Tid-Bits: Zeele Sacrifice After Root

We’re at the end folks! Here is the last bit of story in the 3rd volume. A used band-aid to cover the wound from the story’s end…


Diamu Reincarnate:



“What crawled up your butt and died?”
“Is it because you sucked at leading your first homeroom class?”

“But look, you’re dumb at whatever you do so this shouldn’t have been a surprise ~ ”


“Look pal!”

“Are trying to pick a fight with me?”
“And second of all, I am WAYYYYY older than you so don’t drop my honorific!”

Diamu Incarnate:

“You’re getting huffy about that now?”


Diamu Incarnate:

“I mean, this isn’t the first time we’ve met!”
“Remember, you were walking around your head in the clouds when you knocked a young frail boy to the ground? That was me!”


{What part of him is “frail”?}

{This guy is NOTHING like Diamu-san}
*just a fake*

Diamu Incarnate:

“And you know…”
“I feel like I’ve met you even way before that…Yuiko…”



{Does he remember!?}

Diamu Incarnate:

“Yeah right just kidding ~”

“What’s with that face?”


“Aggh, I really don’t know…what to do with you…”

Diamu Incarnate:

“Whoops? Are you upset?” *hey!*


{Like I said, there’s no way they’re the same!}


Also included in this final bonus are two 4 panels ~


Too Grand

Box 1:

[Yuiko’s dream is to be a teacher.]

Chikage: “A teacher?”

Box 2

Chikage: “…you?”

Yuiko: “What’s with that face!?” *Chi-chan, watch yourself!*

Box 3

Yuiko: *grrr* “Fine, what’s your dream, Chi-chan?”

Chikage: “Mine?”

Box 4

Chikage: “To change the world.” (lit. change the country)

Yuiko: WHOA!



Yuiko: [Ah! It’s Diamu-san!]

Box 2

Yuiko: [Seems like he’s always sleeping]

And with this we say good-bye to an old friend. Hard to believe I’m finally done with Zeele Sacrifice. This blog started with Zeele!
Which goes to show you how long I procrastinated with finishing the series xD
So much time has gone by. Heck back then, Sylph was a bimonthly magazine. I’m glad it’s still holding strong today :) Sylph has definitely grown but each issue is just as entertaining as it was when I first grabbed a copy off akadot ~

With Zeele Sacrifice done, a new title will be taking it’s spot. I thinking of Shojo Kesshou Cocological, just because I have the first chapter already written down. It’s a magical girl series that runs in Nakayoshi. For some reason no one has touched it yet. The art is cute and I’m always down for more magical girl :P

Thank you all for sticking with me over the years! I hope I was able to bring some of you over to the Sylph side muhahah >:D

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