Tid-Bits: Shounen Oujo Chapter 19

Hur hur, remember when I said I’d get this last week? Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, turns out I didn’t xD


“They will not fade away – my memories, my dreams, my wishes.”

Last we left off, Nikora jumped into the ocean to save Albert’s dagger and nearly died because of some asshole fishes. Thankfully Albert grew a pair acted fast and followed after to help her. The chapter opens with both safely on the pirate ship. All the pirates are skipping in joy at the fact Nikora is ok (Albert: Uh what about me guys? :/). As the pirates man-glomp Nikora (Albert: fuq u ppl 2 ╰(ಠ益ಠ)╯), Albert takes the opportunity to thank his soon-to-be-child-molester-bro for believing in Albert and helping out. Gii acts like he never flipped his shit in chapter 18. He does a megane and pushes his glasses up the bridge of his nose while coolly telling Albert that this better not happen again. However, because of Gii’s megane action, Albert is able to get a close look at Gii’s hand and finds there’s like nothing fucking there since most of the muscle and tissue are currently wrapped around the rope like saran wrap. Albert smiles (lol whut!?) because Gii trusted Albert so much…he damaged his dick whacking hand in the process. True broship right there man.


Theo comes running with some hand towels for Albert and Nikora, despite the fact both are drenched from their dip into the OCEAN. Also, I am greatly amused that in this panel because we have Gii getting all personal by fail-manhugging/touching Albert’s shoulder when just one panel ago he was touching himself…er…I mean his glasses. >___>; Bomby is also showing some PDA as he throws himself at Nikora, crying like a slapped bitch.

“You stupid fools!”

Zeppu grabs both Nikora and Bomby by the crowns of their heads.

“Look at all this trouble you’ve caused your comrades! Don’t ever let this happen again!”

His fierce words and mien are ruined by the tears of relief overflowing from the corners of his eyes 。・゚゚・ (>д<;)・゚゚・。 In fact, in the next panel, he’s crying harder than Bomby xD (love the pirate in the background thinking, jeezus, grow a pair you two =__=).

“What a day.”

Everyone turns around to see a VERY pissed off captain dude. Punishment is to be handed out. To Bomby, he takes 1/2 his paycheck.

Bomby: D8 wtf

Captain: it’s either a pay deduction or being fired and swimming home, bitch.

Bomby: … >_> who needs money hur hur

To Nikora, he tells her she did a great injustice to them all. Had something happen to her, it wouldn’t be just her deceased parents who would worry. Her peeps on the ship would be shitting themselves too. On cue everyone smiles at Nikora and Nikora is touched by their affection.


Zeppu touches her head, this time less aggressively. He smiles at her.


Zeppu: “I’m glad you’re okay.”

Overcome by feels, Nikora starts to tear up and throws herself into Zeppu’s arms.

Nikora: “I’m so sorry.”

Albert smiles at the happy scene. However, captain ain’t done yet. He rounds in on Albert.

“And last but not least, we have the reckless princess here. While you’re riding on this ship, I’d like you to refrain from acting on your own.


You have my respect, your majesty.”


He kneels before Albert and kisses Albert’s hand. Albert stares in shock while the pirates start screaming OTP YOU GO GIRL! Not to let this new OTP outshine his, Theo pulls a stunned Albert into his arms while the other pirates give out a sound WHOOT! The Captain dude smiles at his crew like he’s watching a bunch of dogs simultaneously butt ski on the ground. Next to the Captain dude is Gii, who looks at Albert and lets out a sigh of relief.

Time flies. Nikora is being put to rest in what I believe is the same bed where Gii was sucking on Albert’s thigh…to save him from dying. Hopefully those sheets have been changed and washed…. Nikora is told to get some rest and to stop stressing Zeppu out. It’s freaky watching a grown man cry. Nikora smiles and says yeah, no more killing myself for now. Thanks. After the pirates leave, Nikora loses her smile and instead has a thoughtful look/glare (which amuses me more than it should because in the next panel we see a window. Just a random window. So the awkward transition from Nikora glaring at something off screen to this window makes it look like Nikora is given this particular window the stink eye xD I DON’T’ LIKE THE WAY YOU LET LIGHT INTO MY ROOM, WINDOW! >:u oh the simple things that amuse me ~).

The scene switches to Albert’s POV. He is in a hallway with Zeppu and Gii. The once teary-eyed old man tells both Albert and Gii thanks for being such bros and helping Nikora out. As a reward, he will divulge Nikora’s horrible backstory 8D Albert and Gii wear an expression on their face that seems to say “no, it’s ok. We don’t need to pry into Nikora’s history. I’m sure she’s dealt with things she doesn’t want complete strangers to know about so-”


Albert & Gii: (・o∀o・) |||| ….

