Sylph Issues July 2013 and August 2013


OMG! Finally! Sylph double post is UP! Today we have the July and August issues of Sylph ~ (even though right now it’s almost the end of October oh gawd). This is probably filled with so many typos but…fuq it! *hits the publish button* xD



Shiro Ari

Chapter 33 – about half of the chapter is dedicated to showing the animosity between Alice and his new roomies, the Dwarves. It’s actually pretty funny. Kind of reminds me of the bro tension between Prince Charming and the 7 Dwarves in Once Upon a Time s3, except Alice has a pair and fights back. Towards the end of this chapter, Snow White and Crazy are chilling together in the library. Crazy is looking up information on Mirror and wtf is exactly going on. He asks Snow White to give him details but Snow White admits that she never asked Alice to shell out the info. Crazy nods his head and is like, yeah, you never questioned about us Dwarves either. You must not have any fucks to give about strangers hur hur. Snow defends her self by explaining how a person’s experiences and thoughts are sometimes things you can’t spill about to strangers. People have some things about them that are personal. Crazy just nods his head again and goes back to reading. Snow White stares at him and blurts out a “I’m sorry.” Confused, Crazy tells her there is no need to apologize. Snow White herself explains she’s not sure why she said it but for some reason, when she looks at the Dwarves, she gets the feeling they’re actually sad potatoes. This causers Crazy to have a flashback of him and another person. Not sure if this is them as kids or what but Crazy is now pint-sized and covered in either dirt or blood (can’t tell). The other person points his finger and tells Crazy to look. In the distance is a female – Snow White.

“That girl over there. She’s the one we adore.”

We come back to the present to see Crazy about to hug Snow White but is cockblocked when Alice appears and grabs Snow White from behind. “The fuq? Ain’t none of that shit happening in my house, son.” However, Crazy is not one to take a cockblock without a fight. He grabs Snow White from Alice and cockblocks him instead. (damn, this is the first time I’ve ever seen a counter cockblock!)


“I knew it.” Crazy looks at Alice with rage in his eyes. “…tell me. You’re…”


“…in love with her, aren’t you?”

[Don’t ask me that to my face]


Chapter 34 – unfortunately, rather than continue from there, the story instead follows Dormouse. After going grocery shopping in town, she spots the Cheshire Cat who is twirling around something akin to Alice’s ring in his fingers. Confused as to why the Cheshire Cat would even be in their neck of the woods, Dormouse decides to tail him. However, as she’s following him, she bumps into the White Rabbit.

Her: fml

She decides to feign ignorance and pretend she never saw him but the White Rabbit refuses to let that go. So Dormouse is following the Cheshire Cat and is in turn being followed by the White Rabbit lol. The White Rabbit tells Dormouse to stop stalking the Cheshire Cat. The only reason she’s even doing this right now is probably because of Alice, who is such a loser btw.

Her: oh hell no.

Insults to Alice are fighting words. She tells the White Rabbit that the reason all this shiz is hitting the fan is because he decided to go and betray Alice. Now everyone is stuck in this one year loop and can never go to their futures. How can he look himself in the mirror every morning?

White Rabbit: Because I’m one sexy mofo ;D

Pissed by White Rabbit’s lack of care for others, Dormouse throws her groceries into his face and stalks off alone. Abandoned, White Rabbit reveals the rest of his reply: he doesn’t care for strangers. The only one he’s interested in is her.


We jump to Dormouse who has followed the Cheshire Cat to a building, origins unknown. As she’s watching him behind a potted plant thing, she’s trying to formulate a plan. While she can’t be certain the thing in his hands is Alice’s ring, her gut is telling her it probably is. Someone asks what is she doing and she replies that she has no idea yet. Realizing that she has been spotted, she turns around to see the Red King smiling down at her. Freaked, she smacks the Red King. However, her hands are covered in dirt from touching the flower pot thing and her smack was a dirty one.


Oh, this isn’t going to end well…

We scene change one last time. Dopey is looking for Mirror. He informs the bishi that the Head Dwarf is looking for him. We back up a bit and see this:




Futsutsuka na Oyako de wa Arimasu ga

Originally slated as a one-shot. Oyako was popular enough to get its own serialization in Sylph. Yay ~ go Chojin! The premise of Oyako follows main girl Nae and her Cinderella-like story. Nae is an orphan who lives with her ass mean relatives and works at their shop because screw child labor laws. Despite her dreary circumstances, Nae is a pretty upbeat kid. And she’s always helping those in needs. One day she wakes up and finds herself in a fancy bed…which was not the same bed she went to sleep in. As she’s trying to figure out what the hell is going on, an old man appears. Nae instantly recognizes the old man as someone she helped when she found him on the floor. The old man is a rich old man and he wants to pay Nae back for her kindness.

And he does this by adopting her into his family.

Nae :o_o wut?

But not as his daughter…as his granddaughter…meaning daughter to his grandson…

Grandpa: “who is kind of an ass.”

