Tid-Bits: Veil by Sakuma Ren (Hana to Yume Online)

Not sure if I mentioned this but I got an ipad Air for Christmas :D This makes reading things hella convenient. Not hatin’ on my phone but it’s not meant for comfortable readings. When I can read a whole page without having to zoom in or move about, it makes the experience so much better ~ Today I present to you a read I just finished on the Hana to Yume Online site :3 It’s called Veil ~


(the reason why I mentioned the ipad present – the pictures I took were screenshots so you get to enjoy seeing my battery life in the upper corner :P)


The story starts off with the main girl dousing a dude in vase water. The dude is a potential suitor for her hand in marriage and main girl ain’t interested. King daddy pops his hip out of place at his daughter’s behavior. WTF ho!? We ain’t ghetto! Don’t be pulling that Honey Boo Boo shit here!


The main girl tells her father to pop his hip back into place. She ain’t being ghetto. These fools are. She indicates the veils everyone is wearing. “You expect me to marry someone who’s face is hidden??” (I prefer, “you expect me to marry this piece of shit here, who’s too bitch to show me his face?”)

Dad: uh…yes?

Girl: well fuck you!

The girl storms out, yelling that her father cares more about his country than his own flesh and blood.

As the servants chase after her, Dad apologizes to the veiled peeps. Dad: you know those teenagers and their gawddamn hormones…one minute they’re happy, the next they’re lighting your house on fire over their periods…

“Marrying me is just a front. These countries only want me for one reason…”


The main girl, Lisha…Risha… (wow just typed both names into google to see which may be more common and both yielded google images of slutty hos…wtf)….we’ll go with Risha. Risha explains to us that girls in her father’s line have a special ability which allows them to “steal a person’s heart.” Meaning, they can control people, male or female (I add this because both dudes and ladies are all up on that scantily clad woman in the right hand panel – who I guess is one of these special princesses?). How this is done is via eye contact. Like with Medusa, the sec you meet one of these ladies’s eyes, that’s it. You’re done. However, covering up your eyes will prevent the mind control whatever, thus why those peeps earlier were veiled. Risha goes on to explain that many countries want that power for themselves. Princesses before her were used in battles and ended up dying in the course of things.

“I definitely don’t want to end up like them…”

Risha inadvertently says this out loud. Someone overhears her and calls out to her. The man asks why she’s hiding, wasn’t she supposed to be meeting her new man?

Risha: what are you, my dad? :/

The two proceed to have some cute banter. We learn that this dude is her caretaker of sorts and someone she’s close with. At some point in their babbling, he tells her, “Only I know your good points and bad points.” She blushes a little, wondering if he’s smiling at her (she can’t tell because he’s wearing a veil) and it makes her a bit sad that only he is that knowledgeable about her (hinting that because of her powers, she’s been kinda isolated from others, given how they either a.) don’t want to be controlled or b.) want to use her as a weapon). Before anything can be said, activity is heard behind them. Rather than surrender, the dude instead asks the princess if she wants to step out for a bit.


He brings her outside and shows her some pretty flowers. He explains that the flowers bloom in the moonlight. Seeing how tonight is a full moon, these flowers are extra sexy.

Him: And there’s something blooming in my pants too if you get me ;D

He plucks a flower and sets it behind her ear, commenting how she looks pretty too ~

Usually this is when things get romantic but them gawddamn hormones kick in. She instead gets teary eyed and tells dude she’s scared. Because of her powers, people want to use her. At this rate, she’ll end up dying without ever knowing what love is.


Before “What is Love” by Haddaway could start playing, dude tells her to grab her tits and calm them. There is a man out there that wants her fine ass. He then pretty much tells her he’d give his life to protect her. The princess starts bawling and falls into his arms. She tells him she has no objections if he were the man who wanted her fine ass. He responds that he is of no social position to be tapping dat bootie and so all he can do is protect her ~

After a good cry, Risha goes to meet dad and start round 2 of meet your new hubbie.


And this time, she’s ready.

She starts off by apologizing for her behavior the day before. You know how hormones work. Heck, just the other day she ripped her dad’s left leg hair off for not buying her OneDirection shirt.

Dad: she did… :(

She then asks for the man’s name. He answers that he is the second prince of blah blah, Barda (I almost used “Balder” but I’m pretty sure that’s not a name any man wants…). She then proceeds to ask if he is aware of her powers and what it is capable of. She also asks if he’s aware that if she were to have, for lack of better words, a kiss from her true love, that her powers would go away.

(wait what?)

He grits his teeth in response.

I love dad's face right here - FUCK THERE WENT ANY CHANCES OF GRANDBABIES!

I love dad’s face right here – FUCK THERE WENT ANY CHANCES OF GRANDBABIES! D:

“If you’re aware of that fact, then kiss me, right here, right now.”

