Aug 2014 Manga ~


Random post about some manga I picked up during Labor Day – Kino had a 20% off sale for members :J


  • Kenjutsu Komachi (girl with a sword, looked interesting)
  • Rokka Melt #3 (…don’t judge me)
  • Haru to Mahou no Kagi #1 (Can never have enough Magical Girl <3)
  • Kurohakushaku wa Hoshi wo Mederu #1 (I bought this because of the cover :P)

I also went and picked up the latest issue of Sylph:


Happy to see Choujin’s manga take the cover (though it’s still a bit creepy to me, since I was folowing this before it went from “family” to “romance”).
In the corner you can see a little birdie I made :> I also picked up a felting kit at Kino (yeah they sell the most random shit there haha) because I’ve always wanted to try one ever since I stumbled up on them. I accidentally made his beak too large so now it looks like the little guy has a huge honker >__<; hehe he…

In other news, I went to my first Broadway show – we watch Cinderella. For the price of our tickets, we were expecting shit but it turned out the show was awesome. Got a lot of chuckles out of me and my crew. And I’m normally the type who loathes singing :P

Another first for me is…getting a jury summon! Was not expecting that on my way back from the grocery store:


Welp…we’ll see how that goes ( ̄ω ̄;)

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