Dancing Samurai


In the Comic@loid magazine, Gakupo makes an appearance! In fact, he has his own serialization! Yessssssss! Thus far in my adventures with Comic@loid, I’ve learned that each serialization in the magazine is based off a particular vocaloid song (my earlier mistake thinking everything was Gumi and Gumi only lol). Either the serialization will star a particular vocaloid (mostly Gumi related in this issue) or it’ll be based on a song sung by the vocaloid (so the series will star someone else). Curious, to see what the Gakupo song was about, I checked it out on youtube.

Here’s the amv with translations:

Interesting right? I like the beat! But the one I like the best is this amv (love that the preview picture already gives you wtf thoughts xD):

Yes…Japan. Stay Classy.

What amuses me is thus far the manga isn’t anything like the amv xD In the manga, Gakupo is in the past, kicking ass. He’s about to square off with his rival when a sword falls from the sky and stabs him in the head.

Rival: (((; ఠ ਉ ఠ))

Gakupo falls over and passes out/dies (understandable, seeing how there’s a 3 foot blade embedded in his cranium). He awakens to find that not only is he not in pain but that he’s not in Kansas anymore. Somehow Gakupo was transported to the future (folks, the secret to time travel has been found – brain stabbings!). Confused about his surroundings, Gakupo wanders around until he’s mowed down by a car. He’s like, holy shit…fuck…I must be in hell, and he just starts walking away. Like getting run over by metal boxes with wheels is what he’d expect to happen in a place like hell. Love that bystanders are staring at him like he needs to get his ass back down on that street and wait for an ambulance to come. Gakupo finds a young teen looking gloomy and decides to talk to him. However, seeing how Gakupo was just run down by a car, he’s covered in blood (not to mention he’s dressed like a samurai back in the day) so understandably the boy freaks. Gakupo asks if they’re in heaven and the guy squeaks out a no.

Gakupo: omfg I died and went to hell fuck (((;꒪ꈊ꒪;)))

Guy: uh…this isn’t really hell

Heaven or hell, it doesn’t matter to Gakupo. He’s a samurai. His only objective is to take over stuff, and that means…wherever they are right now.

Guy: ( ³⌓³) … *backs away slowly*

Gakupo notices the boy backing away and is like, hey hey you look sad. What can I do to help you? The boy tries to say he’s good now go away but he stammers instead. Gakupo yells at him and the boy is like OMFG DON’T SHOOT ME! Gakupo does a random shojo and is like, I’ll make you smile because smiles are the best desu :D Before the boy can barf at the rainbows and hearts coming out of Gakupo’s nipples, he gets a call on his phone. He turns around to answer it and to Gakupo is looks like he’s talking to the wall XDDDD The boy finishes and runs away, leaving Gakupo to wonder wtf just happened. Turns out the boy is a newbie performer who is doubting himself. He feels he’s not good enough and should just quit. Well thank goodness Gakupo is there to help him!


While Gakupo was wondering around, a stagehand thought he was a background character due to his appearance and brought the samurai to the studio where the boy – Ryousuke – was performing at.

Boy: security…please do a better job at your job…

Gakupo says Ryousuke looks depressed which makes Ryousuke…even more depressed. Before Ryousuke can fart his feels out, Gakupo is taken away to do stuff. Gakupo is just going with the flow. He’s fascinated with our lights because he thinks ceiling ninjas light them lol. As he’s looking around, he sees on stage someone of familiarity – his rival! Only he’s dressed like a metro-sexual but that’s not the point! Gakupo runs on stage, sword in hand (it’s around this time that the real background character comes back and apologizes for disappearing – he had some poop to make). He attacks the rival but rival dodges. The two fight. Gakupo tells his rival his sword skills are on par with that of an armless man. The rival tells Gakupo he has no idea what’s going on but it’s time to battle it out via song.

Gakupo: ok!

Everyone: (•᷄દ•᷅) wtf

The two battle it out but the rival wins because his fans feel like traitors if they go “Gakupo is dah man!”

Gakupo accepts his defeat but tells his rival to watch his sweet ass because the next winner will be him.

Rival: leave already!

Ryousuke runs up to Gakupo and tells him his song inspired Ryousuke to do his best! Gakupo smiles, happy he did good. That’s when the cops show up to arrest Gakupo. The chapter ends with Ryousuke trying to negotiate with the cops.

Lol omg I unintentionally made a summary of the first chapter xD Oops! Oh well. Long story short, the manga isn’t like the youtube clip. The end. *crawls up a rock in embarrassment*

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