Update ~

Finally, post #3! Phew!

Sup peeps! Sorry for the long lull ~ Real life took my online life and kicked it in the snatch :/ It’s definitely been crazy! Been getting new training, trying to navigate around the office politics, praying my stuff passes and we’re good, and balancing social time with me time. Another reason I was away was because my training buddy who had been with me from day 1 was fired earlier and it was a big shock not only to me but to everyone who knew him. The reasoning they gave us was bull shit because we knew him and he was not like that person they painted. When we were able to meet up with my TB, he said he had no idea why he was fired. They just gave him a letter that said your services are no longer needed and said gtfo. He asked what we all heard and we told him what information we were given but that we’ll keep our ears open for the truth. I don’t wanna get too in depth but from what we sniffed out, he was thrown under the bus because of someone else’s (someone higher up in the food chain) error :/ Which is really stupid because he was a brilliant scientist. They fucked up on that one. Had he a different supervisor, things would have definitely been different. >:/

Gah, sorry. Burning rage seeping from my pores. For all those that are curious, he’s doing ok. He’s lived here in the city for a while so he’s got friends here. Also he has a second job that he can go back to being full time on so at least monetary wise, he’s good!

Let’s turn this to something more light! Um, I did get an AC for all of those who were interested in my earlier journal post. However, it wasn’t the one I ordered. Instead, I bought one at a store and dragged that sucker onto a bus before hauling it to my apartment. It was quite an amazing feat. I attribute 6 days of not sleeping right to that insane decision. As I told my friends, when that Friday turned to night, and I was staring at my thermostat reading of 83*F (humidity 98%), I made the conscious decision that either there will be an AC in this room tomorrow, or I will die. There will be no 7th night of shit sleep. And bam! No 7th night of bad sleep!

But that’s because I was drunk on Nightquil/NyQuil? See, after I got the AC home and I got it installed all by my lonesome self (my dad was on facetime but that doesn’t really help xD He was just there to make sure I didn’t kill myself haha!), I felt a tingle in my throat. It wasn’t a good tingle. It was a “you’ve just now taken the first steps to having a full blown cold” tingle.

Me: …are you fucking kidding me?

So, while I was still in my slightly still healthy state, I crawled out into the sun and grabbed some Nightquil and fluids from CVS. Then I retreated home, drank that shit, turned my AC on, and enjoyed my cold in blissful cool air that would make penguins jelly ~ Thankfully the cold left pretty quick. But I was in a drugged haze all Sunday so I didn’t get much done xD

Anime/manga-wise…I’ve finally started to watch the rest of Amnesia again. My crunchyroll app for my tv finally got fixed so all the episodes show up instead of 5! I’m right now on the Ikki arc. And let me just say, Brother got all the hos wanting his wee wee, man. I also bought the PSP game! I randomly came across it on amazon and that’s when it knew it was a sign to start playing otome games. I’ll probably not understand half of what’s going on but at least I can melt as I listen to the voice actors and enjoy the visuals <3

My subscription with Sylph and Lala are almost up. I’m heading in the city today to nenew Sylph subscription because please. (*゚ω゚*) I won’t be renewing Lala. Nothing was really doing it for me :< With Sylph I attacked that thing while waiting for the train. With Lala, …no. I mean, there are series I like in Lala but I’ll just wait until the tankoubon comes out. (and really, all I wanted from Lala were the freebies xD). So instead, I’ll switch my subscription for one with Aria. I randomly came across the July issue and I definitely liked what I saw. I started at a good time because the July issue had 2 new series and the August issue is supposed to have 2 more!

Since I’m dropping Lala, I’m also dropping Lala DX and instead picking up The Hana to Yume. Thanks to @omarissiter, I was able to get the “renewal” magazine and damn…it was good <3 So much one-shot goodness :3 So much that I must order more. Plus, since it’s a quarterly magazine, I won’t be too overwhelmed by getting so many mags in one go!

So here’s the deal:

  • Sylph (will blog about)
  • Aria (blog about new stuff, show off front pages of other stuff since I have no idea what’s going on with those series)
  • The Hana to Yume (use mostly for random translation projects. Probably won’t blog about)
  • B’s Log Comic (my crack. Won’t blog about unless requested)

And that’s about it ~ I’m trying to catch up with Sylph before I go and work on Natsume Tid-Bits :3 This way, we can get it all in one go. Also, no Shounen Oujo in the newest issue of Sylph because of Uta no Prince-sama :< Le sigh!