IMG_0004 copy

Zeppu starts Nikora’s story back when she was but a young sapling. The place she used to live at was a small village of like hundred people. Her dad was the village chief. As his only child, Nikora was to be the next ruler. Since where she lived was a really small place population wise, everyone knew everyone and it was a happy place that only knew peace. #Nikora: 8D However, like all stories where the word “happiness” is used too early in the plot, shit hit the fan. #Nikora: (´_ ゝ`)One night, a village who Nikora’s peeps thought were their besties attacked them.

Nikora’s peeps: wth man!?

Attackers: You voted for Kree Harrison in the final round of American Idol. YOU ARE NO LONGER OUR FRIEND!

Nikora’s peeps: …that’s all it took to get you guys to murder and dismember everyone in our village? (ಠ_ಠ)

Attackers: IT’S ALL A FANDOM NEEDS! ┻━┻ ︵╰(ಠ益ಠ)╯︵ ┻━┻

In truth, I have no idea why the other village decided to attack Nikora’s village. The magazine version of this chapter didn’t explain. Maybe the tankoubon version will ^^ Until then, let’s agree that American Idol caused this.

As the raid started to work its way into the heart of the village, Nikora’s parents hide Nikora into a little hidey-hole. When little Nikora tried to crawl out, her dad stopped her:

“No. You must survive. In doing so, you will be the living embodiment of our village.”

Nikora: ಠ_ಠ um dad, wtf. Are you telling me that you’re all going to die while I live? There’s enough space in here for more people. You do realize that if you’re all dead, chances of me surviving on my own are pretty slim since I’m only 9 and my entire family is in this village. Dad? No, dad. Don’t close the door. Mom, stop him. fuq.

Despite dad’s brave words, the villagers put up no fight as they go down screaming with Nikora listening to their cries in her hidey-hole. When things get quiet, Nikora exits the hidey-hole and sees this:


As if that wasn’t bad enough, let’s get a closer look:



Zeppu: “However, no matter how hard she cried, no one came to comfort her. Cuz there was no one alive left in that village.”

The next panel shows Nikora wiping away her tears. She glares at the carnage before getting up and walking away. In the distance, we see a large city. Zeppu continues his story by adding himself to the plot. Around the time Nikora’s village was attacked, the pirates happened to be docked at that large city Nikora was heading too. Zeppu also just happened to be walking around the city, throwing a bag of money in his hand up and down like a rich pimp (#lolwhat) when he noticed Nikora staggering up some steps. Coming in the opposite direction was a little street urchin who pilfered a bit of bread from a street vendor. Hot on his trail is said street vender who kind of looks like a fat but just as pedo-ly Ronald McDonald. The boy whacks into Nikora but he ain’t got time to say sorry. He’s currently a wanted man. The two rush by her. Nikora looks at the vendor’s now unmanned food stall and starts to move towards the food as if to grab some eats of her own. However, she ends up tripping on a step. She thinks of her father and how he would react to Nikora’s actions. Instead of taking advantage of the situation in front of her, she instead cries.

Zeppu: “Before I realized it, I called out to her.”

Zeppu ended up bringing the young girl to the pirate ship where no one questioned why Zeppu had an unsupervised minor with him or why she’s joining them on their salty adventures. Nikora was very quiet in the beginning. She rarely talked and never smiled.



Time passed and Theo joined the crew – again, no one questioned why another minor boarded their ship. I guess this is when the pirate ship started to turn into the Disney Cruise Ship xD Theo and Nikora hit it off very quickly. Zeppu at first thought maybe it was because both were close in age but it turns out they were close for another reason. At times, he’d catch the two singing songs in a language he didn’t know. He reckoned both must have been born in regions close to each other. Love Gii’s racist remark: yeah, they have the same color skin after all xD #omggii #youcan’tsaythingslikethat Since Theo is an orphan, he doesn’t remember much of his past.

Zeppu: something I’m thankful for.

Albert: The fuck Zeppu! Heartless much!? щ(゚д゚щ)

Zeppu explains himself. See, if they don’t know where Theo came from, there’s a possibility he could be from where Nikora was. This gives her the possibility that someone from her village is alive.

“You’ve still got a dagger that proves your status and your valet. Please don’t ever throw them away.”

Zeppu also tells the two that Nikora is the type to put pressure on herself and hurt herself in the process. In her own way, she’s trying to help Albert realize what it is he wants to do.

