Lala Jan 2014

Guess who randomly picked up the newest Lala? This bored person lol ~ I was curious to see what had changed in the issue now that Maid-sama and Vampire Knight are done ~


Gakuen Babysitters Chp 50 – Ryuuichi makes a meal for that butler-servant-whatever he is-dude and the headmistress to say thank you for their aid while he studied for his midterms or whatever. Was very cavity inducing sweet x3 My fav part was when the butler dude kept referring to himself as the mother and the old headmistress as the father, with the headmistress screaming each time “WHO ARE YOU CALLING THE FATHER!?” xD

IMG_0002Natsume’s Book of Friends Chp not mentioned – Nyanko-sensei and Natsume are walking home after a trip to the grocery story where they bought some new treat that was released. Nyanko-sensei accidentally trips and the treat goes flying. It’s picked up by a youkai who tells them he’ll return the snack in return for them listening to him. Natsume: No. Nyanko-sensei: of course. Natsume: ಠ_ಠ

La Corda D’oro Blue Sky chp 1 – so I guess we’re restarting again? o__O; Is this like Debut vs 2000% Maji Love in Sylph, where Debut never happened and will never be spoken of again? Well…whatever. From the prologue, main girl plays the violin but isn’t all jaw dropping. Her bestie man friend has pretty much given up playing. That’s when this nerd bishi (also the bestie man friend’s bro) Ritsu appears and is all, DON’T YOU WANT TO BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE, BITCHES!? Them: not really. Him: well then…this is going to be awkward because I just enrolled you into this super awesome vanilla frosting topped school without your permission (not sure how I was able to do that but that’s the power of megane) and yeah…stop sucking. (was this guy always such an ass?)

Last Game chp 26 – oh gawd. Love rivals. For both Yanagi and Kujou. Oh gawd. Why? Why pollute a series with such a cliché!? oTL I knew Kujou had one but I liked how he kind of stayed in the background. but Yanagi’s ho. It’s like, calm your tits, woman. He ain’t interested. When Souma (the guy interested in Kujou) tells Yangai’s ho this, she’s all: if they’re not together yet, then I’ve still got a chance. I’m not a wiener like you who is just going to sit there and let my love interest go without a fight. Souma: :/ well great, now because of that, I’ll have to act here soon too. Sigh.

IMG_0003Uso Kano chp 10 – this came RIGHT after Last Game and guess what? LOVE RIVAL! GAHHHH! WHYYYYY!? D: But, this cliché ended in pseudo-BL and an otoge joke so it’s not too annoying. However, love rival for the girl is like, nope not giving up until the series ends. Boyfriend: BUT WE’VE CONFESSED TO EACH OTHER AND ARE DATING!!! THIS IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT THAN LAST GAME! Love rival: meh, when I got this job as love rival, I had a list of conditions I needed to fulfill. Being a cockblock and stressing you out are two of them. I’m going to have to create a misunderstanding between you and her here soon. Enough that you’ll either say something hurtful or that you’ll storm away in rage. Boyfriend: D: WHY!? Love Rival: BLAME THE ECONOMY SON!!! IT’S EITHER THIS OR THE STREET CORNER GIVING OUT SHOJO BUTT LOVE!!! :(

Ookami Heika no Hanayome chp 52 – …uh, wtf? Has there been ANY progress in this story??? (((;꒪ꈊ꒪;))) I stopped subscribing to Lala like 8 issues ago and not a DAMN thing has changed from what I can see since that last issue. We still have the girl all blushy over the guy, however, she convinces herself that any type of romance the king displays towards her is all due to acting, when it’s obvious he wants dat ass. I can accept her line of thinking but not when like 2 volumes have come out and we’re still riding that bus :/ However, I kind of get the feeling that things might FINALLY be moving. Just a gut feeling.

