Yowamushi Mont Blanc

iconI ended up getting Comic@loid vol #3 during a raid on Kinokuniya this past week (there was a 20% off sale going on and hell yeah I was taking advantage of that shit ;D). #3 is much smaller than #1 (no idea how it compares with #2 because Kino didn’t have the issue when I went) but I think this might be because vol #1 had a lot of the beginning chapters for manga featured in the magazine (so people who were new to the magazine and didn’t follow it on pixiv (or whatever it’s called) could jump in with the first mag release). While the magazine has ongoing series, it also has these things now called “guest tracks” which is just a fancy term for oneshots :P One such “guest track” was a oneshot based on the song, “Yowamushi Mont Blanc.” I had previous listened to the song “Yowamushi Mont Blanc” when the first Comic@loid mag was released. While I liked the song, I had no idea what it was about. Even the commenters could only throw out speculation about what the song was trying to say -1.)  Gumi got tired of her boyfriend’s cheating ways, 2.) Gumi loves this other guy but not only is she too shy to say anything, she is also in some sort of forced relationship with someone else (who she later tells to die), 3.) that Gumi doesn’t want to fall in love again and thinks it would be better if her love interest dies, 4.) Gumi doesn’t know how she feels about her relationship with her boyfriend, 5.) it’s about abortion (<- no idea where this one came from o_O;).

Yadda Yadda you get the picture.

But now we have a manga version to help explain to us people just want is Yowamushi Mont Blanc about! :)


The oneshot starts off with a friend of Gumi’s asking if she’s on a diet. Confused, Gumi replies no. What would make you think that? (└(´◉҉ื҉౪◉҉ื҉`)┘ YOU SAYIN’ I GOT SOME EXTRA MEAT ON ME!?) The friend comments on the soda Gumi is drinking – it’s diet. Gumi tells the friend that she likes the taste. This horrifies the friend – doesn’t it taste weird and fake? Lol, she sounds like my friends. YOU’RE NOT HUMAN IF YOU DRINK DIET!

As the friend freaks out over the fact Gumi likes diet soda (of all the things to lose your shit over…diet soda. I know where your priorities lay ma’am), Gumi tells us readers that it doesn’t matter – sugar or fake sugar – it never leaves her satisfied. As she says this last bit, she looks down from her spot on the school roof and sees a boy. Her face instantly turns red.


The scene changes. Gumi and the boy are sitting at a table. In front of her is a cake. The boy is smiling across from her. She takes a bite from the cake and gasps in surprise.

“My mind went white. My tongue numb. By the overpowering sweetness.”

After she finishes the cake, Gumi looks up at the boy and smiles.

“Nothing compares. Everything else is just a haze in the back of my mind.”

The scene changes to the boy baking. Gumi is sitting on a chair watching him. She notices he’s not wearing his glasses. Bored, she puts the glasses on and asks why he doesn’t wear his glasses when he’s making things? He looks uncomfortable and says it’s just for a bit. She stares at him until the boy asks nervously what’s up. She tells the boy she likes him without his glasses.


The boy has a conflicted look on his face. A moment of silence passes between them before the boy grabs his glasses back, telling Gumi she’ll ruin her eyes if she continues to look through them. He puts the glasses on as he walks away, with Gumi fuming behind him.

The scene changes again. We see Gumi and the boy, both with mugs of coffee in their hands. Gumi is just staring at her coffee as she talks.

“You know, I’m not good with spicy things or bitter things or even salty things. I don’t know why but I just can’t handle them. I hate them.”

The boy looks at Gumi in question. Uh, wtf? (does this mean BJs are out?) He asks about the coffee in her hands. She can’t drink it?


Gumi plays with the edge of her uniform, looking at the coffee. Her cheeks are pink.

“No. If it’s coffee that you prepared for me, I should be able to drink it. If it’s made by you, then I should love it.”

However, Gumi doesn’t voice her thoughts. She just says yup, she’s a weirdo hur hur. She apologizes for bringing up such a weird subject. The boy’s shocked face is reflected in his coffee. He quickly recovers, but his hand squeezes the handle of his mug tightly.

“…no. I see. Not good huh?”

The boy is shown making more and more sweets. Next to him are glass jars filled with assorted spices. The only one open though is the sugar. However, with each dessert he makes, the amount of sugar in the jar runs lower and lower…

“Sugary sweet. Everyday. But that sweetness has reached its end.”


The plate he was going to put his next dessert on breaks apart. Gumi comes in to find the boy on his knees, crying. All around him are broken plates and upturned desserts.

“What’s the meaning of this? Why’d you do this?”

Lol, way to be concerned about your man crying like a slapped bitch amongst broken tableware, Gumi… xD

“…because it’s no good. I only add sugar, because you only like sweets. But this isn’t real.”

Gumi looks at him in confusion. The boy reaches out and grabs Gumi.

“I’ve run out of sugar. All the things here are fakes. The sweetness I made isn’t real. It’s a lie. Remember what you said? You hate anything but sweet things. Bitter things. Spicy things. Salty things. But it’s only one part of me…I can’t continue this. You want me to spew out only sweet nothings but…I’m not that strong!”

