May 2013 Sylph


My favorite combo :D Both gracing the cover of the May 2013 issue x3


Hakase Ga 『ハカセがっ!!』 Chapter 25

Hakase ga Chapter 25 – Oh Hakase ga. You and your ADD storyline. Last we left off, Hinase was wetting himself over the fact he knows nothing about Apricot. Welp, that plotline was going too serious so instead the newest chapter takes a whole new direction. We’re back to the starting characters as Hinase and the Professor are isolated into what the Professor is hoping to be a Sherlock situation. See, the Professor and Hinase’s sister both like to watch this detective drama show about a shota in short shorts who goes around solving mysteries (love that Hinase tells the two that the actor who plays said shota in the series cries himself to sleep every night because of those short shorts xD “I’m 15 already. Please, just let me wear normal pants!”). As the Professor and Hinase’s sister lament over that fact, Hinase gets a call. It’s an invite to an all exclusive party on a deserted island in the middle of no where held by this mysterious rich person. Hinase is about to reject the offer when the Professor intervenes (ties him up) and accepts in Hinase’s stead (using a voice changer). Unable to back out now, both the Professor and Hinase get ready for the party. The Professor is jumping in joy because all these circumstances are just asking for a murder drama to happen, just like in his tv show 8D Hinase tells the Professor to cool it but the Professor can’t. Things just keep getting more mysterious: they pick up another partygoer who was stranded on the side of the road, there’s only one way to get to the mansion (if that route were destroyed, they’d all be screwed), there’s a bitchy character (who is most likely going to die in mid-investigation, according to the Professor), you have bad blood between a reporter and a manager for a popular model, said popular model keeps shooting death beams at Hinase, and…it’s raining. ALL CRIES FOR A MURDER MYSTERY! The only thing they are missing is a detective…scratch that! They have the perfect candidate for a detective right in front of them – Hinase!

Professor: (◉◞౪◟◉ ) yesssssssss <3

However, Hinase is quick to reject the Professor’s crazy plan, especially when the Professor asks Hinase to put on some short shorts (after getting punched in the face, the Professor realizes that as a model, Hinase wouldn’t want short shorts. No, he’d rather have booty shorts 8D *holds up booty shorts* *gets punched*). The chapter ends with the partygoers meeting the mysterious rich dude and the Professor bouncing in his chair in excitement. That is…until he notices one of the partygoers is…Gara!?


Snow White and Alice 白アリッッ Chapter 31 & Hiso Hiso 『ひそひそ -silent voice-』 Chapter 14

Shiro Ari Chapter 31 – Okay guys, we’re back to the storyline. Now that Snow White has recovered a bit of her memories, the 7 dwarves don’t have to keep their distance anymore. This explains why 3 of them are currently in Alice’s world: Happy, Grumpy, and Crazy. The reason only three are there and not all seven is because Smart and Mirror can only use so much of their powers to transport people. Three people is the max. Those three just happened to volunteer first and that’s why they’re the ones going. (I totally think that reasoning is shit and Mirror & Smart are up to something but that’s just me) So now the boys are looking for Snow White. As they’re walking, they think about how Snow White will react to seeing them again. Then one asks “hey, if she’s only recovered a bit of her memories, what if she only remembers the bad shit we did to her?” At this thought, Grumpy and Crazy look like they want to die because they weren’t the best of gentlemen when they first met Snow White. Both are envious of Happy because he’s done nothing wrong to Snow White since he first met her. However, Happy has a moment where he thinks, no guys. I did do something bad. But he doesn’t voice this out loud. Instead, he falls off a cliff. Yeah, you read that right. He fell off a cliff. But hey, falling off that cliff helps the boys find Hatter’s Café faster! Inside, they find no one is around. However, when they go towards the back, they find Alice leaning with his face SUPER close to Snow’s! dsfklja;lfjdfjakldfjakldfjkladsjf what!?

Things are starting to get interesting guys. I’m particularly interested in why Mirror is addressed as “Ga-mi” by Smart. Also, why Mirror is so desperate now to make Alice the King so Snow White can return to their world. Hmmm.