Grandson: “I’m right here grandpa.”

The grandson is not happy about the changes to their family tree. First, he’s now a dad. Second, he doesn’t trust Nae. He thinks she’s after their money. The grandson is a young and upcoming business man who pretty much controls most of the family business. He works hard to keep a shiny clean exterior while keeping a firm grip on the company and now having a love child is going to ruin everything. However, the power of shojo wins him over to Nae’s side and thus begins their story as father and child.

(or at least that’s what chapter 0 made it look like. I don’t now what’s up with shojo now and days and turning parent-child relationships into romantic ones. Dat kinda creepy yo)


Chapter 1 – mostly deals with the problems of the grandson now having a kid so to speak. Nae’s existence is supposed to be Top Secret but that’s instantly blown when two pages in a reporter snaps a shot of her and the grandson together.

Grandson: fuck!

The reporter isn’t going to publish about Nae as long as the grandson – Kaoru – agrees to let her interview him for an article she’s writing. The reporter doesn’t know that Nae is Kaoru’s “kid” because he passes her off as his friend’s kid who he’s watching while his friend is doing stuff. While the reporter is doing her thing, Kaoru tells Nae they need to keep apart to prevent raising the reporter’s suspicions.

While this is going on, Nae is sad because she wants to be a family but is denied due to the presence of the reporter. Kaoru learns that hey, I need to be more like a dad, and I’ll do that once this reporter lady goes away.


They eventually do have a family moment and yay ~ But things aren’t all sunshine and rainbow gum drops. This old bag has caught wind of Nae’s existence and she is not a happy lobster about it.


Chapter 2 –  grammy makes an appearance. She’s actually not Kaoru’s grammy. She’s just some old bag who took care of the family. You can instantly tell by her face that she isn’t here to welcome Nae just like that.

20131014-185112.jpgBut she covers her motive by telling Kaoru that he’s been invited to his grandpa’s B-Day bash (Kaoru: …how fucking kind of him – I was a bit scared that maybe he didn’t want me to come this year =___=), but the invite is also for Nae. Naturally Kaoru can see through everything and is like no. However, Nae is innocent/naive and doesn’t see the problem in going to grandpa’s “You’re One Step Closer to Death” party. It’ll be fun! Seeing Nae so happy changes Kaoru’s mind and they go to the party. But Kaoru becomes business Kaoru and charms the guests. He leaves Nae in grammy’s care which is a big mistake because grammy bails, leaving Nae alone. Nae is both sad and weirded out by Kaoru’s other persona. She’s like, who dat? However, she doesn’t have too long to think about things because a bunch of girls come over and greet her. Happy to have some female company, Nae has a good chat with them…until it’s obvious to the eyes that Nae is some poor hick. Then the girls turn bitch and trip her so Nae not only falls but gets food all over her (the bitches dropped the food on her because the whole time Nae was only holding to a glass of juice). They degrade Nae, saying she’s basically a nasty turd in a room full of diamonds. Before they can go full out bitch, Kaoru comes to her rescue. He takes her out of there and proceeds to bitch to grammy about why she left Nae alone. Grammy said she was testing Nae and it’s obvious that Nae isn’t up to bar. Before Kaoru can punch grammy’s dentures out, Nae stops him. She smiles and says that it’s not grammy’s fault. She just sucks. With a smile, Nae says she’s going out to get some air and leaves. Grammy nods her head. See, the girl even agrees. Kaoru shoots death beams at her, telling her if she wants to collect her social security she best watch her saggy boobs.

Outside, Nae cries a bit. Grandpa pops up and is like, sup dawg? After Nae confesses her feelings – that she sucks – grandpa tells her she doesn’t suck. In fact, she’s been helping bring out emotion in Kaoru. See, when Kaoru was younger, he was under pressure to be some hawt shit. However, being just a kid, all he could do was be a luke warm turd and that made him a sad poopie. Grandpa told Kaoru that he shouldn’t give up. He needs to survive and become great. Kaoru took those words to heart and closed off his emotions in order to get where he is now (basically stepping on people and crushing them like a zit).

Grandpa: yeah, that wasn’t the best advice I could have told an 8 year old…

Now that Nae is in his life, Kaoru is becoming more human. Before grandpa can continue, he starts to have a stroke…because why not? Thankfully Nae was there to help get him treatment so he’s not in shojo heaven yet. Kaoru and grammy enter the scene and are like, phew he didn’t die. Other people come in. Nae is pushed into another room to hide her from the other people. Grammy comes along too. The other people look at grandpa and are disappointed to see him still breathing. (wtf) Had he died, then that’d mean the power would have gone to them. WHY YOU NO DIE OLD MAN!?