Gumi’s glasses fall off the top of her head. The room turns dark. The glass jar holding salt upturns, spilling its contents. Gumi grabs her throat. (yeah, things are getting a bit trippy)

“What is this? My breath…it hurts! It’s too bitter! It’s too salty! I’m drowning!”

Gumi opens her eyes and reaches out to the boy but their hands don’t meet. He floats away into the darkness. Gumi realizes at this point that their relationship is fucked.

“I can’t…reach him anymore.”

In another panel, we see Gumi drop her empty plate. In the next, she’s sitting at the table she and her boyfriend were at in the beginning of this write-up. However, she’s alone now. She raises her fork and stabs the plate in front of her with it, hard enough to smash the plate to shit (damn, that’s one ape woman!).

“It’s bare. There’s…nothing left.”

Gumi looks at her broken plate sadly. She closes her eyes but then opens them in surprise. In the chair where her boyfriend sat is a small box, wrapped up like a Christmas present. She opens it and finds a dessert inside. She hesitates for a moment but then sinks her pearly whites into the delish pastry (I feel like Gumi was the type who took candy from strangers, never questioning lol). The moment her tongue comes into contact with the dessert, it’s like a blindfold being ripped from her eyes.

“Why didn’t I see it sooner?”

She recalls all the times she and him had been together. The hesitation he had. The sad looks on his face.

“He had been crying this whole time.”


Gumi continues to eat the Mont Blanc, tears falling down her face.

“But…it’s…not sweet at all. Why? It’s not sweet?”

The chapter ends with Gumi bawling.

“May it not be possible to have a Mont Blanc this sweet.”

“In the silence, I taste my tears and pray the flavor is a lie.”


“She is still a cowardly Mont Blanc.”


Ok ~ so if you were to look at the oneshot without analyzing, you’d think the person who created it was high on marijuana & had the munchies hard. However, when he went to the fridge to get something, it was all empty except for some expired mayo, which he ate (with his tears flavoring the otherwise nasty treat). Then later, he wrote a song about his experience.

However if we look at everything like an English major would, we might see something else. Note that English wasn’t my best subject. Either I lacked imagination or I just didn’t care what the hell the one blue 3 legged chair on the roof represented (how was I supposed to see the chair was a metaphor for his dead mother!?), but I always had to rely on cliff notes to get the hidden meaning. Thus, my interpretation may not be what the creator of the song/oneshot was going for. But hey, might as well give it a shot, right? 8D

So for me, I see this song about a couple. However, to keep their relationship together, the boy either changed himself or acted in a way to keep the girl happy. We see this via the sweets he made Gumi. When they first started going out, Gumi was surprised by the overpowering sweetness he displayed/in the cake he gave her. Before this, she had remarked to her friend how no sweetness really hit home with her. Real sugar, Splenda, it all tasted the same. However, when she encountered the boy, she experienced a level of sweetness she had never had before. It was powerful enough to leave an impression on her.

However, Gumi wanted only sweet things from him. When he made coffee for her, she didn’t drink it. She told the boy she couldn’t handle any other flavors but sweetness. In a sense, she just rejected a side of him that he showed her. Which may explain why he looked at his drink in surprise & squeezed the handle tight as he told Gumi that’s cool.

The boy must have really liked Gumi to put up w her quirk. He worked hard to make only sweet things, things which Gumi gobbled up happily. However, hiding your true self is draining. The constant fear of doing something that your partner would find distressing also taxes a person. Eventually, something breaks under the pressure. You can’t pretend to be someone you’re not forever, especially if it’s someone you want to be natural with.

In his kitchen, the boy had many jars all filled with spices. I think these spices represented the different sides of him. However, he only tapped into the sugar jar. Never anything else because Gumi wouldn’t accept them. But as I said, trying to be someone you’re not is hard and eventually it got too much for him. He ran out of sugar to make his cakes. In frustration, he broke all the plates. By breaking the plates, he can’t give Gumi any cakes. I think this scene represents their fallout. He tells her he can’t continue on like this. She won’t accept him for who he is. All the cakes he made for her were fake, not legit like his first cake (maybe since Gumi can’t tell the difference between artificial sugar and real sugar, she never noticed the difference?).

Shocked by his words, Gumi “drowns” in his non-sweet words (the background shows salt being upturned which I guess represents a different flavor/side of him, and she’s drowning because it’s being forced down her throat in a way). When Gumi reaches out to him to save her, she realizes that not only can she not be saved by him but both in general can’t be saved (their relationship). This may be why Gumi is alone at the table she and her man used to dine at and why she broke the plate before her. It’s here where she finds the the Mont Blanc in place of where her boytoy used to sit. I feel like this is a parting gift from him. Gumi eats it and realizes the truth behind what was going on. I’m not sure how a Mont Blanc tastes, but I feel like for Gumi, instead of being completely sweet, it had a bittersweet taste to it. I also think that when Gumi was crying about how “it isn’t sweet” she was referencing their whole relationship.

When I went to rewatch the amv, it kind of helps explain what the songwriter was going for. But I also feel like in the amv, the situation is a bit different. Take a listen and see if you agree:

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