Hiso Hiso Chapter 14 – Daichi uses the power of his imagination and we learn a bit about Yuusuke’s past ~


Kamigami no Asobi (Cruel Games of the Gods (or Trick/Game of the Gods)) 神々の悪戯 Chapter 4 & Hakuouki Reimeiroku 『薄桜鬼 黎明録』 Chapter 12 (final)

Kamigami no Asobi Chapter 4 – We meet new characters Loki and Takeru in this chapter (and Hades but he’s like, I’m too beautiful for this, and sashays away). When Yui tries to get the two to join the others for the entrance ceremony, both go “school is for nerds” and run off to beat each other up. In the end, main girl Yui fails to get all the gods to attend their entrance ceremony but hey, Zeus don’t care. He’s just enjoying the show. (dick!) Even though she failed at her first task, Zeus is a nice guy and offers Yui a wish (Yui: TO LET ME GO HOME, YOU KIDNAPPING OSSAN!) to help her make the god’s school experience seem legit (Yui: fuq). After thinking a moment, Yui says it’d be nice if the school had actual people. It’s not a school if there are only 10 bishis walking around. Zeus himself thinks and then magically people appear. Well, people isn’t the right term. They’re more like dolls. Happy with his bad self, Zeus lays down his next requirement: to get all the gods to join a club because it’s good to be involved in a club. And you can put it down on one’s college application too. Yui facepalms at this new assignment because great, now she has to get the no-show gods to join a club and they don’t seem to be the type interested in extracurricular activities!

Hakuouki Reimeiroku – last chapter. Serizawa is killed off by the gang….Ryunosuke runs for it. The end. Yeah……. this whole series made me not like Hijikata as much…someone needed to have several seats…


Uta no Prince-sama Debut Character Anthology: Ren (『うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪Debut キャラアンソロジーside.レン』) & Uta no Prince-sama Debut Character Anthology: Tokiya (『うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪Debut キャラアンソロジーside.トキヤ』)

Uta no Prince-sama Character Anthology ~ Ren – the chapter focuses on Ren trying to figure out how to be passionate about something because Ranmaru says he sucks dick due to lack of said passion. Seeing their friend in trouble, Haruka and Masato decide to help. Lol at Masato :

*pulls Ren close*

“So, you wanna know about passion?” *rubs hands all over Ren’s stomach*

“About what gets a man hard? *licks the lobe of Ren’s ear*

“I’ll tell you what gets me off.”

*whispers* “Quilting.”


So yeah, Masato tries to get Ren to do all the stuff he likes in hope of creating “passion” in Ren (quilting, calligraphy, cooking, etc.) . Of course that doesn’t work because who gets hot and bothered over quilting other than grannies and those with strange sexual fetishes xD? Just when Ren is ready to say f this, he sees Ranmaru singing on tv and gets a hard on pretty much. Haruna, who just happens to be in the room at that time because she needs some purpose in this chapter, tells Ren that looks like they found what Ren is passionate about.

Ren: WHOA WHOA WHOA sister! Despite what Debut unintentionally implies, I ain’t ghey for Ranmaru. No dick is going in my waste disposal!

Haruna: (ಠ_ಠ)…I was talking about music…you’re passionate for music…

Ren: …good, because that was what I was going for as well. >___>

The drive for Ren found, the gang work on some music and fall asleep. Ranmaru comes in Gangdam style and looks at their work. He nods in approve and skips out. The end.

Uta no Prince-sama Character Anthology ~ Tokiya – pretty much Otoya and Kotobuki loosen the stick up Tokiya’s butt.


DADADADAN 『ダダダダン』 Chapter 20

DADADADAN Chapter 20 – the boys put on a play for elementary school kids. It does not go well. Expect many laughs 8D


BROTHERS CONFLICT feat Natsume 『BROTHERS CONFLICT feat.Natsume』 Chapter 3 & BROTHERS CONFLICT feat Tsubaki『BROTHERS CONFLICT feat.Tsubaki』 Chapter 2 (final)

