The Hana to Yume: Blue Chapters


Just realized my thumb is touching possible man nips o__o;

Blue Chapters

Thus far I’ve read 3 one-shots in the newest The Hana to Yume, or what I call the Blue Chapters (named due to the color of the ink these one shots are printed on). From what I understand, the main theme of this The Hana to Yume edition is “forbidden.” The first oneshot starting our journey was titled ” Jibun no Mune ni Kiitemi na” (more or less “Try Listening to Your Heart.”). The title is drawn by the manga-ka of Love So Life, a series I’ve never read. The tale follows a pretty boy with 5 girlfriends.

Me: … *pulls eyeballs out and cleans them*

At first I thought I read the bubbles wrong but nope. Dude has 5 girlfriends. And they’re all cool with it. See the main guy is like, I don’t want to make girls cry so I can’t reject any that confess to me. Thus as long as they’re cool with it, I’ll date all that come to me. My dick is public property.

Me: *my face…can’t be described…*

But of course when you’ve got a bunch of girls together, someone has to be a bitch and ruin it. One of the newer girlfriends lies about it being her birthday so she can switch days with one of the other girlfriends. She tells her friend in the bathroom that she’s doing that so she can be the top dog and win the main guy over. However, we all know you never say things in a bathroom without checking the stalls first because girlfriend c hears the whole thing because she just finished her business. She kicks the door open and they start to argue (ewww, I just realized she didn’t wash her hands D:) until in comes girlfriend d who hears those two diss her and then you got the rest of the alphabet joining in, yelling and screaming in the john. This causes a big commotion. Love that the teacher comes in and is all, ladies, grab your tits and calm them. However, he is instantly silenced when the pack glares at him and tells him to grab his dick and yank it lol.

Him: …yup carrying on *grabs dick and runs*

The main guy comes upon this and the girls round on him – it’s time to choose: who does he like!?

It’s sad that it takes a side character to slap his dumb face and set him straight – hey, dumbass. You’re an idiot. The reason these girls agreed to be with you is because they were hoping you’d choose them in the end. Main guy you don’t even show your true self to these girls. All you do is smile. If you love someone, you’ll be open and honest. You’ll have good times and bad but it’s better than just being fake.

Main guy: welp, I have seen the errors in my way


He breaks up with his girlfriends and this is where I kinda make a face. It’s hinted on the last few pages that the main guy might like the side character that slapped his ass straight but it’s also hinted that she just got a boyfriend. So it’s like…of all the girls, you’re going to like the one that might be taken? (I think things were left ambiguous in the unlikelihood this series got another chapter or whatever). I’m hoping I just read too much into the blushing and the sfx and in actuality, he’s like, I hope I can be open with someone I love too ~


The second one-shot is the one gracing the cover of the magazine. It’s titled Doumo Atsumi Kyoudai Desu (guess it roughly translates as “Sup, we’re the Atsumi siblings.”) and is drawn by the manga-ka of Ouji to Majou to Himegimi to, which I have just started reading (thanks to Book Off having the first book for a $1 ~). Doumo was actually a pretty funny one-shot. The whole story follows these three siblings, a sister and two brothers. We learn that the girl isn’t actually sister to the two brothers, but is rather their cousin. However, due to shojo cliches, her mom and dad were killed in a car accident (damn car accidents) and her uncle and his family took her in. The main drama is that the brothers are worried about if their “sister” is happy and yeah, surprise! she is. That’s pretty much it. While the story itself isn’t remarkable, it’s the interaction between the characters that’s pretty amusing. For example, brother A is musing to himself butt naked in his room (just got out of the shower) and the sister walks in to tell him laundry is ready, however she’s not phased at all that his dick is out on display. He freaks and tells her to knock! She goes outside to fold laundry while he stays in his room still naked. They talk and the brother is internally fretting about his sister’s happiness. She then opens the door, knocks on it, and drops off his clothes…all while he’s still naked. Him: WTF!? Her: I knocked. Brother B: *pops out from beneath the covers* yeah, she did. Brother A: WHERE DID YOU JUST COME FROM!? Brother B: I’ve been here the whole time. Now cover up that sad dick, son.


Not sure what part of this one-shot was “forbidden.” I didn’t notice the brothers having anything but brotherly love for their sister. Likewise for the sister. It was all family love. Which was nice. You want incest, go read Matsumoto Tomo’s Inferno (I’m behind since I just got my issue of Ane Lala so I’m not sure if we’re still rocking on incest or if things changed).


The last of the Blue chapters is from Hana Kimi’s Nakajou Hisaya, titled “Himekoi” (…possibly “Princess Love”?). This oneshot was super short. You got this rich bitch that likes her servant. He possible likes her. But he can’t be with her because he’s a servant. The end.

Me: ╯(.□.╯) uhhhh what?


2 thoughts on “The Hana to Yume: Blue Chapters

  1. I’m a huuge fan of Love So Life and was gonna pick up the the Hana to yume for it but ehhh..that summary doesn’t really give me any incentive to go buy it now. I’m bummed because I really love LSL but the chapters have been lacking lately! Blarghfhhff.

    Thanks for the summary :)


    • Hello!
      I’ve heard many good things about Love So Life. I read a few chapters back when it was new but I lost touch and then next thing I knew, 13 volumes!! Me: 8U (also, I find that the longer the shojo, the more blah it gets. There are exceptions but…)
      While that particular oneshot wasn’t the best (I won’t lie, I was like, wtf is this? xD), the others might be more towards your liking? I’m still slowly chugging my way through but I’ll post again about other oneshots I read in this edition of The Hana to Yume :)

      Thanks for the comment!


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