The Margaret Aug 2014 Issue

shinoAwhile back I was in the mood for shojo. You know, kinda like how you’ll get a craving for a certain food out of the blue? I went to my local Kino in hopes of grabbing the newest issue of Lala DX to satisfy my interest but unfortunately all the issues were gone. There were only two “shojo” mags left – The Hana to Yume and The Margaret. I had heard this particular issue of The Hana to Yume sucked balls so by default I went with The Margaret. I’ve never tried an issue so I didn’t know what to expect. Plus it was only $10.


I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed The Margaret. Everything in here screams and barfs shojo – we’re talking the prince-kuns, the ore-samas, misunderstandings, dramatic love confessions, etc. All present and accounted for.
And this was exactly what I wanted!
While not all the stories were my cup of tea, a good majority proved entertaining.
Rather than talk about all of them, I’ll showcase the ones I liked the most.
The reason I’m not talking about all of them is due to there being so many stories. I mean, look at this table of contents:


Dat a lot of shojo, son. Over a 1000 pages of shojo.

Preview for the next The Margaret ~

DSC_0134Just take from this that there will be a lot of shojo haha ~

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