2014 Feb Lala



Last Game chapter 27 –the gang heads over to Yanagi’s house to party about surviving finals or whatever. They make Takoyaki with surprise fillings like natto, umeboshi, chocolate, etc. IMG_0002Yanagi gets drunk after drinking some hard liquor Kujou was enjoying (Yanagi: wtf y u drinkin whiskey bitch? Dis shojo!). Because he’s a lightweight, he ends up passing out in Kujou’s lap….and later, drunk kisses her on the forehead. Ehhhehhhh! Oh, and interspersed throughout the chapter is some internal drama with Souma about what he should do about his feels for Kujou but no one gives a flying trapeze artist’s asscrack about that.

Ookami-Heika no Hanayome chapters 53 & 54 – no idea what’s going on here. I thought the previous Lala said this series was nearing its “climax” (aka ending). From what the preview for the next issue is saying, there ain’t no “climax” happening. Instead we’re just getting super 2 chapters in this issue. Maybe it just meant the end of its current arc? *hand gestures* Anyway, I guess this whole arc is about seeing the Wolf King’s bro…but like, I guess the Wolf King hasn’t said anything to his bro about visiting him…because he has trust issues or something…I wasn’t paying too much attention…all I know is that the Wolf King was messing around with the main girl and ended up kissing her. Both are like:


And then if things weren’t awkward enough, after the Wolf King is like, NO ONE LOVES ME, the main girl blabs I LOVE YOU!



She then babbles incoherently and runs away.

*face palms through face*

La corda doro Blue Sky chapter 2 – holy shit, the hell happened to this series? Did I miss something with the other version of La corda doro Blue Sky whatever because I don’t remember everyone being such a dick. Sure I only read like 2 of the middle chapters, but my memory is telling me something is different here. Riku sucks. That little man bitch sucks. Riku’s little gay-for-his-ass bestie sucks. All the students in this school suck. We’re not even off the runway and I already want the plane to stop and turn around. This is some hate. Riku drags the main girl and his brother into this apparently top notch skool and then is all, u suk don’t talk 2 meh. All the students are snapping their fingers and glaring. You got the little man bitch telling the girl to slit her wrists pretty much. And just when you think someone is being nice (gay bestie), he tells her to gtfo if she’s going to be pulling Riku down. …wut? The only nice one is the brother but the main girl is too busy wondering if she’s in love with everyone with a dick to notice him :/ And the girl. She’s all, I need to prove myself worthy to be here. Hell no. You know what you gotta do? Flip them bitches off and go back home. These people aren’t worth it. But this is shojo. Love must exist.

IMG_0003Human System chapter 1 – We have the countries Robert and Straight (totally not the correct names but it helps me remember). Straight made these super robots and attacked Robert. The robots tell the king of Robert to give up but he goes f u tin people and blows himself and his wife up. o__O; little extreme but whatever. You then have one of the Straight robots (lol) fighting off some cocky robot and escaping to a forest. He meets a blind chick who takes him in. Her caretaker bandages up the robot and tells him to get. The girl instead invites the robot to accompany them on their journey. Caretaker: no! The robot decides to join because he needs to heal and can lay low. Caretaker: what part of no was hard to grasp!? Along their journey, the girl and the robot bond a bit. We learn this particular robot is special because he can…like…feel? Anyway, they get attacked by dudes. The robot beats the shit out of the dudes but the girl stops him – don’t beat up the people that were trying to beat us up! The dudes escape. One drops a piece of paper. The robot looks at it and turns around to the blind girl. He rips her top open (O___O) and finds a birthmark there. Apparently back when he was conquering Robert with his robo hos, they couldn’t find the king’s kid. Kids of the Robert line have a birthmark somewhere on their body. Not sure how the robot knew the birthmark would be on her chest (I think it was just luck) but he’s in shock. The blind girl is the daughter of the Robert peeps…the peeps he helped take over. Oops.

IMG_0004Gakuen Babysitters chapter 51 – funny little story about Taka becoming afraid to use the toilet alone and how his big bro helps him get over his fears. I felt like such a pervert reading this though. SO MANY PICS OF THE KID USING THE TOILET. JAPAN, I COULD GO TO JAIL FOR THIS!

UsoKano chapter 11 – mostly just fluff. Really, cute fluff.

Kyou Kara Aniki desu! chapter 8 – I’m really warming up to KKAd. I’m just hoping the manga-ka doesn’t make both brothers fall in love with the childhood friend. Chapter 8 is a school field trip to the mountains. After watching the fireworks together, Megumu starts to realize he may have dem feels for his childhood friend ~

Yozora no Albireo oneshot (Albiero in the Night Sky) by Hagio Akira – oneshot following two kids were are aspiring to be idols. However, one is actually a girl in disguise who is pretending to be her twin brother since said twin is in a coma. I was kinda confused with everything. Probably because the beginning was rushed lol. Hi I’m blah and after my sister sent in my resume I got on stage with Yuki and oh here are random chicks oh looks it’s Yuki guess he’s back from the hospital oh sorry fell on you wtf boobs? Me: o__o *blinks, rubs eyes, blinks again*

IMG_0005Otome to Meteo chapter 9 – Io’s little bro makes an appearance. While Io’s powers are more purifying, his brother’s powers are destructive. Not sure why but Io offers himself in Hako’s stead to his brother and loses his powers as a result. The little brother tells Hako that he can return Io to his former state but…I need to read the previous chapters to figure out what’s going on haha

Library Wars chapter 63 – stuff happens

Ai wo Hamu Akuma oneshot (The Demon who Devours Love or Love Eating Demon; take your pick)  by Mashiba Mao (the lady that did Hyakunen Renbo) – in this oneshot, there exist demons who feed on love. However, when they feed on someone, that person loses all memories of the one they love. The oneshot follows a demon who is trying to make a girl fall in love with him so he can eat her heart/love. The thing is, she says the only one for her is God. Was an adorable oneshot ~

Preview for next issue of Lala ~


We got Natsume and Akagami no Shiroyuki Hime making an appearance. Oneshots by Bear Bear’s manga-ka and something called Kanojo ni Naru Hi extra. No series are ending and the freebie for next month is a little pouch with a AnSH drawing on it ~

I posted random spoiler-y pictures on my tumblr about this issue of Lala so if you want to see some doki doki things…click away here ;)

Exhales…sweet. See you all with whatever I randomly post about hur hur ~

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