Book Off Haul 01/2014


I emerge from my lengthy disappearance to post my manga haul from Book Off today ~

(Was actually going to post about other things but I got distracted by Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi x3 forgot how much I enjoy that series)


It’s a small haul this time. I have a lot of other manga I haven’t touched yet so I restrained myself from going too bat shit crazy :P (like I usually do)

The two at the top are actually novels , but for big kids. I went exploring in the Japanese novel section and came across these two. I bought them as a way to encourage myself to read. Right now I’m reading books aimed at 5 year olds but if I keep practicing, one day I’ll be reading my smutty shojo novels in no time xD


One day I’ll totally be able to read these novels and not shit myself in fear….totally…gah there are so many words and the words Have friends and they’re all out to kill me *rolls into submissive position*

Manga wise we have Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi vol #1 , Kawaisou na Ohime-sama (Miserable Princess), and Kame no Naku Koe (The Turtle’s Shouts)

And with that, I’m off to bed. Expect a Lala post here soon and maybe an update post with what’s been happening ~

2 thoughts on “Book Off Haul 01/2014

  1. fufufu~ There’s something wonderful about seeing hauls~ ꒰ ૢ●௰ ૢ●✩꒱ I’m so jealous you have a Book Off nearby~ I can’t wait to see your thoughts on them~

    ᕙ(o w o‶)ᕗ you can do it~! I did the exact same thing! I’m so glad you love them too! (੭ु´>▿<`)੭ु⁾⁾ B's Log Bunko was one of my biggest motivations~


    • I don’t know how I’ll function when I have to move one day :___: hopefully I’ll move to a place with a Book Off or a Book Off is within a couple hr drive…

      I’ve always wanted to be able to read shojo books *w* their covers are just so beautiful!
      These covers <3 So many times I've drooled at them thinking…one day!
      Hopefully one day is some day soon! Everyday of practice is another day closer to reading novels in Japanese x3
      Thanks my friend!! ^o^


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