Job Fortune Telling ~

muisbrotherRemember when I had that plan to do one translation project a month? Yeah…I forgot about that one too ~ Well, let’s not look at the failings of the past but rather on the successes in the future (translation: I did a thing finally so let’s just focus on that hur hur). I never really paid any attention to this section in the past but in each volume of Lala is a horoscope voodoo thing. In the Feb issue was a future job predictor. I thought it’d be cool to try out to see what my predicted job should have been. Then I figured, hey why keep this to myself? Sharing is caring after all ~


Here’s how the predictor works.

You add the individual numbers that make up your birthday date and then take that answer and add the individual numbers together.

So, ex. 11/12/1997 = 1 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 7 = 31 –> 3 + 1 = 4
4 = Designer

Note, if the answer you get is 10 in the end, you go with “0” for your answer.

Note2, in addition to job type and personality type, your horoscope is also predicted for the month. However, since the time frame for the horoscropes has long passed, I didn’t bother translating them.


0 Stewardess

  • A positive girl with worldly knowledge. You possess excellent judgment and abundant wisdom. You are highly adaptable, able to conform to your surrounding regardless of location or who you are with. Fate has tied your life with the exotic locals.

1 Barista

  • A tenderhearted girl with a healing presence. You have a charming personality and are easy to talk with. You exude a friendly ambience, so others will have no trouble conversing with you. Dreaming and lightening the mood are your specialties.

2 Announcer

  • A proud and gorgeous girl. You are dignified yet maintain a brilliant aura. You are strong willed and possess all the qualities of a leader. You love to be in the spotlight.

3 Patisserie

  • A girl brimming with popular ideas. You are the type who possesses creativity – to come up with novel ideas and hit upon brilliant insights. Your thinking is progressive and you can sense treads before they become they take flight.

4 Designer

  • A driven and determined girl. You are very perceptive and always seeking answers. You have a strong sense of duty and can weather a long battle to the end. Your ability to stay on track and to keep secrets are your strong points.


5 Model

  • A lithe chic girl. You have a good sense of balance and an even better senses when it comes to aesthetics. With your elegant charm, you are always the center of attention. You are also gentle and reserved.

6 Police Woman

  • A girl who embodies perfection. You are calm and collected. You possess superior practical abilities and strive for nothing less than perfection. You are able to think on your feet. Perceiving a situation and making judgment calls is your forte.

7 Doctor

  • A frank, levelheaded girl. You are realistic and diligent in your tasks. You are very ambitious. Once you have a goal in sight, you charge forward to the end. You love to try new things and can always be counted on.

8 Actress

  • A gregarious thrill seeker. You love anything that can get your heart racing. You’re always on the hunt for a challenge. You are not one to shy away from anything, however you hate to lose.

9 Florist

  • A skillful people person. You are overflowing in compassion and empathy. You are attentive when it comes to others needs. You are a hard worker who possesses a wild imagination.

For my results, I got Designer. FYI that the example I used was not my real birth date. I just randomly guessed numbers – kinda crazy that it would still correspond to what my actual birthday gave me haha.
I can kinda see myself as the designer girl ~ I love to doodle and come up with things. Not sure if the description given for her accurately describes me…maybe? owo But I totally went a different direction than what was listed in Lala – science ~

What did you all get? Does it sound like a career you’re interested in or are already employed in? I’m very interested to see if you agree with the predictor! :3

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