Rapunzel and the Five Princes

icon2Bought this last week during a random Book-Off visit. Happy to report that I finally found the josei section. For some odd reason, it’s comingled with the yaoi section…because that totally makes sense owo I also found out that this is where the Sylph manga is haha. Welp, that explains why my prior searches always proved fruitless! I never look at the yaoi section.

I must thank the random person standing over by the shojo section for why I’d even be in the BL section. I was trying to stall for time since where she was where I wanted to go. As I randomly pulled out volumes to pass the time (I was playing the game: “which uke has the most “noes please stop senpai” look on his face”), my eye caught Sylph stuff. Me: WTF!? Further digging found Wings manga and Asuka manga. Me: djflasjf;laj!!!

Glad to know josei does exist at Book-Off haha



The story follows 5 princes who have been cursed by the Black Witch. One was transformed into a frog, another is covered in scales, the third looks like a child, the forth has the head of a wolf, and the last one is slowly turning into a snake. Each of the princes handle their curses differently. Some try to find meaning behind their curse while others seclude themselves from the public. Through some twist of fate, the princes end up in situations where the power of love helps break their curses.

The five princes’ stories are based on 5 Grimm Fairytales, with some alterations. Three I had heard of – The Frog Prince, Sleeping Beauty, and Sleeping Beauty. Two were new to me, All-Kinds-of-Fur and The Star Money. I know Grimm Fairytales are kinda fucked up, but “All-Kinds-of-Fur” was just wrong. Dad wanted to marry his kid because she looked like her mom? D: uhhhhhhhh I can understand why Disney never tried to animate that one! Oh and Rapunzel was randomly added together with “The Star Money” since there was no princess/love interest in “The Star Money.”


The art is quite detailed. Very josei. The guys aren’t smoking hot, but at least they got some meat on them haha ~


I can’t really put much here. We only spend a little time with one set of characters before the chapter ends and we’re shifting gears for a new crew. No one really annoyed me which is always a plus :J


The story was broken into 5 chapters + an extra chapter + after the fact/fluff chapters.

It was really interesting to see the twist the manga-ka did with the five princes and how she connected everyone. She also added in a chapter to explain why the Black Witch did what she did and what happened to her in the end.


Total Disney romance style here. Being a big Disney fan, I was very satisfied x3 So much fluff ~


Being a fan of fairytales and fluff, I loved Rapunzel and the Five Princes :3 I’m very thankful there wasn’t too much kanji used. Wings usually doesn’t have any furigana and being a newb like myself, that could make for a difficult read. However, even with my pathetic Nakayoshi level translational ability I was able to get the gist of the tank. If you’re a fan of cute fairytale romances, I totally recommend this volume ~ Recently a sequel called “The Snow Queen and the Five Fragments” was released. From what I can tell, the theme will be based on the Anderson fairytales and rather than focus on love as with the Grimm version, instead the subject is on “dreaming.”


2 thoughts on “Rapunzel and the Five Princes

    • Ah gotcha. See, I was confused because each chapter went with the German title for that fairytale, so “The Frog Prince” was “Der Froschkönig oder der eiserne Heinrich.”
      Me: o w o dur??
      Since I didn’t know “All-Kinds-Of-Fur” at all, I thought this was the same situation – people went by “All-Kinds-Of-Fur” not “Allerleirauh.”
      Thanks for the heads up :)


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