Kaoru reminds them that they are in a hospital…in front of said old man, so they need to kindly stfu. Grammy explains that the world of the rich isn’t all cocktail parties and sparkles. You’ve got shit like this going on. That’s why Nae is a problem. Kaoru gotta not only watch his back but also hers. As she’s saying this, the other people proceed to diss Kaoru, since I guess they ran out of things to defecate on grandpa. Pissed – not at grammy but at the other people – Nae runs out and tells the other people to shove it. She then grabs Kaoru and they run for it. Alone, she hugs Kaoru and tells him to cry if he wants to. There’s no one to see. The emotions Kaoru had been holding in – about his grandpa having a stroke, about his relatives telling him to die – spring out of Kaoru’s eyes and he cries. Grammy is in the corner watching like a creeper.


The next day, she berates Nae for running in like a foo and dragging off Kaoru. No! However, this totally goes over Nae’s head and she tells grammy that she’s going to do her best to be awesome and protect Kaoru as well.

Grammy: =___= listen to me when I’m talking shit about you.

But grammy is won over by Nae’s shojo and tells the younger girl to show her what she can do. Kaoru appears and tells Nae their car is ready. Before they can leave, those bitches from the party appear. They apologize to Nae, not realizing she was someone important. So now that they’re cool, how about they hang together…like at Kaoru’s place. Before Nae and respond, Kaoru tells Nae to go into the car. With her gone, he turns on the girls and throws a smile at them. Thanks for coming but FUCK WITH NAE AND YOU FUCK WITH DEATH. GET!

Them: D8

He gets into the car and they leave. Grammy watches them (grammy, you know in some states, this is called perving). A servant nearby mentions that Nae and Kaoru are like father and daughter but grammy thinks something else.

Grammy is like me – is this going to stay as a family thing or are we going to go down the lovers route?

Oh yeah, and there’s this guy who will totally come back later on:


Kamigami no Asobi Chapter 6 and Side Story

Nothing much to summarize here. Main girl …uhhhhhh oh fuck I forgot her name….meh whatever, it’ll come to me. Anyway, she’s determined to get the gods who keep skipping class to…well, attend class. Else wise she’s stuck in this bishi paradise forever and who wants that? Really? Who?


(that’s who)

Her plan: to have a sports festival. Because nothing brings out the delinquents like a good ol’ school event. The boys will work on convincing their BFF gods to come and as long as there are girls there, the other gods will come too. Perfect!

Surprisingly, the above tactics work. The truant gods make their appearance. It’s here that the gang give their proposition. If Team Goodie Two Shoes wins, the truant gods have to come to school. If Team F Homework wins, they get to do whatever it is they do…like…make cattle produce milk and protect people (or in Loki’s case, flirt w Thor)… you know…do whatever gods do. The two battle and Team Goodie Two Shoes win due to Shounen power. Even though they won however, the truant gods are like, nah, f dat. Zeus is there and he’s like, f dat wut son? Aw hell no. and throws a lightning bolt at them. Despite being gods and having super powers, the truant gods just stand there like deers fascinated by oncoming head lights and do absolutely nothing to protect themselves. Main girl…still haven’t remembered her name…throws herself in front of the gods and gets blasted instead…

And that’s it!

Thanks for reading folks. Hope you’ll enjoy the game coming out soon! Hopefully you don’t get the bad end like what just happened here hur hur. Now on with the rest of the show!


She wakes up later in the infirmity. Despite being struck by lightning from a god, she’s totally fine. Her bravery/stupidity has inspired the truant gods that school is cool (and also hey, it’s better to stick near this chick because if Zeus is ever throwing them bolts, we can just hide behind her yay!). So yayyyy! One step closer to getting out of here!

In the special chapter, the main girl random thinks the gods are all children and that they should look like they act. Zeus, apparently bored, goes OK :D and turns the gods into children. The main girl freaks and is all jk jk no and the boys turn back to normal. The chapter ends by reminding us that heyyyyyy wait. We have 9 gods here but there’s supposed to be 10…hmmmmmmm. Where’s that calculator? Maybe we’re adding wrong here.

As everyone leaves to go eat (just because), someone peeps out around the corner. It’s some…dude with Spirited Away Haku hair. Think he’s Anubis or something? Heck, why am I even trying to give him a name. I can’t even remember the main girl’s name right now haha!

Chapter pages:

78 1

Brothers Conflict (LN) chp 31 and 32
Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 2000% chp 2 and 3

78 2

DADADADAN chp 22 and chp 23 (FINAL)
Arcana Famiglia chp 17 and 18

78 3

Hakase Ga chp 27
Otogoki! oneshot
Fujoshissu chp 43
Hazy Holy Hermit chp 1

78 5

Sugar Girl Sugar Doll chp 8 and 9
Tab*ret chp 8 and 9

78 6

The Tragedy of the Noble Children chp 9 and 10
Kamitsuki chp 11
Anata ga Kureta Chisa na Mahou Oneshot (lit. The tiny magic you gave me)

78 4

Dear Girl Stories ~ Hizuki chp 6 and 7


Norn 9 chp 1


Valvrave chp 1


Hiso Hiso – Silent Voice chp 15


Danshi Koukousei to Rock no Kiwadoi Tsukiaikata chp 6

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