Ane Lala Part III (final)

Hoho! So I actually did stick to the plan! Here is the final portion of my Ane Lala summaries/rant/blahs ~

The Diagram of Today’s Love
Kusakawa Nari

The story starts with the protagonist breaking up with her boyfriend. She explains she cannot continue on with their relationship because she’s in love with someone else, even though it’s one-sided. The boyfriend is totally fine with this and is never seen again.

Eventually, we find out the guy our protagonist, Nirehara, is crushing hard on is a fellow employee at her workplace…who is dating her sister. Correction, marrying her. Yeahhhh, ouch. The whole plot follows Nirehara as she tries to hide her feels but eventually realizes she’s being a pussy and needs to be truthful. She confessed and the end.

diagram2I had mixed feelings about The Diagram of Today’s Love. Specifically with the love interest. His actions confused me. He’s marrying Nirehara’s sister but he’s like, weird about it. He spills about the marriage before Nirehara’s sister can tell her but his facial expression seemed to be anything but excited over the news. Then, when he’s talking with the sister in some car they were driving in, he asks if she loves Nirehara. Which was a bit dumb since, uh they’re sisters dude. The answer is probably YES. Then he’s all “yeah…” at the sister’s response <- WTF!? The real kicker was when he and Nirehara were alone together at work. He asks her if there’s anything she wants to tell him. Her, still trying to hold down them feels, tells him everything is just peachy. But he doesn’t let her slide away so easily. He continues, saying he feels like she’s hiding something from him. When she still denies her feels, he gets what I believe is desperate and pushes himself realllllll close to Nirehara. “How about now?” Their lips are almost touching but Nirehara can’t bring herself to do it man.


W.T.F. ┻━┻ t(°□°t)

Dude, you’re engaged yet you’re hitting on your fiancée’s sister!? Um, why? Are you a player? The hell? Are you in love with Nirehara but feel committed to the sister because you’re an idiot? That doesn’t explain why you got down on one knee and proposed? Are you interested in Nirehara but if things don’t work out, hey you have a back up?


Please. Explain this to me. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

Dickface aside, I really liked Nirehara. Who wouldn’t feel crushed about your senpai becoming your brother-in-law? I wouldn’t know how to deal with that…well, in my case, it’d have to be one of my friends/cousins stealing my love interest since I was the only kid who came out of my mom’s baby cannon, but still. To see your love in someone else’s arms? Damn, son. It really got me when Nirehara kept wanting an end to her feelings. For two years she held it down. For two years she had to watch someone else – her own sister to be exact – be with the man she yearned to be with. “I want [Seto-san] him to put an end to my love by his own hands.” Girl, he doesn’t deserve you. No idea why you confessed in the end – maybe to finally get it out there but I’m kinda scared to see what’s going to happen to your story. Do you two end up together and your sister is left in the dust, or is it the other way around?

Yeah….see my mixed emotions? Nirehara was good, Dickface can go polish his own dick in the dark. There’s another chapter set to be released in the next issue of Ane Lala but I believe the protagonist is different. The chick on the cover looks bitchy and pissed, so unless Nirehara fell on hard times and did some crack, I can safely say that’s not her. But I hope they mention Nirehara because I’d like to know what happened with her. AND TO GET A BETTER EXPLANATION ABOUT WHY DICKFACE WAS ALL TWO-TIMING!1!1!

Lonely People (Samishii Hito)
Saitou Ken

“How long has it been since I last cried?”

Kinoshita’s having a bad day. She’s been fired due to a fellow employee’s mishap. However, she’s not too bummed over it. No need to cry like a slapped bitch, as her co-worker is doing before they part ways. Walking home, Kinoshita puts together a plan of action. Out of the corner of her eye, she notices someone crying in the rain. She ambles over and offers this person her umbrella instead of privacy. Girl is crying in the rain. Best to leave her be, Kinoshita. Kinoshita asks the girl if she wants to talk about what’s making her cry – getting it out might make her feel better (maybe it’s because we have differing cultures, but in America, only rapists and creepers talk to strangers like this so naturally, I’m a bit creeped out by Kinoshita’s actions, however kind they are xD). Understandably, the stranger says nah, I’m good, son. Just going to cry some more but thanks! Kinoshita offers the girl her umbrella again, this way the girl can be all dramatic and cry in the rain without getting too drenched. The girl smiles at Kinoshita and comments that Kinoshita will get drenched. Kinoshita smiles and says she can’t ignore people crying and goes on to talk about how she was fired not even 5 minutes ago. Lol o k.  ・ε・