Shinigami Hakushaku (oneshot) – by The King’s Undertaker person. Takes place in old skool Japan. This girl’s house catches on fire and her dad dies in the flames. Standing in the crowd is a dude wearing a black cloak. She calls him a Death God/Shinigami and proceeds shoulder throw him. Dude: wtf!? Apparently people have been calling him a Shinigami and she believes he cursed the girl so that’s why her house went up in flames. The guy is like, no I’m a rich guy and even though you just paralyzed me from the waist down almost, I’ll let you and your fam stay at my place because. Oh, and you’re going to die eiyyyyyy!

Hanayome Kawarimasu (oneshot) – by Hakoniwa Royale’s manga-ka. Two kids from rich families get married. However, turns out the girl that married the dude is actually just a stand in until they find her twin who peaced. The boy instantly notices the switch and drama happens. Was cute. I liked <3

Oniichan wa Ookami (oneshot) – by Maoh Voice’s manga-ka. This girl has a “brother” who is some kind of wolf boy. I say “brother” because he’s actually some kid mom and dad picked up off the streets and raised along side their daughter. Another silly title like Maoh Voice. If I’m reading the advertisement for Lala DX right, there is going to be another chapter coming out. Also, it’s going to be published on that new Lala x Melody collab site. Not sure if it’ll have new chapters or just repeats of what’s going to be in Lala DX.

IMG_0004Kyou kara Aniki desu chp 7 – when I first saw this oh so long ago, I thought this was a gender bender series because, let’s face it, Megumu looks like a Megumi. However, nope, he’s got that dick. The series is a nice family fun one ~ I might get the first volume that just came out because I love me some wholesome family bonding :3 (except when shit gets weird and the kids get together with their caretakers or fucking incest).

Library Wars Special Chapter – a nice little chapter featuring some Kasahara x Doujou moments. A year has passed and it’s Valentine’s Day! Time to get some chocolates ~ Last year Kasahara didn’t really have a special someone she wanted to give chocolates to but will this year be any different? ;3

Otome to Meteor chp 8 – alien dude goes to meet main girl’s parents (where he confesses he wants to marry her, to which mom is like lol this white guy is funny xD). Girl’s little bro doesn’t like alien dude and proceeds to shoot his nuts at him (lol, I mean he uses a sling shot to fire these food nuts he has on him at the alien dude). Some random alien comes in and kidnaps the bro and tells the girl she has to choose between the alien dude or her bro. The chapter was funny but I kinda got annoyed at one scene. When given that ultimatum, the girl says “sorry alien dude, bro first” but is interrupted when the bro fires his nuts at the random alien, freeing himself so that alien dude can then nuke the fuck out of the random alien. I know this was supposed to be comedic but it’s like, girl, you know your man is strong. Just ask him to save your bro. He freezes shit, nukes shit, and can catch bullets. Why tell him “oh so sorry, but I gotta go with my bro” when you could have just said “hey, he’s important to me. Please help a sister out.” Like, what would have happened had her dad been kidnapped and the ultimatum had been, “bro or dad?” It’s very stupid of me to nitpick but it just rubbed me the wrong way…haha…ha >___>

Strange Dragon (Part III) – the conclusion to whatever this is. It took me a few to figure out this was by the manga-ka of Teki wa Maoh-sama ~ The ending is satisfactory in terms of story so I think I’ll be grabbing the tank when it’s out in March :3

Preview for the next Lala:


(Edit: lmfao, I just read the little caption under Ookami Heika no Hanayome, and it really is ending soon. Guess my gut was right!)

In the next issue, we have two one shots (one by Hundred Year Love’s manga-ka and the other by F no Meikyuu’s manga-ka). A new series by Shounen Doll’s Hibiki Wataru is starting, called Human System. Last Game will star on the cover of the Feb issue. Lastly, the freebie will be a Nyanko-sensei nail file. For all you out there that just want to scratch the shiz out of something Nyanko-sensei, you best be getting this issue!

Ah, and here’s a picture of the freebie included with the Jan 2014 Lala. A cute Nyanko-sensei themed mini calendar :)


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