What the f*ck is Comic It!?

Hello folks! Been awhile. Between busy weekends working or socializing to freaking out over getting promotion things done (it’s out of my hands now. November will be a month for tears, it’s just a matter of if the tears are due to joy or sorrow), and getting sick (I want the power to punch bacteria that give me food poisoning hard in the dick. I know bacteria don’t have dicks. That’s why I want the power to make them grow one so I can uppercut it off. Also the common cold. Because they’re dicks too.), I haven’t had much time to do anything blog wise.

And just when I was finally going to work on Sylph stuff I noticed this on my twitter feed:


Now, the first thing that caught my eye was “Shounen Oujo”. I had read on animenewsnetwork that Shounen Oujo was coming back (kinda sad Sylph didn’t mention anything about that but I digress) so I thought this was Sylph’s official notice that our boy is coming home.
Then my eye went to the picture.

Me: Holy fuck what hell happened to Albert!? ” (´◉◞⊖◟◉`)

After staring at the photo in horror, wondering what the pirate life did do our little cross-dresser, I finally took note of the words “COMIC IT”.
That’s when I went:

“What the fuck is Comic It!?”

To others who are thinking the same thing, I went to Comic It’s website and did a quick translation of a blog entry I saw. Enjoy:

Post Date: 2014.11.08

Hello and welcome from Comic It’s Editorial Department.
On November the 8th, Comic It’s official website and phone apps went live!

So just what is Comic It?

“It” refers to things you all want to read now.
Something beyond just romance.
These stories have something “new” about them that makes folks want to read them!
They are for those who want to be moved emotionally
For those who want a story to linger with them long after the last page.

The above ideologies are what we hope to instill in our manga magazine for older women.

You will have three ways to enjoy reading Comic It – with a physical copy or digitally via the web or using a phone app.


We plan on releasing the first issue in early spring 2015.
As of right now, we’re fine tuning our website and phone apps so please be patient with us until the magazine’s release!


We established a web version for those of you who prefer to read your digital manga on a larger screen.

Click here to go to the Comic It homepage


The apps went live on the same day at the same time as our website
We went with apps for folks who like to read whenever, wherever.

Android Apps:


iOS Apps:

The apps for iPhone / iPad will go live in a few days.
For the latest information on when to expect the app’s release, be sure to check our official twitter feed.

You can follow us on twitter or you can search for mentions to @COMICit_amw.

Tomorrow, we’ll be having an event to showcase Comic It at AGF in Ikebukuro.
On display will be illustrations drawn by Yukihiro Utako for Comic It.
In addition, three series from Comic Sylph (released every month on the 22nd) will move to Comic It:

Shounen Oujo
Hiso Hiso ~ silent voice
Hakase Ga!!

Each title’s first chapter are available to read for free (Sylph: on Comic It’s official homepage)

Basic RGB

Animate Girls Festival 2014

Open date: 2014.11.8 (Saturday) to 2014.11.9 (Sunday) from 9:00 to 16:00 (admittance ends at 15:30)
Location: Main – Ikebukuro Sunshine City, Satellite – Ikebukuro Sunshine City Funsui-Hiroba
*we have sold out of tickets due to advanced sales. No tickets will be sold on the day of the event. For more information, please visit AGF’s official website
Official website:
ASCII Media Works: Red AREA R-6

Be on the lookout for an emerald blue display!!
We’ll be waiting for you all with bated breaths!

We hope with Comic It, readers will think “This is just the magazine I wanted to read!”
”’It’s” what I’ve searching for.”
This is our goal for Comic It.

Comic It Editorial Department

For those who cry tl;dr: a new magazine will be coming out next year. I think it’ll be released both digitally and physically. Shounen Oujo, Hakase Ga!!, and Hiso Hiso ~ Silent Voice will move from Comic Sylph to Comic It.

And that’s about it.

We have no info on when the magazine will be released, what it’s line up is other than those three titles It stole from Sylph, or what kind of release schedule it’ll have (monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.).

Since I’m invested in two of the three titles going to It, I’ll be collecting the magazine when it comes out (good thing I dropped Lala hur). I’m debating if I’ll go for a physical release or a digital release. Digital would be super helpful since I can 1.) space and 2.) make screenshots easily but there’s just something about having a physical copy in your hand <3

I guess it’ll all boil down to the furoku. If I’m getting some freebies, hell right I’m getting a physical version <3

Also, if the magazine is digital, I might have to drop Shounen Oujo as a project. The group that scans Shounen Oujo is hella fast so there’d be no reason to do spoilers on it if they get to it before me haha. While it’d be sad to part with ol’ SO, that’ll leave me an open slot to work on other Sylph titles :D
But this is all speculation so we won’t know until the magazine releases, folks :P

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