Well, hello all ~ It’s certainly been quite a while.

Figured I’d post something to show I’m alive. For the past couple of weeks, my work place had been offering overtime for its employees (very foreign concept right? Normally if you work over your time, you get overtime. Not at my workplace lol). I and my work buddies took full advantage of that and thus my disappearance. By the time I got home each night, I only had enough energy to eat and shower. Everything stopped ;____; even my mag reads.


Every night I’d lay in my bed and regret my life choices…

After one last crazy har-rah, I’m happy(?) to report I am free from the addiction of overtime. I’m very thankful that we had President’s Day off because the weekend wasn’t enough to relax me haha ~

After putting it off for so long, I’m in the middle of figuring out how to do my taxes. You’d think after all these times I’ve done it, the process would get simpler but nope.


Seriously, I can tell you the structure of an eukaryotic cell but heaven help me if I can tell if I did a rollover or not. College what did you even teach me!?


Other than OT and adult problems, the only other thing different I’ve been doing is playing a mobile game called Puzzles and Dragons, or PAD for short (lol pad). It’s a pretty fun little game. It’s like Puzzle Quest only not. You have a team of characters and depending on their color/element, they’ll attack if you match three or more colored orbs. My goal was to have a team of bishounens but thus far the only dude I’ve ever gotten was Okuninushi…so yeah. That dream ain’t happening.

Okuninushi: T—T


I’ve currently hit a wall with the team I have. Fucking Hades and his 66666 attack. Thus I’ve been just leveling up my characters and my rank. It’s a fun game to dick around with when you’re bored haha ~ or only have like 10 minutes before having to crawl back to bed to slave away for the man the next day ; w ; why wasn’t I warned about adult life?

That’s about it. Hopefully now I’ll be able to sit down and read some Sylph and other mags I have xD

6 thoughts on “Alive~

  1. So you got paid extra for overtime? In Russia it’s a bit different – it depends on your company’s policy. My company in particular has policy which states that my workday is… hmm, kinda… unlimited? So that means if I decide to work extra hours I won’t get paid for that BUT I get 3 extra paid vacation days during the year for that. This is pretty much what all multinational companies have been doing recently.
    But I still would get paid extra if I were to work during weekends. So… yeah.

    What’s your job btw? I always get so excited listening to what other people do, always makes me wonder if I should have chosen another path myself…


    • It’s after I hit my 40 hours, then I get paid time and a half :3
      Ahhh, you must have a salary then. It’s a defined amount of money you get every month and it doesn’t really get affected by how many extra hours you put in, it’ll always be the same roughly?
      Mine is supposed to be like that but my whole work situation is just weird haha
      I have a certain amount of money I’m supposed to make a month but there will be times where we can earn more.
      Paid vacation is nice <3
      We have that too for times when we work over but it's like pulling teeth to get that…not sure why. Guess they think we're trying to steal time? owo;

      I work as a scientist :D Messing around in the lab with biological fluids hohoho
      I really wanted to be a translator or illustrator but things happened in RL that forced me to change my career decision. Of course I still dabble in both ~ I'm trying to learn Japanese so I can read mangas and play otome games and I doodle on the side ~
      May I ask what your career field is? I'm always interested too ^^


      • Yeah, that’s salary. Hm, I’m not sure about your country’s labor legislation but you’re ought to have paid vacation (but you should see what’s written in your employment contract anyway).
        In Russiait’s 28 calendar days. But due to the condition I mentioned I get 31 paid vacation days.
        I work as an HR specialist – recruitment, assessment, training, induction, talent supervising, etc etc etc.. Not a boss yet, but not a newbie either^^;
        Being a scientist is super cool! I wish I could work in such a specific sphere! I graduated with a major in Strategic Management, so biology and chemistry weren’t preesent at the university, even though my mom’s a doctor :S


        • Haha, we’re working on an expired contract (it expired 8 years from what the others have told me). It’s so messed up it’s sad…

          Nice! I get two weeks paid vacation, and if I’m here for 5 years, I get an extra day lol wtf xD

          Cool :D You must be a very skilled people person. I’m always nervous when it comes to talking to people I don’t know or aren’t close with, though I’ve been forcing myself to talk to try and get used to small talk and human interaction :P
          So if you’re not the boss or the newbie, that means you’re rocking some nice seniority! OMG, do you have lackeys??? :D Your little minions you can order to bring you coffee??

          My school didn’t offer Japanese as a major so due to those life changing reasons, I went with science. Close enough right? xD
          But I’m glad it’s getting easier to obtain tanks and what not from Japan :) And there’s a bigger community of individuals on the internet working on improving their Japanese too ~ Not only does that encourage me to continue learning but it’s fun to make friends with those who share similar interests :D


  2. You don’t always get paid for your overtime? Sounds like a weird concept to me, but I suppose workplace regulations are different in the UK. My company offers overtime after you pass your probation & you have good reasons (e.g. covering for someone), so I did a lot of OT for a while. Now I just want to get home on time & relax!

    Fun to learn that you do science, for some reason I had this notion that you were into law? Nevermind me…! Also, I really love your drawings – so adorable & comical!


    • My workplace is messed up. Normally anywhere else you’d get paid overtime but here it’s “vacation” time you get, and even getting that is hard. A lot of times you just end up working for free :/ (hell this place hasn’t give its workers a raise in 8 years nor does the pay increase unless you get promoted which happens very little. Pretty sure that’s got to be borderline illegal…>__>)
      But, this is my first real job so it’s great experience ~ I get to work on a variety of things and get trained in all sorts of crazy fun ~
      Good thing I’m young because this is not a job you can live off of if you have a family or medical emergency :B

      I guess you could say my job is mixed in with the law ~ ;) But I’m mostly in the science field of that combo.

      Thank you :3 I really miss doodling. Once I get better at balancing adult life better, I hope to doodle more :D


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