From the Darkness, I Emerge

flowrHello my peeps ~

Sorry for the absence. I posted this on that little chatango widget on the right side but, just in case you didn’t see it, my dad was in town. I hadn’t seen my old man since I moved here back in January so it was very emotional. We got to celebrate both of our birthdays with good food & desserts  which was awes-ome ~ :9 (my workers and friends from afar made it even better ^^)

Unfortunately, like all vacations, it came to an end & he had to go back. Thankfully my dad will be back in December for Christmas. Yay!

That said, I did little blog wise. No reading my magazines (I JUST picked up my latest issues of Aria, Sylph, & The Hana to Yume). No reading manga. Hell, no anime or video games!! So expect a dearth in updates while I brush up on my reads again haha.

I did get to visit this little tea shop with a coworker on Monday. The shop sold loose teas that you can buy based on their weight. Reminded me of the Sweet Factory, only instead of bright candies I filled my bag with delish smelling herbs. Me being a cheapass, I only got one flavor: strawberry green tea. My two favorite things in one? Hell yeah!

However, I lacked something: a tea infuser xD Whoops!

Thankfully my coworker went shopping with me to Bed Bath & Beyond & I got a cute little tea pot :3

(can you believe the tea store we went to was selling this for $35?? BBB had it for $15. That coupled with a coupon my coworker had = $13, tax included. Bargain shopping win!!)

I even got a tiny glass jar. Maybe I read too many fantasy books but I totally feel like a healer or mage with my tiny jar of dried herbs x3


But never fear. I did get some things manga wise. My preorders from amazon came. More Black Butler & Until Death Do Us Part.

(I really need to reread UDDUP bc I’m a bit hazy with the details!)

Also, them magazines I mentioned:

And 2 random tankoubon (Brothers Conflict Natsume & The Demon God of the Momochi House).

Andddddd dat it. Nothing else to report. I’ll try and finish up Ane Lala. Can’t believe in one month the next volume will be out. Hopefully less incest because grown women don’t want to read about that shit. Then, I’ll see if I’m going to work on Aria or catch up on Sylph hur hur

Oh forgot! This week was movie week so my coworkers & I watched Wolverine (original goal was Pacific Rim but the time was too late. You know you’re getting old when your goal is to be home by 10!). The movie turned out to be more entertaining than expected. We had this thing where every time Wolverine  went shirtless, we’d flex our arms out & poke each other just to say, hey nice man service huh? ;)

And we also freaked out bc we’re like Wolverine, no. You’re old. You can’t be banging woman at your age. Sooner or later you’ll end up banging your descendants!!

Yeah, we’re mature like that xD


6 thoughts on “From the Darkness, I Emerge

  1. pfff I like that. “sooner or later you’ll end up banging your descendants” …lets not think of that too much lol. I like all your little photos though! Reminds me I need to do that more often and show my buddies. :]


    • It’s so true. I didn’t even think about it until they brought up how old Wolverine was!
      Then it just got awkward haha!!

      Gotta love having cameras on phones! The pictures may not be the best but you never let a moment go by un-captured!!!

      I’d love to see pics of the stuff you and your budds do ~ x3 Do it Na-chan!!!!


  2. I’m glad you got to spend time with your Dad~! <3 BUT I'M HAPPY YOU'RE BACK!
    (」゜ロ゜)」<– Is selfish

    lol I was thinking the same thing about "tea in a jar" X3 It makes you look like an alchemist!

    /dies Subaru is on the cover of Sylph~

    Oooh~ I'd love to hear your thoughts on Demon God of the Momochi House! I've been wanting to get it, but since I haven't really heard much about it I keep putting it off. You have great taste, so I can't wait to hear what you think~ 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

    *sighs happily* lovely haul, by the way (๑・ω-)~♥


    • °゚°。。ヾ( ~▽~)ツ ワーイ♪ I’m glad to be back *dramatic run through the flowers*

      Lol, that makes so much more sense than healer. Hur hur, alchemist is part of my user name yet it totally slipped by me xDDDDD

      Is Subaru cool? The Natsume manga makes him look like a brat. So much that I just want to slap him across the face and tell him to calm his tits xD
      But of course, manga adaptations can warp a character’s personality so maybe in the game he’s cool but for the sake of drama, he was made into a dick for the Natsume manga? (o w o) ?

      Haha, no I have hipster taste xD I like things normal people have never heard of!
      I really like The Demon God of the Momochi House. If you like her other stuff, then you know what you’re getting into. Bishies, bishies, and…more bishies. Nothing too crazy plotwise.
      Just looking at the cover will make you think KAMISAMA KISS RIP OFF but I actually prefer Momochi to KK. While I miss my Tomoe, I like the heroine in Momochi. Whatsherface in KK is too shojo for my tastes. Tomoe: “Amy (whatever her name is), stay by my side because bad stuff is going to happen if you don’t stay near me.” Her: “No” *wanders off alone* Tomoe: “WHAT PART OF BAD STUFF IS GOING TO HAPPEN DID YOU NOT UNDERSTAND!? (゚ロ゚屮)屮
      The main dude in Momochi is kinda like…Asukai from SLH or…that blue knight guy from Barajou no Kiss…personality wise. The girl herself is a bit tsun-tsun…but not as bad as Anise from BnK.
      I keep referencing Barajou no Kiss but I haven’t actually read it past volume #1 xD Oops! I need to get on that haha!

      ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ thank you ~ Have you been reading anything fun lately? :3


      • (≧∀≦) lol

        I thought Subaru was so cool in the game~ He’s adorable because he doesn’t know how to act around girls, especially not Ema. He’s not all tsutsun like Yusuke, but he blushes a lot and is really sweet ▿<`)੭ु⁾⁾ I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY'D MAKE HIM OUT TO BE A BRAT. He was like the dependable awesome older brother. Maybe he secretly acts like a brat around Natsume XD

        lol I'm going to have to get it then~ <3 Especially if you like the heroine more~ lol

        I had to reread the first Issho ni Gohan because I forgot everything about it… _(:3」∠)_ I finally got the remaining issues of Hakase ga!~ oh! I started this light novel series for young girls called Akumu-chan~ It's really cute and I was so excited to get it! (๑´ㅂ`๑)♡ That's been about it~(「。・ω・)


      • Haha, ok. Good to hear he’s less of a brat in the game :3 I was real concerned when Subaru had such a big fanbase yet he was such a little dick in the manga xD I betcha when he gets his own manga in Sylph one day, I’ll finally see the real Subaru and go, ok. No slaps for you.

        The girl in Kamisama Kiss is too…whiney? In a bad way. She always brings up Tomoe and moans about how he likes other girls and not her and boo hoo. It was fine for the first 5 volumes but when I’m in the double digits and we’re still crying about the same stuff, that’s when it gets old ^^ I feel bad but I can only take so much! ┗┐<(╯⊙ ⊱ ⊙╰ )>┌┛ The heroine in Momochi isn’t much of a whiner. She just goes wtf and continues on lol. It’s a nice change of pace!

        I need to read volume #4 of Hakase Ga xD It’s on my shelf, still shrink wrapped doh! Work has been sucking my drive to be productive ( ✖ ਊ ✖)

        Akuma-chan sounds so cute! What’s it about? I’m guess it has something to do with a cute devil? ☸ヾ꒰ ⁍ω⁍`꒱ノ☸


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