(hur hur meant to post this first!)

Guess what came in the mail yesterday? BAM! Ane Lala #2 and The Hana to Yume ~ You can all thank @omarissister for getting me a copy of Ane Lala because my local Japanese bookstore decided that only carrying issue 1 was good enough on their part… I was about to scrap the idea of reading Ane Lala but thankfully my The Hana to Yume provider was awesome and got me a copy of Ane Lala #2 :3

I’ll get started on Ane Lala once I’m done with my Sylph write up. I’m about 60% done with the October issue. Maybe expect it next week? After that, I’ll only have the November and December issues of Sylph to write up. Then I’ll be all caught up finally ; w ; Yayyyyy! (and hopefully stayed caught up!). Once I’m all current with my Sylph, I’ll be able to Tid-Bits again * w * It’s been so long since I’ve done summaries! Hopefully I’ve remembered how to do them hur hur


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