We switch over to Nikora and we see this:


UMMMMM where the f did that come from!? *rewinds to the first pages of this chapter* *sees both of Nikora’s hands are free and not holding the dagger* *sees more pictures of her hands free and no dagger is in sight* Did she seriously hide that dagger in her bike shorts again!? o__O: Well…then, …due to the the magical vortex known as Nikora’s pants, apparently she saves the dagger (goes back to the magazine RAWs of chapter 18>sees no dagger or sign that Nikora grabbed the dagger>only shows Nikora trying to reach for it but then failing due to asshole fish>conclusion: Nikora’s pants are magical).

Albert: “I’m glad you’re ok.”

Nikora’s expressions softens when she remembers Albert’s words to her after she nearly died because of some punk seafood.

Nikora: “Back then, had there been someone left to say that to me, I think my view of the world would have been a lot different. But…my memories up until now would have never been.”

That last bit refers to her pirate buddies and how they all freaked out in the beginning of this chapter – making Nikora realize how much they care about her. Nikora smiles sadly and pulls the dagger close to her heart.

“I’m a bit…lonely though.”

(not too sure what she meant by that ^^;)

SCENE SWITCH! It’s now night time. Albert is looking out at the waters, brooding. If he lost both Gii and the dagger, would he still be able to appear before the people of Morrian and say, hey bitches. I’m your leader!

“All I would have left is my physical resemblance to Alexia.

“All I would have left is a lie.”

Albert vocalizes his thoughts out loud. If he’s nothing but a fake, then what’s the point of going back to Morrian and saving the place from his crazy ballsac-less maybe-brother? Gii’s words suddenly surface in Albert’s head: Going back to being a boy would mean freedom from all this political craziness and panties.

“My heart is shaken.”

Like a lone cookie in a once believed empty cookie bag, Nikora appears in his head to give Albert positive feels. She lost everything yet she’s never lost who she is. Albert needs to be like her and stop dilly-dallying. He thinks about how the dagger he gave to Nikora represents his one and only truth.


“I can’t say going back to Morrian will be easy without first finding out my drive…”

The next day, the captain and Philly are talking about the ship’s condition. Thankfully, despite smashing in a rock in the middle of no where head FUCKING on, the ship only took minor damage. Philly was able to patch the ship up for now but when they head to port, he’ll do something better than duct tape and newspapers. The captain agrees that they need to head to Lepula Island ASAP.

“I…I object to that plan…captain sir.”


Both Captain and Philly look at a meek obviously soiling his britches Bomby.

Captain: ಠ_ಠ come again?

Bomby stutters that if they go to Lepula Island, the princess will be in danger. She saved one of their own. They can’t just throw her to the dogs!

Captain: ಠ_ಠ …yes we can.

Bomby: D:

However, Bomby is not alone in his opposition. Minetto and Bob Dylan also object. Bob Dylan turns to the rest of the crew and asks them how they feel about not being dicks and instead heading to Lihian so the princess won’t get caught by those crazy people after her?

Them: we don’t even know what’s going on but you’re making loud noises and we like your hair so we’ll agree to whatever you say ヽ(・ω・ヽ*)

Captain is in shock. He’s like, guys no. I gotta prioritize you all and this ship. Mostly this ship since if it goes, we go. See, if they go to Lihian, the way there has some rough seas. Looking at this diagram Mr. Dylan is providing, apparently you have water currents going one way and  not even three feet to the left is another water current going in the opposite direction. Bob Dylan explains that if they drive the ship over the spot where the two opposing water currents overlap, the influence of the waters will be negated and they won’t all die.

Me: (◉◞౪◟◉ ) uh…wtf?

…Shounen Oujo. You do realize that when opposite currents meet each other, that’s how whirlpools are made, right? But I guess it would also depend on the location. If the water is a lot shallower than the deep blue sea, then we might have whirlpool problems. But then again, most whirlpools are harmless to ships…but then again…again, this is Shounen Oujo world…where rocks jet out from the middle of the ocean and bike shorts can double as purses.

Also, I might be a bit rusty on my marine biology, but I don’t remember the ocean’s currents ever traveling right next to each other in opposing directions. I feel like that would be bad. Like…fish riding one current would smash into turtles riding the other current…it’s like why highways don’t have a free fall for all lane in the middle of the two opposing traffic lanes xD

That’s just my curiosity talking. Back to the story.

Bob Dylan: “The journey to Lihian will indeed be a difficult one. However, I believe we should make good on our debt to the princess for saving Nikora.”

Nikora is randomly in the background going 8U Albert appears and tells the salty dogs that he is with the captain on this one. Don’t go out of your way for me, yo.


Albert explains that he didn’t help Nikora to curry favor with the pirates. He did it because Nikora herself was willing to risk her life for his dagger. And besides, he doesn’t want to endanger the crew due to his problems.

Zeppu: “And that’s why we have to protect your life as well.”

