What I did this week ~ Jan 20

Hello peeps ~ Here’s a little post about what I’ve been doing nerdom wise ~


Shitsuji wa Denkousekka de Amaku Dakishimeru  by Amane Yuko


An old Book Off find I finally got around to reading…well, attempted to read lol. Since this is smutty josei, the target audience is one who don’t need furigana to understand kanji ( ; w ; 9). Still, I was able to get the gist of what was going on ~ (yay!)

Plot wise…I was confused, but it’s not due to my reading skills. Turns out this volume is like…#4 in a series revolving around these two characters. This would explain why the manga didn’t feel the need to explain what was going on. Hell, not even 6 pages in, we’ve got a character who gets amnesia! However, you don’t really need the other volumes to enjoy the story. Despite the intense cover, Shitsuji is actually a comedy. It was the comedic element that made me buy the volume. I can actually remember the part exactly that made me decide this was needed on my shelf – the main character accidentally whacks her boyfriend butler over the head, giving him amnesia. As the butler boyfriend is trying to figure out who he is, the main character tells him to ask her any questions to help jog his memories. He obliges and begins to empty out the contents of his pockets. Apparently he thought to go through his personal items earlier to see if anything would help him remember. However, the contents on him don’t exactly make sense:

A gun, a taser, a walkie talkie, a listening device, and…a pair of pink panties.


Him: Just who the hell was I?

Girlfriend: That’s what I’d like to know! D8

When the girl recognizes the panties in his possession are hers, she tries to take them back. However, he stops her and grabs them. Confused and horrified by what he unconsciously just did, he hands the panties back and crawls away to wonder where he went wrong in life.

Win right there folks. If you don’t laugh at a guy who is crying over why he’s stealing panties, I don’t know what to say.


(Kagami: They-they flipped your skirt, Rika-sama, and saw your panties. This is unforgivable! Your panties are MY panties! Rika: tone down the scary! (and what do you mean “your panties!?”)

There are many other hilarious spots, like a voyeur ghost, drugging kids, and panties…lots of panties being stolen haha! A fun light read with some nice smexy scenes ~ I’ll definitely be grabbing the other volumes. I can’t say no to a perverted butler josei <3

Next on the list is Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi #1


You might have noticed this in my earlier post as a recent Book Off find. I wasted no time planting my ass on my couch and reading away. Surprisingly, I didn’t need my dictionary as much as I thought! Bonus!

For those who don’t now, Kuro Usagi is about a boy named Teito. He thinks himself a normal guy but after getting run over trying to save a classmate, he finds himself anything but normal. I mean, look:


“No way…”

Is it trying to get up?


Wha –

My broken body is…healing.

“The hell!? Am I some kind of monster!?” (even my clothes are patched up!)


Turns out long ago, he made a pact with a vampire named Seito Himea. This pact enables him to come back to life but there’s a catch – he can only die 7 times within 15 minutes. After that, he’s dead for good. The reason he forgot about Himea is because shortly after making the pact, the two were attacked. To save Teito, Himea agreed to go with their attacker. The attacker erased all memories of Himea in Teito’s mind but death brought back the past to Teito ~

And he’s out to find his lady ~


x3 even though Kuro Usagi is targeted at dudes, I love the romance element <3 Also, I love all the characters. From the silly Teito to the serious Gekko, Kuro Usagi is a series I’ve been missing in my life *w*

In my opinion, the manga is better than the anime. The anime focused too much on fan service. While the manga does have some moments, it’s not IN YOUR FACE like the anime. Of course, whose to say the next volumes won’t poke my eyes out with boobs ^^;

I only bought volumes #1 but I’ll be buying the rest if they’re still there the next time I visit. I need my Teito x Himea fix <3


Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away – Netflix recommended this to me. Was very pretty. Trippy as shit but very pretty ^^; I had no idea what was going on but I feel being high is one of the requirements to enjoying the movie haha

Magical Warfare episode 1 – one of the series I’m going to follow since I’ve got a premium membership with CR (yay holiday discount!). It had the word “magical” in it and that was all I needed to pick it up. I’m liking what I’ve seen thus far. I’m happy there are two male leads. While I love romance, I also love bromance xD (as can be seen with Kuro Usagi’s Teito and Gekko). Nothing much to say right now other then…dat bamboo sword. Who knew you could use one of those to fight off a legit steel sword! xD

The Pilot’s Love Song episode 1 – I really like the red headed girl ^^ the main guy isn’t too bad though I’m nervous he’ll be a little bitch for awhile. He just has that little bitch look to him haha. And dat silver hair guy. Son, do you need a doctor to help pull that stick up your ass because I think medical help is needed…he has little bitch written all over his face.

I’m still looking at what else to follow :3 If you have any recommendations, I’d love to hear them!

6 thoughts on “What I did this week ~ Jan 20

  1. I hope you had a nice week~
    _(┐「ε:)_♡ you had me at “butler”~
    I’m going to have to try Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi now, especially if you liked it~ since, ya know, you’re pretty darn spot-on when it comes to recommendations (☞゚∀゚)☞ lol


    • Sorry for the late reply.
      Life has been ok, def now that I’ve got time to relax and bit and enjoy life xD

      Normally I’m like emmmm when it comes to butler mangas just because the girl might be one of those tsundere ojou-samas and I am not a fan of those types of ladies but this was a fun read ~ I definitely missed a lot not reading the beginning volumes though!
      I’m curious to see how their romance started (and what’ll happen with it <3)

      Lol, most people don't like Kuro Usagi.
      I've got weird tastes. I love the most random-est things ~ Like Zombie Loan or Dazzle. Hell, even Shattered Angels/Kyōshirō to Towa no Sora.
      Yet I rarely get into the popular series so it makes me question myself xD
      (ow o;)


    • (Sorry for the late reply!)

      Oh, I’ve never bought Japanese manga ebooks before. Interesting :3
      And they aren’t picky about non-Japanese buyers? I know with amazon.jp, I have to be like…a Japanese citizen I guess to buy their kindle stuff :(


      • Yeah we buy nearly all of our projects from there. =) We’ve been using it for years. They accept VISA~ I wanted to buy stuff off of yahoo.jp’s bookstore but I need a T-card (JCB Bank card) for that. D=


        • Ahhh, I see! I didn’t even realize yahoo.jp had a bookstore!
          The only thing that comes to mind when I think “yahoo.jp” is “yahoo.jp auctions” xD
          (so many things on sale there, so expensive for anyone not in Japan to buy ; w ;)

          I just recently discovered Book Walker. Apparently they take paypal which was very nice. I bought my first digital magazine from them for only $2 (sweet!).
          I’m liking this digital thing ~
          With my magazines, I only keep Sylph. The others get recycled after a few months when I need space. It’s nice to have a digital backup in case I wanted to read a one-shot or something in that particular magazine.
          But it’s hard to not get the physical version because furoku x3 I love me some freebies ~

          Thanks for letting me know about digital stuffs ~
          I like that ebook japan has some free manga to preview :3 I read a couple and found some new series I’ll be keeping my eye on :)


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