His Sleeping Face ~

Yo ~ Sylphalchemist in the house, peeps! Here with a random post. I’m right now finishing up the May 2013 Sylph post when I just happened to stumble across this particular 4-panel again. It made me laugh so much that I decided to share it with you all because I’m random like that xD

This is from the 4-panel series, Hinagiku-ya no Hitobito ~ (lit. The members of the Hinagiku Family)


Title: His Sleeping Face

Panel 1:

At Ryouta’s Elementary School

Teacher: “Ryouta, you’ll answer the next question…”

Ryouta’s Home Room Teacher (think it says Yuuda Haruo but don’t quote me on that)

Panel 2

Teacher: “Ryouta, are asleep?”

“Hey, Ryouta –”

Panel 3

Teacher: HIIIIII!!!!

*sound of something falling down – that something being the teacher*

Ryouta: ZZZZZZzzzzzzzz ~

Panel 4

Kid 1: “Is Teacher sleeping?”

Kid 2: “His eyes are rolling into the back of his head…”

Kid 3: “Teacher, you shouldn’t go to sleep in the middle of class.”

Teacher: *twitch twitch*

Ryouta: *waking up*

2 thoughts on “His Sleeping Face ~

  1. I’m self learning Japanese and I want to get to the point where I can understand at least this much. But I haven’t learn the basic sentence structure yet, so after typing out the hiragana I read I just try my best to google translate it. I had to stop when I googled the English word for the ‘kunni’ I saw in the top panel >_<


    • Self learning is tough. I’m a combination of self taught and school. School started me, self taught is teaching me the rest of the way haha!
      You’ll get the hang of it though. I started off with really elementary school stuff from Nakayoshi, such as Mamotte Lollipop and Shugo Chara. If you have the RAWs, you can follow along with the translations available both online and in physical form (Del Rey released both Shugo Chara and ML in English ^^). If it helps, the first panel looks like this:

      Tsugi no mondai wo Ryouta-kun ni
      Next ‘s question is for Ryouta-kun
      The next question is for Ryouta-kun (or you can make it flow better in English with something like what I did: Ryouta, you’ll answer the next question…)

      Hope that helped!


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