Kinoshita goes on to explain how her coworker fucked up a business deal which cost their company mulah. However, when Kinoshita saw her coworker in tears, she decided to take the blame…which ultimately cost her job. When asked why she did that, Kinoshita replies that she’s a shojo heroine and thus is forced to act in ways most people wouldn’t “It’s lonely to not help those who are in tears.”

sadpeeps2The crying girl stops crying and suddenly asks if Kinoshita can cook and clean? (guess Kinoshita isn’t the only one who can have random conversation starters). The girl then offers Kinoshita a job: to take care of her bro while she’s out of town. Which doesn’t sound too hard right? But no. The brother has to be one of those little assses difficult people we are so accustomed to seeing in shojos. He’s against the whole thing. “Screw this ugly bitch. I’ll sleep in my 5 day old clothes and live off rats before I let this lady into my house!” is basically his reaction to the thought of Kinoshita taking care of him. Naturally, Kinoshita is like, ( ༎ຶ ◡༎ຶ) nice to meet you too…jackass. However, she sticks around after hearing the sister’s story. See, the brother wants to be a pianist but his mom is all “oh hell no.” Their family is rich and owns a lot of businesses. Mom wants the son to carry on the family name and take over. The brother, Ryou, is determined to be a pianist and so moves out. Rich people can do that. Us poor people, no. His sister made a deal with mom that if she married some rich guy, then the bro can go to piano school. Thus why the sister is heading out for a while – she’s getting married. When asked wtf, why would she go so far for her bro, the sister replies that she’s also a shojo heroine and so does things that most people wouldn’t do she loves her bro and his music and wants him to succeed so marrying a random dude for her bro (and not love) is cool. Moved, Kinoshita is pumped to help the sister out…even if the bro is like, GTFO.

However, some problems happen when Kinoshita accidentally stays out late and her mom flips her shit, demanding Kinoshita quit her new job. Kinoshita is like “but mom” however her mom is in cre cre mode so Kinoshita quickly capitulates. She leaves Ryou’s apartment key in his pad and decides to call the sister to tell her the bad news. Ryou happens to be in and hears everything. My sister is what!? They go to the wedding ceremony to stop it but Ryou’s sister tells her brother that this is all she can do. She herself may be nothing but if she can give Ryou a chance, then she’ll do whatever she can to help her bro become a grand pianist. Defeated by his sister’s determination and love, Ryou asks to at least play one song for her. The song he plays is one his sister loves and moves everyone to tears. Unable to contain his feels, he runs out with Kinoshita trailing behind like a gold fish turd. The mother of the groom complements Ryou’s mother on how Justin Bieber he is. The mom though…she’s got this look on her face as she says, yeah, that’s his only good quality. You can so tell this cunt is going to be a problem in the future.

We end with Kinoshita and Ryou riding in a Ferris Wheel, so Ryou can cry in privacy. This wouldn’t be a Saitou Ken story if someone wasn’t unstable. We look into Kinoshita’s memories and we see her mom is psycho who smacked around her own kid because the mom is afraid to lose her like her husband and other child. Despite her tears, no one helped Kinoshita out. This is where she got the idea that if someone is crying, she’ll help that person out. And that’s what motivates her to pull Ryou into a hug and tell him she’ll protect him. Dun Dun Dunnn!

Hmmmmmmm…no real opinion on Lonely People. I know there’s going to be a lot of psychology drama coming soon. Her prior works showed me that.  I am interested in reading more because I like Ryou’s hair (I’m so shallow) and because despite its sad theme, there’s some pretty amusing scenes…like this one:


Not only is Ryou looking as if his innocence was just taken (don’t ask why he’s pretty much naked save his undies), but Kinoshita freaks out and tells the sister that she’s not a child offender later on xD

country唐沢千晶 「田舎の結婚」
Countryside Marriage
Karasawa Chiaki

Ane Lala. You did it.


