Apple Line (translations)

Post #2! This was made up along time ago so forgive the weird intro :3:


Random post is random ~ I’ve decided to try another route to improve my Japanese skills ~ This route involves me attempting to make shitty translations. Reading and understanding a language in your head is one thing, but trying to write out that understanding in a form that is understandable to others is another thing. …gawd, that’s an ugly sentence I just wrote. Maybe I should practice English grammar instead lol.

I’m easing my way into this with a nice VERY SHORT one-shot found in the magazine “The Hana to Yume.” I won’t be providing RAWs for the one-shot because I don’t like fucking up my mags xD (plus, when have I ever given up RAWs? :P) However, if you just so happened to have the KISS edition of “The Hana to Yume” and have been wanting to know wtf is going on in this particular one-shot, hopefully my craptastic translations will be of use xD

Disclaimer: I doubt this will ever happen, but if you’re a scan group that just happened to be interested in this one-shot and you just happened to need a translation of this one-shot, you’re more than welcome to use my translations ~ All I ask is to be credited for the translations ^^

Pssft, don’t know why I wasted a paragraph writing about something that will never happen but I should cover my bases ~

Let’s begin ~


“ “ means someone is talking
[ ] is used for thoughts
{ } is used for flashback speak
( ) is used for those words that hang on the outside of speech bubbles
Bold will be anyone’s speech save the main protagonist’s

Pg 1.

[After classes had ended for the day, I stayed afterwards alone to work on some “kinda sorta” mandatory practices.]

[Had I not stayed after and instead left like usual, I probably wouldn’t have met him]
[The infamous delinquent.]

Paper: Home-Ec Make Up Exam
The following are instructions for the make up exam.
Date: 11/28
Location: Classroom (1-3)
In addition, students who are unable to participate must give notice beforehand.

Dude with a knife: “You’re first year Shirayuki Akari,”


[What’s going to….happen to me?]

Pg 2.

Apple Line by Yagasaka Niko

The red thread that binds me to you

A terrifying face. A knife glinting in the light. …and, a red apple!?
The true face of the rumored senpai is…

Pg. 3



Sfx *Tada*

[just happened?]

(it’s so beautiful)

Sfx *slice slice slice*

Knife-y: (Starting now) “For one week, I’m going to train you so you too can do something like that.”

(he’s sitting like this is all normal)

(Eh?) “Huh?”
“What do you mean-”

Knife dude: (What?)

“By that, if you don’t mind me asking?”

(You peeled this apple so cleanly!)

Knife-y: (It’s because I’m used to handling edged tools.)


Knife-y: “…you tellin’ me,
You haven’t heard nothin’ about this from the old home ec lady?”

(Hea-) “Heard what…”

[I have a bad feeling about this…]

Pg. 4

Knife-y: “She arranged it so I’d help you learn how to peel an apple without stopping.”


*The Difference in Ability*

(<-mine) (the delinquent’s –>)

[SAY WHAT!? (teacher!)]

Friend: “And so…”
“You’re going to be taught by THE Hata Miharu-senpai?”

“I tried my best to refuse him…”

Knife-y/Miharu: (I’m always here anyway until I have to leave for my part-time job.
And besides, the old lady asked me to do this.)

“In a nutshell.”

(he’s so straight-laced)

Friend: (no way)

[Breaking the rules and showing up late are norm for him.
It’s said he fought 100 people and sent them all to the hospital. I don’t want to be near a guy like that…]


[Even yesterday, his face was covered in bruises…]

Friend: “So…why don’t you just not go then?”

Pg 5

(You’re a genius!) “Alrighty! Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s get out of-”

sfx *BAM*


Friend: (Oh whoa, he came to get you.)

Miharu: “Bitch, you weren’t plannin’ on ditchin’, right?”

sfx *tilt*

*If looks could talk*


Friend: (I gotta get going to my part time job so yeah bye!)

[I get the feeling I’m not going to survive this week!!!!]

Miharu: “I noticed this yesterday so I gotta ask.”

Pg 6

Miharu: “Are you even trying?” (What’s with that pose?)

Sfx *quiver* *quiver*

(How) “How rude! …er, what I meant was…”
“To be honest, even if I can manage doing something like this, what good will it do me in the future – “

Sfx *slice*


(Blood! Blood everywhere!)

Miharu: [She’s an idiot]

“For goodness sake.”

Sfx *gr-ab*


Pg. 7


Sfx *rustle* *rustle*

Miharu: “Going back to what you said earlier, it’s true we go to school primarily to learn.”
“But you shouldn’t view knowledge in terms of what it can do for you. Rather, think about how versatile each thing you learn will make you. With that mindset, you’ll get more joy out of the tasks you do, right?”

Miharu: “Okay.” (Done)

…! (A panda?)

Miharu: “Problem?”

(Oh!) “Nothing…it’s just surprisingly flashy.” (You’re pretty good when it comes to first-aid)

(she uses “fancy” but we all know she means, wtf dude why you be carrying dem panda bandages? (ಠ_ಠ))

Miharu: “My lil sisters like pandas.”


[The rumors described senpai as…]

“You have sisters?”

Miharu: “Yeah, they’re twins.”


[A delinquent and quite frightening]

Miharu: “If I don’t put rabbit shaped apples in their box lunches, they throw a fit.”



