Millefeui, vol 0


My first Book Walker purchase. Hell, my first digital purchase! I gotta thank Itsuma Tenma no Kuro Usagi and dicking around on bakaupdates for finding this little jewel ~I’m always down for trying new things :3 Especially if said things are shiny <3

I’ll be frank – I know next to nothing about Millefeui. I didn’t even know it existed until I began snooping around on google. From what I could find, the magazine started last year and has about four volumes out. All four volumes are available to purchase on comicwalker for $1.99/per magazine (at least that’s what iTunes charged me when I bought issue 0)

The tag line for issue 0 reads “the birth of (a magazine filled with) vocaloid comics x shojo comics.” So this is basically a girly version of Comic@loid with some Hana to Yume in it and it doesn’t star just Gumi for like everything haha.



Chapter 1 – o__O this is some messed up shit here. Boy confesses to this girl but runs away like a scared bitch before she can reply. Later that day, his first love dies in a fiery death along with her mother. Boy: D: The boy is all sads when these three people on the cover page pop up and tell him they’re from Deadline Circus (him: how did you get in my house? ಠ_ಠ). They can grant him any wish but each wish comes with a price:

1.) whatever changes he makes affects his current life and

2.) he has to give up something equal to what he gets. Ex. if he wishes for the past, his future gets taken. If he wants to save someone, someone else must die.

The boy requests that he goes back into time 3 days. This way he can save the girl he likes from dying. When he goes back into the past, the female on the cover page goes with him as well, though only he sees her (she acts as a bit of comic relief). We find out that the crush’s mom is all levels of crazy and likes to set things on fire. The boy tells his crush and his crush is like, yeah mom has issues. But it’s not that serious :J Him: YOUR MOM IS PLAYING WITH FIRE AND THAT’S YOUR RESPONSE?? ガ━━━━━━∑(゚д゚lll). He holds a stakeout outside his crush’s place, ready for when he needs to swoop in. Sounds alert him to take action. He kicks open the door to find mom abusing the main girl (her wounds are from burns but I have no idea how or when she got burned). He tackles mom to the floor to stop her and earns a nice slap from his crush as a reward. She tells him he has issues and wtf. Him: ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? ARE WE JUST GOING TO IGNORE THE THIRD DEGREE BURNS ON YOU?? щ(゚д゚щ) In a state of confusion, he randomly asks his crush for her reply to his confession (uh okay dude…). Crush: I don’t know what you’re talking about and this is not the place for your crazy. My mother and I already have that element under control.

Circus chick reminds him that by going back into the past, what happened before was changed. He never confessed to his crush. And because his crush didn’t burn to death…someone has got to take her place…him! :D He dies and the story ends with another poor soul wondering into the circus.

(◉◞౪◟◉ ) …wow, so this is what vocaloid x shojo tastes like? Spicy tears and bitter regret? Okay then.

I had a feeling things were going to turn dark. Heck, I thought the twist was going to be either the mom turned out to be the arsonist (which I guess did happen in the first place I think…wasn’t really too clear on the details) or the guy turned out to be the arsonist for some reason (maybe he got rejected and goes balls nuts). Didn’t see the guy just being some poor schmuck in love with a dumbass…

Oh and I had no idea those peeps on the cover were Gumi, Len, and Kaito haha. I just can’t escape Gumi! xD



Chapter 1 – a non-vocaloid related series (which totally threw me because I was looking all over google for a “Houkago Kaleidoscope” amv xD). The story follows a girl (the redhead) who used to be a mousey little thing that was either bullied or harassed (we aren’t really told). She changed her image for high school and is now the bubbly fool you see before you. One day, while throwing out some trash, she sees some classmates beating up the dude with no ass on the cover page. Seeing him being verbally and physically abused reminds her about what happened to her in the past so she steps over to stop them. Before things can get physical, she trips (oh shojo) and de-pants one of the bullies. Humiliated at everyone seeing his heart print tidies, the main bully leaves with his bros laughing behind him. Rather than thank her, ass-less tells her to wear some better panties and leaves.

Her: ʘ‿ʘ  wtf?

Turns out the boy is a classmate of hers…her deskmate actually haha. However, it’s very clear he wants nothing to do with her. Which works for the main girl, until she comes home from cram school one day to see ass-less going to a bar filled with piercing covered people (her: WHA!?). If that wasn’t enough, the next day, she finds his arms covered in bandages and scars. Concerned ass-less is abusing substances or dealing in some shady business due to his bullied status, the main girl decides to help him. After all, when she was being bullied, that’s all she wanted, even though she pushed away anyone who came near her.