The story first follows this little man bitch named Daisuke who moved from the city back to the country because his old man got sick and couldn’t take care of the family…farm…thing. Daisuke reckons he’ll take care of things until his old man gets better but whoops, shojo rule #23 kicks in and dad ends up dying. Never be a parent in shojo. Death is all that awaits you. With dad dead, Daisuke is in a bit of a bind. His grandma tells him to go live his life but Daisuke doesn’t want to just up and abandon his grams so instead he decides to take care of the farm…permanently. And he’s got a fiancée so everything is good! Granny doesn’t have to worry about him. Which is good for granny since she comes down with dementia. Oops.

Damn, even the eldery aren’t spared D:

But in truth, Daisuke is just sticking around until grandma kicks the bucket. And the fiancée? Just for show. He doesn’t really care about her. In fact, the plan is, once his grandma is resting in peace, he’s going to divorce his fiancée’s ass and sell everything and use the money to live in the city again. Because the city is where it at. Whores. Starbucks. Target. Yeah.

Now, at this point, I was like, fuck this manga. Fuck this guy and fuck his ass. This seriously how we’re going to end things? This is how Ane Lala is going to go out in the hearts of its readers? With this shallow turd? ゝ(´A`ゝ)

country2However, once the female lead showed up, things got SOOOOOO much better.

While Daisuke is crying like an emo hippo in his house out in the middle of no where, his fiancée, Haruka, makes an appearance. After hearing Daisuke’s family situation, Haruka’s mom told her daughter to get her butt down in dem sticks and help Daisuke out. Daisuke is shitting himself because he thinks his plan is going to be ruined. What woman wants to be shacking up with a farmer!? However, Haruka isn’t a judgmental ho. No. She’s you’re perky happy you can kill my puppy and I’ll keep on smiling shojo girl. She sees no problem with the situation. In fact, she adapts very well with everything. She cooks. She cleans. She even weed-whacks like a pro. It’s due to Haruka that Daisuke stops being a dumbass bitch and starts to give his new life (that he freely accepted) a go.

Countryside Marriage embodied everything I thought of when I heard Ane Lala = shojo for older readers:

1.) older characters that didn’t act like middle schoolers
2.) situations that don’t take place in a school
3.) adult jokes
4.) sexy sexy time ~

My only problem was the random drama towards the end. The man Haruka was originally supposed to marry but ended up dumping her face for another woman comes crawling over to take Haruka back (yeah, he appears at Daisuke’s house. The one in the middle of no where. How did he get the address? Apparently Haruka’s mom told him. Why would you tell your daughter’s ex-finance where she lives (especially since she’s engaged now to someone else), I do not know.) It was like the editor told the manga-ka she needed some drama. Drama isn’t bad but uh guys, this series ends in 5 pages…It was like, drama one page, conflict the next, determination the next, resolution on the fourth, and happy end on the fifth page haha!

That aside, I have to say Countryside Marriage is my favorite of the Ane Lala series thus far. Sora no Oto was pretty good though Countryside Marriage had sexy sexy time ~ Sorry :P There’s another chapter of the series scheduled for the next Ane Lala but I’m thinking it might follow a different set of characters because 1.) the description talks about a fiancée but the two in the first story are already married by the end & 2.) the characters previewed don’t look like Haruka or Daisuke. That’d be awesome if Countryside Marriage is actually about romance out in the sticks 8D If so, the title might have to change to Countryside MarriageS!

In conclusion:


  • 「十年後、街のどこかで偶然に my favorite things」- not bad, but not memorable
  • 「インヘルノ」- no, go away
  • 「プティトウ・ペッシュ! 」- enjoyed. too bad there isn’t going to be more. Would have liked to see the friendship blossom between these two older ladies
  • 「京・かのこ」- no real feels. I can smell a love triangle coming though. Hopefully the focus on sweets won’t be lost in the drama ^^;
  • 「今日の恋のダイヤ」 – was good but the sister’s fiancée confused me too much
  • 「そらのおと」- looking forward to the next chapter
  • 「愛が地球を救うのだ! 」- please leave along with Inferno (/`◇´)/===3
  • 「さみしいひと」 – so far so good…but we haven’t added in the crazy yet haha
  • 「田舎の結婚」 – LOVED <3 Definitely looking forward to more Countryside love ~

Here’s a preview of what to expect in the next Ane Lala coming out next month! Despite my bitching, I’m probably getting the next issue because I’m interested enough to see where this new publication is going xD


4 thoughts on “Ane Lala Part III (final)

  1. I actually thought the first story was great. I kind of saw the scenes in a different way. The dude wasn’t trying to make a move on her. He just wanted her to admit that she likes him so everything’s out on the table and he can make things clean with her before they become in-laws. Which I thought was a dick move because he could have used words instead of deliberately hurting her feelings like that. The car scene was just them talking about the lead girl and him mqking comments qnd having cogitations. Overall, I have to say I would go for more chapters.


