Rap Serenade

Man I really have been letting this blog go…
Sorry peeps.
I’ll try to do more journal entries to show I’m still alive!

(Don’t worry – I’ll be sprinkling in some Sylph & Aria & whatever posts too ;D)

I’ve got a WTF SHOJO!? post written up (only thing holding me back is scanning in some pictures). Been awhile since I’ve done one of those, eh? But this one was messed up enough to bring me to the keyboard again haha.
Expect a Sylph post to follow. Tentative plan right now is to catch up in my mags. Once I’ve done that, I’ll finally get back to working on Tid-Bits again.

Natsume: *holds up hands in a wth gesture*

Hey, I’ve been busy. And seems you were pretty busy too:

It’s not as ghey as Uta no Prince-sama, but I definitely never pictured you singing and dancing. (PS. That little kid’s voice scares the fuck out of me. Why does he sound older than the others?? That is a voice that has reached passed puberty.)

Natsume: …
*does hand puppet gesture and dances away with a shamed look on his face*

Damn straight.

Any hoo, I’m looking to do one mag a week. With Aria it’s easy because all I do is summarize like 4 things & highlight chapter cover pages. I’ll be doing the same thing with Sylph. Instead of summarizing the whole thing, I’m selecting a few to summarize & the rest of the post will feature cover pages. I’m looking at summarizing Shiro Ari, that new Choujin series because it’s Choujin, & Kamigami no Asobi.

(Of course, if requested, I’ll make up additional summaries :3 I’m all about Sylph love!)

Once I catch up with everything, like I mentioned earlier, I’ll return to Tid-Bit-ing other Sylph titles like Natsume &, eventually one day when it continues, Shounen Oujo.

That aside, how are you all doing? The weather finally feeling like fall where you are all at? I’m shocked by how cool it is now! I sleep without the AC on (the AC I nearly died getting home hohoho…). And fall weather means fall fashion!! Sweaters ~ Scarves ~ Layers <3

Let’s see…what have I been doing fandom wise?

20130921-211652.jpgManga – I purchased these two from Kinokuniya the other day. It’s been a while since I’ve bought a Nakayoshi title but it’s got a magical girl on the cover & I love magical girl/boy stuff x3 (Shoujo Kesshou Kokoro Jikaru). The other is the final volume of The Prince and His Dark Days. I know the ending since the first vol of Aria I got had the last chapter (main reason I got it :3) but I’m curious to know how the plot progressed to that ending.

Anime…I’m currently watching Samurai Bride. Yes, judge me. I felt compelled to finish the series since I’m already halfway through. The series is a total boy series. Boobs, panties, & nipples galore. I’m sad because I saw the first few minutes of Samurai Girls & got all excited (not like that ppl) because these female warriors were taking down planes with swords. The hell?? The hell! Girl Power! :D But then that awesomeness didn’t make an appearance again until 10 episodes later. I should have quit but I’m one of those ppl who likes to finish what they start (even if I don’t get to finish my whatever until months later :P).
I’m actually liking the second half a bit more…just because there’s more fighting going on. The Shadow Warriors or whatever they are called are definitely interesting.

Novel wise…I just finished re-reading Book Girl & the Suicidal Mime. I recently got my order with rightstuf that had my Yen Press sale spoils. A majority of the bounty was Book Girl stuff. I’m such a horrible person because I’ve fallen behind with pretty much all of Yen Press’s light novels ;–; but at least I’m now current with one!

20130921-211748.jpg Since it has been while since my last visit with vol #1, I decide a reread was in order. And let me tell you, it had been so long since I last read vol #1 that I forgot who the “culprits” were lol. But that only drew me into the world of Book Girl more! I ended up reading the last half of the book propped against the wall of my bathroom (I had been reading while brushing my teeth…and ended up just parking my butt down in the floor to continue reading haha). I’ve started with The Famished Spirit (#2). Again I’ve forgotten the “culprit” but that’ll probably just draw me in again!