She sneaks into the bar but is caught by security. Before she can get kicked out, a girl dressed in Lolita clothing appears before them and says redhead is with her. When asked wtf, redhead explains she’s here because she’s concerned for a classmate of hers. She wanted to make sure he was ok. Lolita tells her he’s doing fine and there was no need to stick her nose into his business.

Her: ʘ‿ʘ  wtf?

Yuppers. So it turns out ass-less likes to dress up as a girl. He tells redhead she must think he’s got problems to which redhead is like, it’s surprising but whatever. As long as you’re not doing drugs or cutting yourself, you can rock all the petticoats you want, son. This surprises ass-less. Then, since it’s almost time for his performance, he tells redhead to go watch as he sings with his band. When asked what she thinks afterwards, redhead says he was awesome. His music was moving and the crowd was into it. Ass-less turns all red. To hide his embarrassment, he gives her a necklace – a thank you for helping him out and being worried about him. In his roundabout tsundere way, he tells her it matches her and she gets all red. He kicks her out so he can change. Both are blushy but I think main girl doesn’t think too hard on it compared to ass-less. She resolves to change into someone worthy of wearing the necklace ass-less gave her.

ʘ‿ʘ little shocked about the cross dressing but otherwise not a bad first chapter! The main female lead isn’t annoying (and you gotta like a lady that can deter bullying by (inadvertently) pulling down said bully’s pants). For some reason, I was under the impression Houkago Kaleidoscope was going to be a mahou shojo xD I blame the cover of the magazine haha!



Another non-vocaloid series. This started out cotton candy sweet but then some of Deadline Circus’s darkness seeped into the flavor, causing it to turn bittersweet. Yumeyomi Coffee Kissaten (or, for lack of better words, Dream Telling Coffee Café) follows a girl who works at a coffee shop owned by the dude in the back. She keeps her part-time job a secret from her family and friends. Also, she’s in love with the dude. Their interactions are so cute it can melt even the blackest of hearts x3 At first things were pretty normal, save for the guy having the ability to make coffee that draws out repressed memories or feelings (unless that’s something we all do when we make coffee. I’m a tea person so I don’t know). We’re told this after the girl drinks some of his coffee and later remembers the fire that almost killed her (it’s hinted that something else happened in the past but she was unable to recall it – you so know this is totally going to pop up again down the road). He apologizes for making her remember but she smiles and says it’s cool – she lived so there’s nothing wrong.

OMFG, wow, just realized how much that punched me in the gut now that I’ve read this a second time damn foreshadowing D:

The girl changes the subject and asks why the dude opened a coffee shop. He explains there is something he wants to find out. He can’t leave the coffee shop (omg so much foreshadowing!!!) so he can only gather information from people who stop by. The girl resolves to bring in lots of people to help her crush! But how? While cleaning one day, the girl notices a piano in the corner. Dude…I’m calling him French Roast. French Roast explains that the previous owner (French Roast’s grandpapi perhaps?) used to play it. The main girl hops on and starts Mozarting the shit out of the piano. Her music draws in people and sweet, customers! Lots of fluff happens here. Omg, it’s so adorable I’m smiling just remembering. But then this is where shit gets real. One night, mom is like, another late night with your buddies huh? Well, here ya go! and hands over one of those miai things (uh, prospective marriage folder whatevers).

The main girl is all levels of distressed over this turn of events and ends up burning her hand at work the next day. After French Roast freaks over her injury, the main girl confesses that she’s in love with him. Her mom is trying to set up an arranged marriage for her but she doesn’t want any of that. French Roast gets a conflicted look on his face but swallows his feels. He tells her that it’s a good thing she’s getting married :) The main girl is hurt by his rejection. Is it because I’m a child? she mumbles before running off. She goes into a storage room and ends up tripping over some newspapers. The one by her hand details the fire she herself survived. It lists those who perished in the fire…and French Roast is printed as a causality.  Oh shit what???

French Roast catches up to the main girl. He spots her with the article and realizes she now knows. Seeing as the cat’s out of the bag, he decides to let her in on everything he knows. Remember when he said he couldn’t go outside? He meant he LITERALLY CAN-NOT go outside. He opens a window near by and sticks his hand out. It begins to disintegrate. If he were to go out, his “body” would probably disappear and then he’d truly die. He understands if she thinks he’s a freak – after all, he’s someone that shouldn’t be alive. He smiles sadly “Knowing this, can you still say you love me?” The girl looks at the floor in shock. She asks him if he hates her because he died in that fire while she lived. He reaches his hand out to touch her but decides against it. Instead he tells her he’s happy she survived. The time they spend together was magical and it made him happy to have her by his side. But there’s no way they can be together. He tells her to find happiness. (:.;゚;Д;゚;.:)

The two part. She goes to the miai but is in deep thought about everything. French Roast is making some coffee. Once it’s ready, he takes a sip and starts to cry as memories of the main girl floods his vision. He decides fuck this backseat shit and runs to the door. Scared of what’s going to happen if he completely steps outside but determined to find the main girl, he opens the door only to find the main girl running in.

