Norn9 Prologue (Translations)

Remember awhile back I said I’d do translation projects to boost my Japanese abilities? When was that again? June? And it’s what? October. … Well, hey! Better late than never right? :D And thus the reason for this post!

In the July issue of Sylph was a preview of a new series, Norn9. Norn9 itself is an otome game. I have no idea really what the plot is. From the prologue, it seems kinda…weird lol.

A nice bonus with this edition of Sylph’s Translations (tentative name) is that I included RAWs as well. I gave it a shot with scanning, photoshopping, and typesetting – all that scan clan funness. Was interesting (translation: no it wasn’t) ~ I purposely made the RAWs fugly though so others won’t be tempted to grab it ~ No mangafox. You cannot has.

Without further ado, here is the prologue. It should be noted that I have no desire to follow the series and scan it. F dat. I can barely keep this blog afloat hur hur ~ I just love translating these random previews posted in Sylph :3

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