*jumps on a toaster and flies away ~*

*comes back*

Oh, and remind me to tell you all about the wee wee on the train experience I had! My friends had a good laugh about that.

*now flies away*

8 thoughts on “Update ~

  1. What happened to your training buddy just sounds nasty. >_> Hope that horrible person gets their butt bitten off :/ but glad to hear he’s okay.

    I was wondering how did your a/c thing went since the delivery service was being a jack-a$$.
    Lately, I’ve given up all the long-ish series in favour of short ones and one-shots.
    HAHA the Lala freebies! I got the last issue just for the Vampire Knight deck of cards and I don’t give 2 cents about V.K! I have to admit they are pretty. xD I’m glad you managed to get The Hana to Yume though!

    Oh, does training buddy scenario have any connection with your shoujo story 8D?


    • ;____; it’s still very awkward at work. Others have moved on but with us, it’s a sore subject. Apparently there definitely WAS something going on with his supervisor. We found she had been written up for some things but ran for it before anything could happen. My poor training buddy just happened to have the wrong supervisor at the wrong time…

      I’m there with you on one-shots/short series. Lala/Lala DX scarred me with its never ending series. JUST LET IT END ALREADY! WHY MUST YOU SQUEEZE EVERY YEN YOU CAN??? D:
      I like “The Hana to Yume” because there’s only like…4 regular series in it. Everything else be one-shots :D What other magazines are you reading? *curious*

      Haha, actually…I’m still slowly working on “The Hana to Yume.” (I’ve only read Apple Line haha!) I’m currently working the one-shot Love-Crier (Airuka) for my monthly translation project :3 I love how hawt it is <3 Aki-san ~ You sexy beast <3 You can lick my tears any day, Tiger *shot*

      Oh Vampire Knight….you cre cre series.
      I love those cards. So pretty (even though everyone looks a bit drugged up xD). I'm getting the next issue of Lala just for the Natsume keychain :3 I'm so bad but it's like…Natsume. I have to get it.

      Ah, no no. He was more my sassy friend that helped keep our morale up.
      And my shojo story may have ended before it could start. Possible GF might exist in his life ~ But I guess it'd only be natural. I'd be worried if he didn't have someone. Like, you're good looking. Wtf?


      • Ah…I wish your training buddy all the best! Maybe he has some other things that are in store for him ;)

        I really love Lala, but I’m not having any withdrawals so I guess I don’t feel like I’m missing much HAHA. But, Lala is pretty well documented/shared around the web so maybe that’s why ^_^;

        I may or may have no blogged about the Natsume deck of cards before that was released about 2 years ago? Those were plastic cards so I was tad disappointed with V.K ones when I discovered they were CARD-BOARD. Hakusensha being cheap-skate. DITTO ABOUT THIS ISSUE OF LALA. I ordered it too LOL.

        I’m away from my issue of The Hana to Yume at the moment but I remember especially liking one where the girl kept on crying(forgot the title and for all I can remember all the heroines in the issue were probably crying). I took up Rensou Mode as a Betsuender project though, the ending was pretty weak but I absolutely loved the first half xD Just need to get the editing done now.

        And yes!!! I did check out your new monthly translation project xD Hopefully a group would have the raws and need the translation. Scanning for raws is always a mission…it makes me wanna quit whenever I do it.
        The magazines in my next order is The Margaret and Betsuma Sister. Only one I’m getting more ‘frequently’ is The Hana to Yume.
        I b*tched about The Margaret before since 99.9% of the content were high school stories but after going through it I realised that I’m just another hypocrite so I’m getting it again ^_^; plus majority are one-shots!
        I heard very good things about Betsuma Sister so I’m getting it for the first time, I’ll give you an update when I get it!!!

        And didn’t you say your last shoujo story ended that way??? Ah, well. Maybe he’s a wife-beater? ^.^;


        • So far he seems to be doing ok! He has a bunch of job offers and interviews so yay!

