out at my local Kino :/ (thus why I haven’t been posting any Lala news ~). Normally I wouldn’t care but I really wanted this issue for one thing – Sekai de Ichiban Warui Majo ~ (The World’s Baddest Witch). The art and the fact we have the word “witch” in the title peeked my interest :3 What can I say? I grew up with magical girls and the love never left haha ~

In addition, I’ve also been practicing with debinding magazines! (o´ω`o)

See, while I like certain stories in big mags like Lala DX, I don’t keep the huge tomes like I do Sylph.
They take too much room…
In the past, I tried to cut out tales I liked…only to cut them apart…like, ripping right through the pages ;___; I’m not meant to handle sharp objects. That stupid Operation board game taught me that.
I later learned another technique for removing pages in a mag or manga – a blow dryer <3 After watching a few youtube vids, I gave it a try with Warui Majo and I have to admit, the results were awesome. It takes time and patience but the work was worth the payoff :)


(ignore the holes – those are from my hole puncher so I can put the pages in my little binder :>)


I was originally thinking of writing a Tid-Bits about Warui Majo but someone beat me to it and did better – they translated it.

Nice! :D

Tid-Bit idea out the window, I instead used this opportunity to do some translation practice. As you’ve all hopefully maybe noticed, I haven’t been around much because of life, and this life interference also affected my translating. Without blahing more on the subject, let’s just say this exercise was much needed ~ ^^;

Seeing how I’m running down on time, I’ll post my mini thoughts on Warui Majo quick. Story wise – as of right now I don’t really have much of an idea on the plot. A scientist with secrets joins up with a witch who has her own secrets. Her job is to get him to some remote island where he’ll publish his research for all to benefit.

What is his research? *shoulder shrugs*

Why this particular island? *shoulder shrug*

Why are people after his research and what do they want with it? Also who are they? *shoulder shrugs so hard others shrug for no reason*


Despite the lack of information, I’m enjoying the chemistry between the characters. The main girl is sassy spunky and the main dude is like…a cool cucumber ass. On their own I’d probably not like them as much but together they balance each other out nicely. Especially since the main guy likes to tease which makes the girl is quick to react.

Him: you named this majestic creature based on its cry? Such simplicity is a direct reflection on your intelligence level…*sigh* (◞‸ლ)

Her: I will kill you (ꐦ ಠ皿ಠ )


Also I like the little mascot character – the” death reindeer” as I affectionately call it haha :P (he’s the little guy in the bottom left corner in the picture above ~ in his big boy form, he’s a reindeer skeleton)

I’m looking forward to the next chapter ~ love me some majo shojo haha


2 thoughts on “Mini Post – Sekai de Ichiban Warui Majo

  1. Warui Majo looks like it would be really interesting to read. (*^^*) I remembered reading this post when it first came out, but I had to search for it to remember the questions I wanted to ask. (Silly me. ^^;;)

    Out of curiosity, what tutorial did you use for debinding your magazine? Also, what kind of hole puncher are you using? I have a magazine coming in and I’m not sure if I would like keep the entire mag after a while. o:


    • Sorry for the late reply. Here’s the youtube video I watched to debind my mags. I used the hair dryer option since I conveniently have one lying around :J

      It takes a little while in the beginning, especially with a thick mag like Lala DX. Just make sure to move about and not keep the hair dryer at one spot for too long. And I’d recommend some kind of glove too, at least for the hand holding the pages down. I used a simple glove I’d normally wear when going outside during the winter time so nothing fancy. You just want the glove because it gets a bit toasty for the hand holding the pages down.
      As you’re going, gently tug on the pages to see if the glue holding them has melted to the point where you can start pulling pages out. If you still feel resistance when you’re tugging, just blow dry some more until the page comes off super easy. Like pulling a sticky note from its pad – that’s how easy the pull should be ~

      And the hole puncher is something I got at my bookstore. It’s designed to punch holes for B5 and A4 binders. Since the Lala DX pages are a bit smaller than B5 and A4, the holes are a bit off (as you can see by the half holes on the very bottom) but they fit into my binder just fine :) It’s a bit pricy FYI since it’s from Japan:

      Hope that helps!
      And I totally understand about not having space for the entire mag. I’m in the same boat. Also, I’m only reading Lala DX for oneshots I like. No point in keeping the rest of the mag if I don’t read the serialized titles in there (which take up like half of the mag) :P

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