Trying out something on my phone


How dumb! There’s this little camera icon on the WordPress app (yes I have the app lol don’t judge me) & I clicked on it. I was prompted to take a pic so I did & now I’m typing in text. But I guess I’m limited in how much I can write because the screen doesn’t scroll down. Right now I’m just looking at a keyboard & praying I’m typing this right. What kind of useless function is this? :(

(I wonder how accurate I was with my post? Guess we’ll see after I post this! :P)

EDIT: Oh hey, not too bad for typing blind pretty much! As you can see, I’m finally getting around to writing up about the July and August issues of Sylph :) It’s going to be a combo post (not sure if I mentioned this before. Too lazy right now to look back).

As dumb as that photo function is, it’s a nice way to post snipe entries (also to let you all know that I’m like…not dead haha). If the creators of the WP app ever fix the screen scroll bug, I might be sniping more often :P

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