Ane Lala Part I

2Rather than be productive and read more Sylph, I’m instead dicking around with a new magazine called Ane Lala. If you’re familiar with the shojo genre, Lala is a popular magazine which features/d such hits like Kaichou wa Maid-sama, Natsume’s Book of Friends, Library Wars, and Vampire Knight. Recently, Lala ran advertisements for its newest line, Ane Lala. Basically, shojo for adults. No, not josei. Shojo for adults. There’s a big difference between the two. With josei, I’m used to adult related problems and sex (gotta have dem nakey scenes). With Ane Lala, it’s pretty much older people just doing things and yeah. That’s it. But mind you all I’ve only read 3 titles thus far (because they’re friggin long like Donkey Kong’s slong – yay that rhymed :3) but nothing too josei has jumped out at me. I guess even though the key thing about Ane Lala is it’s about older people, it’s still geared at tweens so we don’t want to get too risque. This isn’t Cheese, people. xD


津田雅美「十年後、街のどこかで偶然に my favorite things」
Tsuda Masami Ten Years Later, We Bump Into Each Other in the City. My Favorite Things

4Not a bad first story to start with. My Fav Things follows the reunion of two high schoolers now adults and…that’s about it xD For 50 pages, we look into the pasts of each person and how their paths ended up crossing first when they’re younger and then again when they’re older. The two leads were so cute :3

And My Fav Things was a nice change of pace ~ No fiancées crawling up the sink pipes, no bitches farting up the air, or people running away in tears. For some, this one-shot may end up being pretty bland since nothing crazy happens but hey, we all need a break from those crazy shojos ^^


You sir, are a sick piece of shit…

Matsumoto Tomo Inferno

After the nice Merry-Go-Round introduction with My Fav Things, I was hoping for good things with Inferno. I mean, look at that cover! Sweaty people embracing one another? How can you mess that up?


THAT’S HOW. (╯°□°)╯︵ sʇuǝʇuoɔ sʇı puɐ ǝןqɐʇ sıɥʇ ʞɔnɟ

The actual FUCK, Lala? Why the hell would you put INCEST on the cover of your newest product? WHAT PART OF SIBLING LOVE EQUALS SHOJO FOR ADULTS???



…ahem. The story behind Inferno is the following: the parents of the two leads divorce and then four years later decide to get back together because they realized no one wanted their ass. Whatever. Because of this, the siblings haven’t seen each other in four years. The sister is very excited to see her brother but when they actually meet, he’s a giant turd to her! WTF!? The sister tries to figure out what the hell is wrong with her brother and, oh while she’s thinking this, the brother like…almost becomes a murderer when he pushes this pervert over a railing (though the pervert did have it kinda coming when he was making rapist remarks about the brother’s sister…). Eventually the sister tells her bro to knock off the shit and the two bond again…however, for her it’s the bonds between siblings. For him…he wants to take those bonds beyond that…the story ends there but damn…there’s another chapter in the works for Ane Lala Issue 2 ….

ヾ( )ノ゛ヾ( °д)ノ゛ヾ(°д°)ノ゛ヾ(д° )ノ゛ヾ( )ノ゛ギャア!!


葉鳥ビスコ「プティトウ・ペッシュ! 」
Hatori Bisco Petite Peche

Last up for this post is Host Club’s Petite Peche! Won’t lie. After that blow to the balls from Inferno, I was ready to just chuck my Ane Lala. If the title series for this issue featured possible incest, what’s next!? BESTIALITY!? RAPE!? CLOWN PORN!?


After learning this guy bats for the other team, this who scene just confuses the hellables out of me

Learning that he bats for the other team just makes this scene confusing as hell

However, Petite Peche turned out to be really fun. My favorite of the three titles I’ve read so far. The plot is pretty simple. A writer for a teen magazine stumbles upon a hole in the wall café. She’s got a cold and is suffering bad. When she orders the special for the day, the food presented to her is one good against colds. …what an interesting coincidence. The writer goes back the next day…and the next. Each time she orders the special, it’s always either something she had wanted to eat that day or something that would be beneficial for some ailment she’s suffering from. HOW THE HECK DOES THE CHEF KNOW WHAT SHE WANTS TO EAT!? IS SHE A WITCH!? From her encounters with the café, the writer starts coming up with pieces to submit for her magazine. One day, she ends up finally talking with the chef (after finding the chef dying of starvation in the waste bin known as her living quarters haha). The two bond and that’s about it for this one shot xD

7I liked the one shot because of the two female leads. With the writer chick, not only did I like her sense of fashion but her situation is like mine. People: you’re how old and you don’t have a boyfriend? Her: go suck yourself….( ̄□ ̄#). With the chef, I like her because we’re the same when we’re at home: …I think these socks are clean? Writer chick: um, those don’t even match… Chef: *puts them on* problem? Writer chick: …no >__> Also, the chef lady had a set of weights in her apartment, like me <3

I’m sad by the lack of romance. I was totally thinking something was going to happen with the random bearded man who appeared but it turns out he’s gay Σ(@д@;) wow, way to pop that romance pimple before OTPs could even happen… I would have loved another chapter but nothing is planned for Ane Lala #2. Damn.



Thank goodness for Petite Peche because my drive to continue reading has returned ~ Maybe I’ll make another Ane Lala post? Maybe? I guess I should since I put “Part I” lol ~

These next 6 stories will decide if I’ll continue with Ane Lala or not. I might end up getting the next issue because there’s a one shot featuring a white haired bishi and if there’s one thing Sylphalchemist is weak for, it’s white haired bishies <3

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