The shock is so strong, it blew a breeze through the room (look, their veils and hair are flying like a damn breeze is blowing through!)

The shock is so strong, it blew a breeze through the room (look, their veils and hair are flying like a real damn breeze is blowing through!)

“You came all this way to take me as your bride, correct? The one you want is me, is it not?”



“Is it my powers that you want?”

Dad starts his “now see here young lady…” speech but is stopped when Risha tells him to shove it. (Dad: D:) She knows what her position is. She has ears. She’s only wanted for her powers. She should just go with it.

“I should just accept my role as a sacrifice to better the country? I’m sorry but I won’t stand being treated like a thing any longer. If he can take my powers away, I don’t care if we’re banished. I want to find a happy future with the one I love, free of this power!”

I will decide how I will live.

(I’m greatly amused by how the possible fiancee is just hiding in the background, trying not to be noticed by Risha as she’s throwing her fit xD)

Her emotions too much, tears start to pour down Risha’s face. She calls out to her mother and father, both who rush over to comfort her.

“Lady Risha.”

During her speech, dude from earlier comes in. He heard the whole thing. He tells her he’s been waiting a long time to hear her say what she just said a couple sentences up.

“Your highness, please forgive my insolence.”



lol, dad’s face – GRANDBABIES!!!! 8D

We finally see dude’s face (oh, btw his name is Sulphur, forgot they mentioned it during the moonlight flower walk scene). And em hmm, dat boy be nice on the eyes. He reminds her of how he’ll always be there to protect her. Risha smiles and they kiss again.


Shit they told us in sex ed that kissing a boy would lead to bad things but fucking your eyeballs bleeding out wtf???

And her eyes start melting.

o w o;

Dad is like, my baby! Prospective fiancee is screaming, my power!

(Can we take a moment here to go ew at the prospective fiancee’s face? Bitch looks older than dad! Lesson on why you need to get to know people, because they may put up a front to hide the ugly underneath.)

The Prospective fiancee is furious. How can she love some servant boy!?

Sulphur looks at him as he says, I ain’t no bus boy. The prospective fiancee wets himself as he takes in Sulphur’s face.


“Please forgive the late introductions. My real name is Sulphur blah blah. I am the first prince of blah blah.

Dad is pissed. He looks at Prospective fiancee in confirmation. So if I’m understanding right, prospective fiancee is like…Sulphur’s older bro? Not sure how he got the title of #2 while Sulphur got #1 but whatevas. Maybe the title is based on beauty?

Anyway, Sulphur wastes no time chastising everyone.

“The reason we got to this situation is because of these veils. Just as the princess couldn’t see your faces, none of you could see her for who she is. Let’s stop this, and find another way?”


I know this is supposed to be a touching scene but can we talk about the guy in the upper left hand corner who is EATING his clothes!?


Dad sighs, realizing that he’s been a douche and not seeing that his daughter has been hurt over…well, pretty much everything. He then asks a very important question: who the f is Sulphur? How did he go from being a prince to scrubbing toilets!? Sulphur explains that he feel in love with Risha when he saw her a long time ago. However, he was constantly turned away from seeing her and so snuck in as a worker to get close to Risha.

Sulphur: “I abandoned my country and lied to you. But will you still forgive me?”

Risha: “Of course!. I won’t accept a future without you by my side!”

Dwah happy feels…


Pssft, I’m such a pervert. That black out of Sulpher’s swords looks SOOOO inappropriate xD She cries all night because I’m spending another night alone, polishing my stick instead of loving her ~

And so Sulphur was taken back to his country to have the shit beaten out of him


You know, for hiding out as a bus boy for the last few years and melting Risha’s eyes.

Thankfully dad stepped in and saved him. Now Sulphur works under him doing…stuff. Things are still a bit rough with Sulphur’s fam but meh f em. Now that she doesn’t have her powers of mind control any more, Risha’s life has been a lot better. She’s much more happy ~


Especially now that she has Sulphur in her life.

“Sulphur, thank you.”

“For what?”

For helping me see this scenery before me

For sticking to your facade

For always being by my side

“Because right now, I’m happier than I thought I could possibly be!”


The end ~

It was a cute oneshot. Not bad for a first timer (I think she’s a first timer?). Maybe it’s just me but I’m kind of sad we never got to see Risha actually using her powers. I’d totally be up for another chapter with a different princess who goes on an adventure using said power ~ However, that’s the adventurous spirit in me talking. Romance wise, I’m satisfied. I didn’t feel like the love was shoved up my nostrils. It flowed just right ~

I was kind of surprised that the way to stop the mind powers was from a kiss?? Like shit, those princesses who were used before didn’t get kissed at all?? :Y damn.

If you’re interested in reading the manga, check it out on the Hana to Yume Online’s website! Click the on the image below to go to the page ~


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