Brothers Conflict ~ feat Natsume ~ Part III: Will get to eventually ~

Brothers Conflict ~ feat Tsubaki – Last we left off, Tsubaki heard that not only did he NOT get his dream voice acting gig, but the one who did get the part was his own brother, Subaru (who had told Tsubaki earlier that he wasn’t going to go try out). So now Tsubaki is out on a park bench brooding about wtf just happened. He then starts to have a sob party about how Subaru got the part because he’s better than him and that Ema probably thinks Tsubaki is a loser and she totally regrets cheering him on and hates him now (<- the fuq boy. We’re only two pages in! Tone down the mellow drama!). In comes Kanade, the Buddhist playboy brother. Tsubaki tells Kanade his woes and Kanade is like, aw sad faces for the both of you. Tsubaki is like, what? Um, I’m the one who got stabbed here. Kanade tells Tsubaki to stfu and to think about how Subaru is feeling about all this (Tsubaki: happy that he’s employed? :/). Since this is a quick chapter, Tsubaki doesn’t throw any resistance to Kanade’s words and instantly personality changes. He rushes home where he finds Ema arguing with Subaru. Now at first, I was thinking Ema was fighting Subaru over taking the part Tsubaki wanted which I thought was real cool of her because that’s what I would have done. Instead, she’s telling Subaru that she loves his voice and that it’s such a waste if he rejects the job offer he’s taken. UM, WHAT? EXCUSE ME BUT IS THIS STILL THE TSUBAKI THEMED MINI SERIES OR DID WE JUST GIVE UP ON THAT!? Subaru tells Ema to keep her giant tits out of his business. He wants the part but not like this. Tsubaki overhears everything and I guess is still in his weird personality change mode because he doesn’t say anything about Ema NOT defending him. Instead he tells Subaru that he shouldn’t give up the part and that he’ll be cheering Subaru on because he’s Subaru’s biggest fan. The brothers have a moment. Using the last few pages left, we are indeed reminded that this is the Tsubaki themed mini series when he snogs Ema. Just jumps right into her mouth :/ The chapter ends with Tsubaki saying even though one of his dreams has yet to come true, his other did: he got himself a little sister/girlfriend (<-ew). He walks out the door and gives us a shojo :D face. The end.

Totally glad the Tsubaki train wreck is over. I think part of the reason it was a bad adaptation was because the manga-ka was only given two chapters to work with . It’s really hard to work with a character route in only two chapters. Especially when you have to balance the love drama between Ema and Tsubaki, and the bro drama between Tsubaki and Subaru. But the Tsubaki adaptation was creepy because he was all over Ema like a wet shirt within pages of chapter 1. It just didn’t flow right. Rather than be cute, it was awkward :< Especially since he was all, I want a little sister 8D *gets one* Correction, I want to get into her pants. >:3


Sugar Girl, Sugar Doll シュガーガール,シュガードール Chapter 6

Sugar Girl Sugar Doll Chapter 6 – AHAHADFHADKLFJAKLDFJSAKDJFKLADJSF I love how adorable the art is. That aside, the last we left off, Arashi’s BFF made a doll that looks exactly like him…only shota. However, his client wanted someone even younger (DIRTY OLD WOMAN!!) so the BFF throws the boy onto Arashi. Rokka is excited because yayayayay more friends. However, the boy is a bit ass-y in his personality. Something which Arashi sees in himself. As a result, he tries to erase the boy’s memories but Rokka interferes. Not liking how cheeky Rokka is, Arashi threatens to erase Rokka’s memories too but she bites him away. Arashi leaves and Rokka is left to hug the now unconscious doll’s form. She tells us readers that she’s experiencing a painful emotion but she has no idea what it is.

Thoughts: Dude, wtf Arashi!? Where did that crazy man personality come from D: DON’T BE PICKING ON THE MOE, MAN!


Tab*ret 『tab*ret』 Chapter 6 & Arcana Famiglia アルカナ・ファミリア Amore Mangiare Cantare! Chapter 15

Tab*ret Chapter 6 – School nurse shows off his scar to Kanon…correction, scars. Dude looks like he had been running with scissors and tripped repeatedly. When asked wtf, the school nurse tells Kanon he won’t give up details about his scars until she gives up details about why she’s looking for a dude with a scar on her chest. Cue in P.E. class! A random stray ball leads to Kanon nearly being killed by lead pipes (don’t ask). However, she is saved when time literally stops and some English shota pops out of no where to go “crumpets.“

Arcana Famigila Chapter 15 – Dante asks Felicita to come spar with him since the big tournament is coming up in a month.

Both Felicita and me: oh…that’s right. That’s still happening huh?

Dante: yeah….even though we didn’t mentioned it for like…3 volumes, it’s important because that’s the reason for this series.

So the two spar and Dante gives Felicita some tips on how to not suck. He then drops the bombshell about why her dad organized this whole tournament (and shipping her off to whoever wins the tournament). Turns out Felicita’s dad is dying. As the holder of the World card, he bestows power to other people. As long as people have those powers, he’s good. However, there are currently 12 cards that are not being used by people. So, it’s like he has 13 cards he’s gotta take care of which is taking a great strain on him. However, there is a way to help him. No, finding 12 people to house the cards would be too logical. Instead, the key will be the mysterious second card that Felicita houses in her. The one she has no idea how to use. Before Dante can explain more, some random side character comes in and tells Felicita she has work to do.

Felicita: ( ಠ益ಠ ) my dad is dying. This can wait.

Dante: no, go do some work. It’s important not to slack when you’re on the job.

Felicita: um…excuse me. Didn’t you just tell me my dad’s fucking dying and only I can save him with this shady power housed in me!? We’ve got like, a house full of bishies. I think they can handle this request!