Lastly, video games. Other than playing Dead Space 3 with my dad OL, I haven’t really been gaming. I mean, if I have no time for Sylph, then I must really be starved for time! But I recently bought 2 games – Ni no Kuni & Kingdom Hearts Remix 1.5. Due to a mishap of sorts, I’m playing NnK first. Thus far I’m loving it x3 I feel like I’m part of a Ghibli movie! Oliver is so cute. Drippy’s a dick. Who tells a kid off for refusing to save the world because him mom just died? Also, who let’s an 8 year old fight monsters with a fucking stick, because you’re too busy dancing in the distance (I’m assuming to flee in case Oliver’s stick beating skills fail him). That aside, I’m having a fun time playing. Reminds me a bit of Mana Khemia (with the quest board system) which is a bonus because I loved that game x3.

20130921-211712.jpgI will leave you all with this random event that happened yesterday. After work, I went to Kino to kill some time. After grabbing my previously mentioned tankoubon, I went down to the train platform to head home. While standing, out of the corner of my eye, I notice someone walking slowly towards my area. I peek at the fellow just to make sure he wasn’t a weirdo. The man was swagging around a little weird but what really caught my eye was the way he brought something enclosed his in hand to his face and sniffed it. That was an instant “something’s weird here, son!” warning. My gaze lingered longer than it should have – because my brain was too busy hitting replay on the footage it just received to confirm that yes, this man did indeed sniff his hand – because he looked up at me. Thankfully I wasn’t full out staring. I was doing one of those, I could be staring at you but I could also be staring at the platform to see if the train was coming stares. Quickly I turned away and thought, fuck! What do I do!? Need to look busy. Need to look busy. *looks at phone in hand* CANDY CRUSH!

I open the app and pretend that I’m having the most intense game of Candy Crush ever. The guy shuffles closer to me and I’m like, shit noooooo. Just keep on walking. And he does. But he gets REALLLLLLLL close behind me and my first thought was, I’m going to get shanked, aren’t I? However, my gaze never wavered from my screen and he continued to walk past. After my peripherals confirm that we had enough distance between us to put the idea of shanking to rest in my head, I slightly tilt my head to make sure he was going away. But my head stopped in mid-movement because I could see the guy looking back. He did this not once, not twice, but three times. Thankfully he didn’t do a turn around. He kept on going until he finally disappeared from my view.

Me: shittttt that was creepy!

But the creepiness didn’t stop there. The train arrives and I get on. We pass a bunch of stops and people start to shuffle out. That’s when I realize I felt an eerie presence. Breaking away from Candy Crush (hey, I had it open, might as well play it), I look down at the ground and notice a pair of boots that looked oddly familiar.


No. Fucking. Way.

I follow the boots up and guess who I see? Sniffy.


I go back to my phone and swear internally.

That’s when I hear him…rap serenading… Me: oh gawd what? I look up because I’m confused why rap serenading is happening. That’s when I realize his aim wasn’t me. It was this random male passenger. And omfg, that poor male passenger. He kept staring at the wall like there wasn’t a strange man in his face talking dirty.

(How could I tell we were having rap serenading? Because we start with “Hey baby, this is all so crazy” and continued from there).



Eventually the male passenger has enough of Sniffy’s song and moves to the other side of the train. Sniffy just stops and sticks where he is and the train went quiet for a few more stops. Then, Sniffy laughs and starts to move towards the male passenger. However, of the two directions the male passenger could have gone, he chose the side I’m on. Sniffy passes me and slows down. He kinda looks back at me (I can tell by the twist of his legs). I myself have 150% devoted to clearing all the jellies in this level of Candy Crush (translation: I’m looking at my phone because no way in hell I’m looking up) so I couldn’t see his face. Gauging his choices, Sniffy deems me small fry and walks until he’s right in front of the male passenger. He then proceeds to continue his rap serenade.

Male passenger:


My stop comes and Sniffy practically runs off the train. He disappears and I have no idea where he disappeared to. He wasn’t following me so yay! But yeah…that’s my story. Not as crazy as the wee wee story but it’s still freaky.

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