“I’m fine if you’re a ghost or whatever! Because I –”

They hug. He tells her she’s the most precious person in his life. And they get all happy. Later, the girl tells French Roast she doesn’t care that he’s a ghost. The time they spent was real. And she wants to spend whatever time he has left by his side(:.;゚;Д;゚;.:)French Roast is surprised but his surprise gives way to happiness. He reaches out and holds her hands.

“Yes, let’s stay together.”

The chapter ends with a customer stepping into the café.

owo omg why…if he fucking disappears or whatever – finds peace and can move on – I’m going to punch a baby turtle in the mouth. Turtle: what? Me: Okay, jk. This can only end sad. I mean, he’s dead and she’s not… Their interactions are so cute that it’s only going to make the end hurt so much more. HNNNNNNGGG!!! (:.;゚;Д;゚;.:)(:.;゚;Д;゚;.:)(:.;゚;Д;゚;.:)

How many want to bet that he’s the one who saved her but died in the process BTW? I’ve got my $10 down on that.


We end this issue of Millefeui with two oneshots: Shiro to Kuro no Inarian (Shiro and Kuro of Inarian) and Trick or Treat.

eye candy

Shiro to Kuro no Inarian is about a girl who moves to the countryside with her mom because mom just felt like it. The girl isn’t happy about the change. While wondering around her new town, she meets two dudes who run a fancy confectionary shop. Turns out they are fox gods who like to sell shit. The townspeople know about them and apparently if I’m reading this right, other businesses are also run by gods. No one gives a butt because meh. The girl goes to the gods to buy some sakura mochi so she can offer them as a peace offering to her mom whom she has been on bad terms with. Through some ostentatious show of magic, girl gets her confectionary and it ends with mom and daughter bonding over sweets.

Shiro to Kuro no Inarian was some nice eye candy. The theme of reconciliation between mother and daughter was sweet (no pun intended). It’s not too common to see a shojo where the focus is between child and parent :3 (the parents are usually too busy not being a figure in their children’s lives lol)

trick or treat

A second vocaloid themed oneshot! I’m a little confused on the details but Miku lives near a forest said to house demons. If you go into the forest at night, the demons will get you. While walking home one night (of course), she encounters two children – Rin and Len. When she gives them cookies, they become fast friends. The strange thing with the children is that Miku has to wear a blindfold to get to their house, because it’s in a hidden location. Miku starts to wonder about the children and the house. Long story short, it ends with her being eaten lol. Who didn’t see that coming?

I watched the amv for the song and apparently in the amv, Rin and Len were Miku’s old dolls who somehow came to life? Well, it still ends with same – with Miku dying.

Preview for the next issue:

Megane-Bu and Tokyo Ravens: Another x holiday will make their debut along with ACUTE and Koiiro Byoutou. Deadline Circus, Houkago Kaleidoscope, and Yumeyomi Coffee Kissaten will return in the next issue as well.



Overall impression:

I’m pretty satisfied with Millefeui. For $2, I got a lot of entertainment. I’m definitely going to be getting the next issue here soon ~ Plus, Millefeui gives me Sylph feels. I think it’s because of the cover ~ The font used is similar to that of Sylph’s. Speaking of Sylph, I should get off my ass and work on that post haha xD

PS. I love that I don’t have to scan anything. Number one reason for my posts taking forever is because I don’t want to scan and photoshop my scans xD

EDIT: Forgot to add the link to Millefeui on Book Walker’s site (here)

5 thoughts on “Millefeui, vol 0

  1. Oooh I may have to do that Yumeyomi Coffee one. It’s a oneshot right? Any chance I can get the images off of you? If not I’ll purchase it later. XD

    Mmmm ebooks. <3
    Making things so much easier.


    • OMG, late reply is late haha

      I can save screenshots of the first chapter if you’d like and I can email them to you. Not sure the quality will be too good since I’ll be using my ipad’s screenshot feature ^^;

      Love ebooks ~ makes my RL shelves less cluttered :P


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