Sylph Tweets

When I was on vacation, I only had twitter to keep me updated with Sylph stuff. WHY AM I FOREVER ALONE WITH MY SYLPH LOVE jk Figured I translate a few of the tweets to give Sylph some more exposure <3

The translations are rough so FYI

tweet1 copy

[Blog update] Shinmoto Shin’s newest series “Honjitsu wa, Umi nari.” debuts with a color center page in the September issue of Sylph, now on sale ~ The series’ theme focuses on “horses.” Be sure not to miss the craziness!

(if you’re like me and thinking “why does this art look so familiar?” then you’ve probably read/watched this manga-ka’s other work SSB – Chou Seisyun Kyoudai :J (my exposure to her was reading random bits of Access in Lala.) Nice to see new titles popping up in Sylph!)


[Blog Update] Chapter two of “Mikansei Lovers” is available in the September issue of Sylph, now on sale. After meeting a man right out of her dreams, Kotono is on cloud nine however…”

(Ah, I feel like Mikansei Lovers will be dealing with two very strong personalities ^^; good luck you two…hopefully you don’t kill each other before getting your feelings across…)


(Blog Update) Kodokawa’s Otome Comic Campaign “Oto*Con 2014” will be held in the beginning of August. Be sure to grab signed illustrations prepared specifically for this special event!

(Wow, it’s already been a year and another Oto*Con is upon us. Happy to see Choujin’s Futsutsuka na Oyako de wa Arimasu ga getting some love :J Oto*Con always makes me want to read B’s Log again but I don’t want more big tomes cluttering my tiny apartment ; 3 ; Go digital already B’s Log (though I won’t lie – their magazines had some of the best quality print I’ve ever seen <3)).

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