          Like you said, the internet is a great way to see what’s going on with Lala. Heck, scanalators are always on top of those Lala series so it felt dumb getting the newest issue when 48 hours later, most of the stuff is already translated and up for all to read ^^; But those freebies, man. I will definitely miss them ~
          Lol, Natsume got more love than Vampire Knight??? xD

          Haha, I was about to say, I think everyone was crying at one point haha.
          I saw it up on your site! (wow, that’s how long it’s been since this reply xD) I haven’t gotten around to reading it but I’m looking forward to it. I remember it looked hilarious when I did a flip through :3
          Any plans to work on more The Hana to Yume KISS stuff? :3
          (I’m so bad with my translation project – I missed my July deadline! I’ll have to grab a short one for August and do a double release :P Omari expressed interest in one of my translations but I doubt it’ll go through. I’m too American with my translations xD I think she prefers straight J to E translations, no alterations haha! But you never know ~ I’m hoping others will get interested in my translations because I’d really those series to be seen by others (so the manga-ka can get famous and rich and make more stuff for me to ooze over x3)
          (Power to anyone who can scan RAWS and make them look pretty! Either I’m dumb or just lazy but when I try, my edits look even uglier than when I first scanned!!!)

          Betsuma Sister? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that one. I know Margaret. That’s the one Kimi ni Todoke is in? Or was it Dengeki Daisy? *3* one of them I think…
          High school stories aren’t bad, but you have to be in the mood for them. I can only handle so much, oh Yousuke-kun isn’t in rabu rabu with me because he’s talking to that other girl. Wahhhhhhhhhhhh. xD
          I look forward to your update on Betsuma Sister :3 I hope there’s some good stuff inside!!

          Haha…my shojo story keeps hitting snags. : v : all these guys I finally get interested in are already taken! Maybe this means I just need to bite the bullet, buy 20 cats, go crazy, and watch tv all day in my underwear.
          But it wouldn’t be a shojo story without drama. Thus right now I’m chillin’ at a save point. We’ll see where I’ll go from there. Guess the story is focusing on me surviving my probationary period at work! After that, then I can get my gun and go man hunting!


  2. Yo homie! What’s this wee wee train story??? Girl this site is still a daze for me to figure out! And I’m slow about my front page! I need to draw something!! D: So uh yes.. the story?


    • Sup there, girlfriend!
      Sorry for the late reply. Been slowly getting back to the online world haha!
      I can’t believe you’re getting yourself a blog too! What what!
      Blogging is so much fun :) It’s how you meet so many people!
      (and spammers!)

      If you need help with your blog, just let me know. I’ve got a webcam now so I should be able to like…face…talk with you (whatever you youngins do now and days *shakes cane*).

      Thank you for remind me of it ~ I shall get on it ~ Oh, the Wee Wee Story ~


  3. Gah, I actually have a couple of one-shots lined up from other magazines. But these past few months although have more time on my hands, I can’t say the same for the rest of my group. Their schedules are getting tighter and tighter and I’m actually going to announce another defunct after our next release :x
    I’m not up for the idea of recruiting since it takes quite a bit of effort to establish a ‘working relationship.’ Wow…I make it sound like an office…but you know what I mean…(I hope!)

    Ahhh…I guess every group with have their own translation style. Speaking about translations, I recently read Tomodachi no Hanashi and the translation that the scanlators produced was just fantastic…and it was quite American to me xD . I highly recommend checking it out, the story itself was top-notch and the translation was just friggin fluid. You need to read ittt!

    Since my group is probably going under, I’ll be more than willing to help you edit raws for your translations if I happen to have the raw and we’ll release it under your name >:)

    And aye, everything in life seems to fall into place without us having to think about it anyway, so why not let men fall on our lap.


    • Dwah D: That sucks!! Is it because school is starting again? You don’t have to shut down. Just let your readers know that you won’t be releasing as often as you used to. That way you can take your time and your readers know what’s up :3 You release one-shots so you won’t have to worry about angry trolls yelling at you to hurry your butt up.

      Haha, I getcha. Working in a group requires communication and camaraderie :3 But that takes a while. It’s not something that’s gained instantly!

      Oh, I’ll definitely take a peek :D I love me modern day translations. I’ve been enjoying Yamada and the 7 Witches (I think that’s the title). I like the translations. They make me lol. It’s a totally dude series but hey, it’s a break from shojo ;D

      We could do a joint thing like with Binbou :D That was fun! I have Sylph stuff ~ If you’re collecting The Hana to Yume, then you’re in luck because I am too! X3
      (also, if we do a joint project, then you don’t’ have to worry about shutting your group down!)

      I like that thinking ;D Guess I read too many shojos where if you don’t have a boyfriend at 16, you might as well kill yourself because no one wants your sagging old ass.


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