    • Hello there.

      So I went back and re-read the chapter but I’m still standing by my view ^^ I can see where you’re coming from though. It did feel like hey maybe the love interest did have a suspicion that the main girl had a thing for him. The main girl even speculated on that at one point in the beginning. During that scene at the office, he even starts off by saying that when he marries the sister, he wants to be able to see the main girl as a family member. But then we continue. The main girl lies and goes, oh yeah me too, bro. He then says that he feels like she’s not telling the truth. In fact he feels like there is something more. He tells her if she’s got anything to say, then say it. However, the main girl is like, no. I ain’t got nothing because she’s already swallowed this thing down for 2 years. Why say anything now? He keeps pressing and she keeps denying. Now, had this just stayed at this point, I’d agree with you on him just wanting to get the skeletons out of the closet. But damn, when he got that desperate look on his face and went in real close to her, his man nips poking her eyes, that’s when the whole picture changed. I mean, what did he hope to accomplish by leaning in like that? Their faces were so close that the main girl almost kissed him but she had some pride and pushed him away. What would have happened had she kissed him? Would he have allowed it? (I’m leaning towards yes because who the fark tries to blanket someone like that without alternative motives.) I mean, had she kissed him and he rejected her, that would just make things super awkward between them. How can you face your own sister after kissing her fiancée? Point is, who does that!? If he was trying to prove a point, he went about it ALL the wrong way. What would have happened had the main girl reported this action to her sister? Hmmm, that’s a good question. I wouldn’t be too happy if my fiancée did that to my sister but this isn’t about me lol xD

      That changed the car scene in my mind. Originally, in the car, we got a bit of background history on the sister and the main girl. The sister is older but acted like a younger sister. She’d throw shit fits while the main girl acted more “coolly.” The love interest then asked the sister if she loved the main girl which is like the dumbest question you could ask someone who keeps speaking lovingly about their sister. But paired with the office scene, it changed from “you love your sister? You do? Oh cool” to “you love your sister. You do? Yeah…” The office scene also changed the view I had of the funny look on the love interests face after he blurped about the wedding to the main girl.

      It’s amazing how one little thing can change someone’s perception haha!

      But hey, who knows what the right view is? :) Maybe this is like English class stuff. We look at something and give our own interpretations of what we feel is going on. Each person may see something different ~

      Thanks for giving your opinion! There aren’t too many out there who have read Ane Lala (at least from what google showed me. I’m like the only blog out there really that had any posts on the subject xD)


  2. I’m a bit late but thanks so much for these summaries/reviews! Generally speaking, would you recommend Ane Lala? I’m 25, and apart from being a big josei fan (more than shoujo, that’s for sure), I really do have to search for stories targeted at young adults (am I even young anymore?….).


    • Not a problem :) It was fun to read a new magazine and share ~
      As for whether I can recommend Ane Lala, that’s a toughy. I like that the stories featured older characters who weren’t so…spastic like their shojo counterparts. However, there wasn’t much going on in terms of story. Like, shojo is all LJHDSI;LGH SJK.H IAUGLIEUSTUHSDFGILJUDFKLSGHLDIG!!!!!!!!!!!! but these stories were more djfasjf…meh. It’s like Ane Lala was hinting that as we get older, we get lamer. We older people aren’t that boring!!! We’re just not as nuts as our middle school selves!
      (I’m around the same age as you hoho! And we are young ~ it’s when our boobs sag on the floor if not supported, that’s when we might consider ourselves getting on in age!).
      Ane Lala is definitely different. It’s not true josei but it’s not shojo. It’s something you read if you want nothing going on. Like, hopping into your car and taking a nice ride- nothing dramatic or wild. Nothing crazy like a little kid running in front of you so you have to swerve and end up flying off a cliff (<-shojo).
      I haven't read issue #2 yet so maybe my opinion will change.
      All I know is Japan better lay off the incest, man…when we get older, we do not start getting turned on by our relatives…

      Sorry I couldn't answer your question properly. It's hard to say GO FOR IT! with Ane Lala just because it's so…unique? You have to have an acquired taste for it :)


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