Dante: …bye :) *disappears <- no literally. He disappears. We turn the page and he’s gone*

Felicita: you little shit! Get your limp dick back here and explain >:U

With no other option available, Felicita goes and does some work, all the while thinking, wtf my shit dad is dying and only I can save him. The chapter ends with Felicita helping Dante, Luca, and Pace clean up the church and Jolly scaring the shit out of them by going “hey” from the shadows.


Kitsune-sama ni Onegai (キツネ様にお願い!) Oneshot Part II & Danshi Koukousei to Rock no Kiwadoi Tsukiaikata (Teenage Boys and Those who Flirt with the Dangers of Rock and Roll (lit. High school boys and those who associate with rock and roll’s shady/riskyiness)) 男子高校生とロックのきわどいつきあい方 Chapter 4

Kitsune-sama ni Onegai (Sequel) – Ho snap, this one shot got another chapter?? …hmm. Okay…. In this chapter, angry Kitsune works on fostering friendships for the main girl. However, it turns out those girls are being cozy to the main girl because they’re using her to get close to the Kitsune brothers. After some angst, the brothers are like, f dem bitches and things are happy. The end.

Danshi Koukousei to Rock no Kiwadoi Tsukiaikata chapter 4 – no


Kamitsuki カミツキ』Chapter 10 & Noble Children 『ノーブルチルドレンの残酷』 Chapter 8

Kamitsuki Chapter 10 – OMFG THE SECOND VOLUME IS OUT I MUST HAVE THIS IN MY LIFE ADORABLE SANRIO CREATURES GETTTTTTTTTT! Ah <3 How I love you Kamitsuki x3 I’m still trying to figure out wtf is up with the long hair BFF because she clearly has it out for Yahiro. This time he gets attack by a possessed teacher who turned into like…a man. She still got dem boobs and booty but she’s like…manified. The reason? She was possessed by a bust…like…bust as in those art statue things of like heads and shit. Not busts as in boobs. Anyway, the reason he’s attacked is because someone wants information on Janome but Yahiro refuses to give anything up. He gets saved by Janome himself but we see something is wrong with the ghost man. His face looks like it’s cracking! Da fuq? o__O;

Noble Children Chapter 8 – In the last chapter, the main girl confessed her feels to her family rival Romeo but he’s like, no thanks. In this chapter, she works on pushing her feels forward but Romeo ain’t having none of that. Thankfully, the whole chapter isn’t about that particular scenario because yeah….no. This isn’t Lala xD Instead, a new mystery is brewing. Someone has been messing around with the music club and because of this, the music club is in danger of shutting down. It’s time for the Health and Wellness Club to take a look at things! Hey, they investigated a spree of cat murders. Why not vandals too? ^^;


Bum x Booo! Oneshot

Bum x Booo! – Interesting oneshot. The girl in the center is a transfer student. The two boys around her are in charge of two…I guess, sections? of warfare. The black haired bishi heads the “combat” portion of the section while the bishi with the beauty mark is in charge of the “tactical operations” sector. Re-reading that sentence makes me realize how fucked up this school is xD Anyway, the bishis compete with one another to get the girl to join their side ~

4 thoughts on “May 2013 Sylph

  1. :D I love that you take the time to write Shiro Ari summaries. :P I’m sure Alice leaning in so close to Snow’s face is not what we’re all thinking. lol. I’m sure you’ve been asked this before but I was just wondering if you could write summaries for chapter 13 to chapter 20? I really wanna find out what happened in those chapters. Those are the ones I can’t find anywhere.


    • Hello there :)

      Actually, I think you’re the first to request something Shiro Ari xD
      I’ll need sometime to go back and re-read the volumes again (to refresh my memory) but I don’t mind writing a cliff-notes version of what’s been going on in Shiro Ari :)
      It’ll be a good excuse to familiarize myself again with the series anyway!


  2. well maybe have less brothers to hook up next time? ._./
    seriously, there are too many boys in that game! maybe if they were only 5? (idk) they wouldv had time to make lengthy chapter routes .-.


    • It’s really weird. There are 13 brothers but the game is split into 2. So you have like 6 in one game and 7 in the other. I don’t know how long their routes are though but I’m guessing they’re longer than if all 13 brothers were available to bang? o 3 o
      I think the problem with the manga adaptation is that Sylph gave the manga-ka only two chapters to cram in a majority of Tsubaki’s route. But there was just too much going on.
      Natsume is lucky in that his adaptation is serial, meaning it’s still going. His route has time to be fleshed out and explored, so he wasn’t already making a grab for Ema’s panties in chapter 1 xD


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