Zeele Sacrifice Chapter 17 (Tid-Bits)


Last we left off grandpa was dead.

And he is still dead.

Let’s put it this way – he’s so dead that they’re about the cremate him.

Back at Casa de Master-san, Naruto is confused about what is going on.

Why are the humans setting fire to the dead human?

When did the humans get to be so metal?

Maya explains that in this country, the dead are mourned.

His words don’t help since Naruto has a hard time understanding this concept. Especially since he doesn’t know what “mourn” means.

Maya continues to explain that by mourning (Naruto: torching?) the deceased, the living hope for the soul to be saved and ascend to heaven rather than hell.

Naruto puffs up and is like, “the fuck is that supposed to mean? Just cuz we eat our dead instead of setting them ablaze don’t mean we’re going to hell! We’re just don’t waste.”

Maya: “Uh, I didn’t say that.”

Naruto continues, although he gets a bit derailed. “And you’re a halfie so uh, fuck you. And uh…being stuck here is hell so uh…suck it!”

Maya: _ರೃ “I don’t understand how me being of mixed descent explains what we were talking about earlier. But then again, you’re wearing your underwear on the outside of your pants so I guess this is probably the best you can accomplish.”


Diamu is apparently of the same mindset because he gets up and leaves before things get even more stupid. Naruto says they best avoid him until he gets happy again.

Maya: “For once we are of the same thought.”

Naruto: “You thinking about sticking your dick in a gopher hole too?” :D

Maya: “…never mind”


With a closed door between, Diamu falls over and begins slamming his hand against things. The desire to feed is strong.

Too strong.


Maya, apparently concerned with the sounds being made behind the door, comes into to check on Diamu only to find the room empty.


Random: Due to Maya’s hand, this whole scene can look different to those of dirty minds and can’t read Japanese. Instead it looks like Diamu is getting a hard-on and needs to work it off. See for yourself:




That side story done, we go over to Yuiko. She’s staring at her grandfather’s alter. In comes Diamu, looking as if he had been jerkin it hard wink wink.


“Yuiko I just slapped my winkie so hard that it came off. It’s in my pocket. Do you have tape? I’m scared.”

And pretty much the next 12 pages can be condensed into the following:


Diamu: I shouldn’t eat her yet


Diamu: but I’m going to


Yuiko: *ignorant of the internal discussion Diamu is having with himself* I’m going to save you because my mom told me to


Diamu: STFU Yuiko I’m currently trying not to eat you


Yuiko: oh whoa dude wow *blush*




Chikage: Did someone call for a cock block? ϖ


Yuiko: Chi-chan! And random dudes you brought with you! Where have you been?


Chikage: STFU Yuiko. I’ve got business with the Oni.


Yuiko: :(


Chikage: So uh, wanna take my shard and give it to Yuiko?




Chikage: good!


Diamu: well ok then!

Chikage: yeah you better be!!


Diamu: have been before you said anything!!!!!!!!


Yuiko: really guys I’m confused 【・ヘ・?】


The chapter ends with Shota dragging a knife against the walls of his expensive pad. He mumbles how the gate between the human world and theirs is open. Now he can go and slaughter the White Oni/Byakki, because Zeele Sacrifice needs an antagonist and this little shortie is up to the task.



“We, the Ouki, are tasked to watch over the Byakki. I’m sure he’d never even notice if we made them disappear. After all, he threw them away.”




Wow, and with that I’m done with the main story. All that’s left is the epilogue. Kinda weird but since I did the summaries out of order, it messed with the order haha ^^;

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