Albert: (○´゚ω゚`) they consider me one of their own!? *feels*

The other pirate chime in. I feel those pirate just like to make noise when allowed xD Nikora is also in the distance smiling. She approaches Albert:

“I’ll hold on to this until the day you are able to steal it back from me by your own hand. *holds out Alexia’s dagger* After all, if you don’t continue to live, it’ll be a problem. So be sure to steal it back.”

Albert doesn’t question where Nikora pulled that dagger from. Then again, he’s probably like, fuck logic. We’ve been doing that since the start of this volume so why fight it? Instead, he and Nikora bump forearms in a bro-like gesture. We’re now tight bitches, baby.


Bob Dylan looks over at the captain and is like, majority rules. The captain smiles and agrees. Screw it. Whatever, man. We’re pirates! We do whatever is necessary for the plot!

Captain: “Hoist the sails! Our pirate code states we live fighting against the wind! Onward, to Lihian!”

The last page of chapter 19 shows Little…Man Bitch (gotta think of a new name for her) holding a compass. Its arrow is pointing towards North. In the distance before her is a city…



Oh come on! There is no way they would be at Lihian! They were just going to that other place! щ(ಥДಥщ)

And wait, what about that ship from back in chapter 16?? And Little Man Bitch said Lebula whatever Island! I went back and looked Shounen Oujo! Don’t you think you can pull a fast one on me!

So………yeah. This is all we’re getting at this point. So far, we haven’t gotten a new chapter since March. I’m not sure how Shounen Oujo’s release schedule is going to be like now that the manga-ka is also drawing the adaptation of Uta no Prince-sama Maji 2000% (something like that). We most likely will see a repeat of last year: where we would go months without a new chapter. That said, I’ll keep you all updated on what I know ~ Elsewise, this will be it for a while ^^;

In other news, is anyone excited about Seven Seas releasing Makai Ouji: Devils and Realists? 8D If you didn’t know, this is another work Shounen Oujo’s manga-ka is working on :3 I myself have never personally read it but you damn skippy I will when it’s released! Too bad the title won’t be out till April of next year! Yikes! I’m quite pleased with Seven Seas. I like that they are marking to both female and male readers :3 They are quickly becoming my 2nd favorite English manga company (my first and always is Yen Press x3)

8 thoughts on “Tid-Bits: Shounen Oujo Chapter 19

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  2. mmm i feel this chapter was like.. meh
    i guess cos i don’t really care for this chick ._. i miss alexia .-.

    grats for makai ouji~
    idk, i’ve read the scanlation, but i don’t feel the hype i feel for shounen oujo. i guess i’m not that much into it cos i know a lot about biblical history, and the manga is all over the place. which i’m not going to rant on cos, hey! it’s a manga, not a history book. it’s all about fantasy and making it interesting. but still n.nU
    this is probably what history nerds felt when watching hetalia lol x_x


    • I miss Alexia too :___: why did she have to be taken out. She was so cool (and part of my OTP lol).
      I’m wondering if the manga-ka are going to set up Nikora to be Albert’s love interest? Both are royalty after all ~

      Though the chapter was indeed lackluster in terms of stuff happening, it was a good place to end for a while. It was painful when this sort of thing happened with Shounen Oujo last year. You’d have people dying then have to go 2-3 months without another chapter. Especially when we found out Olivia was balls crazy D: Damn you Uta Puri for taking away my Shounen Oujo fix!

      I know nothing about Makai Ouji other than it’s drawn by the same manga-ka as Shounen Oujo and it’s serialized in Zero Sum xD
      I try to turn my brain off when it comes to manga logic xD Otherwise I’ll be too busy going wtf nu! xDDD

      Someone needs to sit down a bunch of historians and get them to watch Hetalia. I’m curious to see what they’re reaction would be like.
      (it’d be hilarious if they started to pair up the characters like fans of the show do haha!)


  3. I was reading all those spoilers about Shounen Oujo OMFG! tell me how often is Published this Manga? I just began to reading it after of watching Makai Ouji because I love Utako Yukihiro’s art.


    • Shounen Oujo used to be monthly. However, due to the manga-ka’s schedule, it’s release schedule is now a bit funky. The last chapter to be released was chapter 19 and that was several months ago.
      I think once the Uta no Prince-sama adaptation is done in Sylph, the manga-ka will go back to drawing Shounen Oujo again :)


  4. I wonder who the reinforcements are in the last page and the queen used to love olivier i wonder if she was trying to get her daughter back when she cut his balls off.


  5. Does someone know when it’s going to update? I’m really interested in this manga. It’s so sad that dey don’t update regulary. I really want to know what’s going to happen. :(


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