“You make box lunches!?” (How cool!)

Miharu: “…it’s nothing special.”

[For some reason]

Pg 8

Miharu: “Anyone can do it.”

[He seems different from the rumors ]

Miharu: “Hey
What are you spacing out for?”

“Oh, sorry!“


Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

sfx *Ding Dong*

Friend: “You know, recently you seem to be in a good mood, Akari.”

sfx *jolt*


“It that so?“

Friend: “I’m 100% positive.“ (Did something happen?)

(Oh!) “Maybe it’s because I’m able to peel a good chunk of an apple now?”

Friend: “Ah, that’s right. It’s tomorrow.” (Your make up test)

“Which means-”

Pg. 9

Friend: “Your supplementary lessons are over after today.”

“You said it was just a week right?
Gah, you’re almost there!”


Friend: “You must be itching to get the day done and over with!
But I’m so relieved.
After this, you won’t have to meet with Hata-senpai anymore.”

[You’re wrong.]

Friend: “I wonder if he got into another fight. He has more bruises on his face.
I don’t even want to know how many he sent to the hospital this time!”

[It’s true that
In the beginning, I felt the same way.]


Friend: (Ah) “Since we’re on the subject, I’m glad he hasn’t hurt you, Akari.”

Sfx *slam*

“I don’t -”

Pg 10

“think senpai is like that at all!”

[It’s only
been a little bit but]

[I’ve learned things about him by talking with him]

“Once he’s done making lunches for his family, he goes back to sleep. And lots of times he ends up getting to school late because of that.”
“He and his twin sisters like to horse around and he often gets banged up in the process.”

[Things I would not have known about had I not talked with him]

“He’s a really nice guy!

Friend: (I-) “I get it! My bad!” (Okay?)

Apple peeling make up test

Miharu: “Good job.”

Pg. 11

Miharu: “For a person who passed her make-up exam,”
”you look pretty gloomy.”


Miharu: “Since yesterday, you’ve had this look on your face that screams “death is coming for me”.”

“Senpai, that’s not funny.”

“…even though I passed, in the middle of my test, I accidently cut off the peeling.
Maybe that’s the reason for my expression?

Sfx *ruffle*

“My hair!”

Sfx *ruffle* *ruffle*

Miharu: “When I”
“do this to my sisters, they perk right up as if nothing was wrong in the first place.“

Pg 12

Miharu: “That’s why, I’ll pat your head until you’ve calmed down.”


Friend: {Akari, you should continue with your lessons!
You have a fun time, right?}


“What’s that supposed to mean?”


“Senpai, can”

Pg. 13

“I still visit you in the home ec room?”

[I want to be with senpai.]

[I want to]

Pg 14.

[know more about him]

“I mean, even though I’ve gotten this far, I want to be able to peel an apple in one go, you see.”
“But of course, as long as I’m not a bother to you though!”

Miharu: “…whenever you sliced your finger, what was the first thing you did?” (that happened a lot)
“You freaked out like crazy.”


Miharu: “I can’t let you out of my sight.”

[Why is it?]

[My heart is pounding like mad
My chest is tight]

[The peelings of the red apple]

Pg. 15

Miharu: (Ha) “Do whatever you like.”

[Will one day bring me to you.

And when that happens

I feel like I’ll find the answer I’m looking for]

(lit. I feel like I’ll understand the answer)

“Wait! Senpai! Did I see a smile just now!?


“Little by little, show me that sweet place.”

lakdfjkljk;laghaklig adghaodghkls gj omfg I got to the end <3 And afklhjari;osgtuiogharhjs;ahet this was so cute x3 Gah, I love me dah cute stories!!!!

I’m a sad pathetic person. I nearly died after 15 pages of translating. FIFTEEN FUCKING PAGES! This is why I didn’t choose “translator” as my career…had life been different I would have been one but shit happened and instead I am a scientist haha. Total 190* xD

2 thoughts on “Apple Line (translations)

  1. That’s a really good idea~ I’m always looking for ways to practice. (I just need to get off my fanny and do it) If you don’t mind me asking, how long did this project take you? Not so I can be like “omygooosh, you are so sloooow~!” but so I can see what sort of time I should aim for~ (that doesn’t make any sense! sorry!)

    Ha ha… I don’t have your dedication and I *have* chosen to be a translator, so (੭ु´>⩍<`)੭ु this does not bode well.. ⦦( º 3º) ⦧ You were planning to be a translator? Now I'm all curious ~(「・ω・)


    • I did like 2-4 pages a night so about a week and a half? The thing that took the longest was trying to make my gibberish sound coherent xD Lots of times I’d look at what I wrote and think, most people don’t talk like this. Think, Sylph. Think. What is trying to be said here? Look at the heart of these fragments and grasp the English within xD

      8D how awesome! I didn’t know you wanted to become a translator! You’re already able to play otome games so you’re light years ahead of me. But watch out! I’m coming after you in progress (one day!).
      Ah, life is the reason I turned from the translator track to the scientist track. Had life not given me lemons and kicked me in the balls, I’d be someone totally different than I am now. I’d have probably never have made a blog or met the people I have today. I’d definitely be more of an asshole brat ^^ That experience definitely changed me…hopefully for the better!
      What got you interested in translating??? :3


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