Advertisement for 3 Upcoming Hana to Yume Titles


Random advertisement for three new Hana to Yume manga coming out next month. All three are newbies and these releases are their firsts. (Dwahhhhh). Each hero is shown advertising for their respective manga. I’m amused by how the boys on the right and middle are super gung-ho to sell themselves while Sarii to the left is like, the fuck, I’m a fallen angel not no Billy Mayes! ಠ_ಠ

I’m definitely getting Hakoniwa Royale (Miniature Garden Royale) because video games. You all know how much I love video games (and if you didn’t know, you know now!). And we have romance too? Heck, yeah! Fucking shojo .hack right here people! I read the second one-shot awhile back and even though I was kind of lost with what happened, I enjoyed it. Ah, love video game themed stuff <3

I’ll also be grabbing Maoh Voice. Though the female is angry/tsundere, the magic shines with the demon king and his buds. I mean, look at this preview:


Warrior Teruru

“Fight me Chrome!”

Demon King Chrome

Chrome’s voice has the power to destroy the world.

The level of destruction his voice emits depends on how loud he talks. Thus he’s forced to communicate via whisper.

Chrome: *whisper* “Please be my wife.”

Teruru: “A ring?”

Suzu, the Interpreter

Sign: “Translation”


PS. The demon king is in love with the warrior.

Come on guys. The demon king and Suzu all are you need to buy this tank xD

The only one I’m hesitating on is Ousama no Sougiten (The King’s Funeral Parlor). I read the one-shot awhile back in one of the Lalas but I wasn’t too interested. I liked Sarii (because he had no fucks to give) but the female character was…too bitchy/whiny. There was a sequel but I wasn’t interested enough to check it out xD However, I like another one-shot by this manga-ka, Namae wo Shiranai (I don’t even know your name). So it’s like…do I want to order a dish with stuff I like and stuff I don’t like included or…

I’ll just have to see just what has been collected in this tank before I make a decision I guess :3

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