April 2013 Sylph


Sylph time ~ Slowly catching up, guys!


Dear Girl Stories: Hizuki 『Dear Girl~Stories~ 緋月』 Chapter 4

Dear Girl Stories Hizuki 4 – The boys are now actors in a Broadway show. Something about priests vs vampires. Kinda like Trinity Blood, except there’s a guy in a unicorn mask hanging in the background. Turns out the reason the boys are Hollywood Divas is because their boss man has found another lady for them to suck help. The girl in question is Ann. Ann is a screenwriter who wants the boys to act in her vampire themed story, Twlight. The boys agree. The chapter ends with these masked guys chillin’ in the shadows. I’m guessing they’re either vampire hunters or gay rapists. Either way, they’ve got their eyes on HiroC and OnoD…specifically their butts.


BROTHERS CONFLICT (light novel) Chapter 30 & BROTHERS CONFLICT Puyo Puro 『ぶらざーず こんふりくと ぷるぷる』 Chapter 9

BROTHERS CONFLICT Chapter 30 (light novel) and BROTHERS CONFLICT PURU PURU Chapter 9 – BroCon stuff….yup.


Kamigami no Asobi (Cruel Games of the Gods (or Trick/Game of the Gods)) 神々の悪戯 Chapter 3 & Shiro Ari // Snow White and Alice 白アリッッ Chapter 30

Shiro Ari Chapter 30 – I think this is a typo. The last chapter was chapter 28. So I think technically, this chapter is 29. Anyway, those who are shipping Alice and Snow will definitely like this chapter. Excuse me while I cry for my Mirror x Snow ship.

Kamigami no Asobi Chapter 3 – Main girl is still pooping herself over the fact that hey, even gods don’t like school. But if she doesn’t get all the gods to graduate, she’s stuck wherever…she is, forever! Before the main girl can coat the floor even more with her fecal matter, Apollon tells her things will work out. He and his bros will try and convince the other gods to stop being dumb and get an education 8D Seeing the boys supporting her gives the main girl hope…which is kinda kicked in the nuts when two pages later the boys decide to share a last name since they don’t have one. Them: we’re smart! 8D Her: *facepalm* Chapter ends with the main girl bumping into some old man – whom my little freebie from Sylph identifies as Hades.


BROTHERS CONFLICT feat Natsume 『BROTHERS CONFLICT feat.Natsume』 Chapter 2 & Shounen Oujo 『少年王女』 Chapter 19

BROTHERS CONFLICT feat Natsume Chapter 2 – Will update with Tid-Bits later

Shounen Oujo Chapter 19 – Summary can be found here ~


Sugar Girl, Sugar Doll シュガーガール,シュガードール Chapter 5 & Hakuouki Reimeiroku 『薄桜鬼 黎明録』 Chapter 11

Sugar Girl, Sugar Doll Chapter 5 – An extremely short chapter that looks back at a particular memory involving Taiga and Arashi. Love the cavities Sugar Girl, Sugar Doll is giving me x3

Hakuouki Reimeiroku Chapter 11 – In which the only thing that stuck with me was the story about how Serizawa liked this prostitute and she died but she gave him a disease he’s currently dying from before she kicked it (dude, be honest. It’s syphilis. Don’t be shy, Sylph. We all know about STDs).


BROTHERS CONFLICT feat Natsume 『BROTHERS CONFLICT feat.Tsubaki』 Chapter 1

BROTHERS CONFLICT feat. Tsubaki Chapter 1 – Heck yeah, more BroCon whoring! The star of this particular short is Tsubaki, identical twin to Azusa and triplet to Natsume. Tsubaki has 2 dreams: to have a sister and to voice a character in his fav anime. Dream #1 comes true but we can safely change “have a sister” to “bone his sister” since not even two pages into the short, he’s already licking the inside of Ema’s mouth. Dream #2 becomes a possible reality when he’s told his fav anime is getting a reboot and is asked to audition. However, like all dreams, they just can’t happen, because that’s asking for too much. In the end, Tsubaki doesn’t get chosen for the part and instead his twin gets it…dun dun dunnnnn!


Hakase Ga 『ハカセがっ!!』 Chapter 24 & Uta no Prince-sama Debut Character Anthology: Shou (『うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪Debut キャラアンソロジーside.翔』)

Hakase Ga Chapter 24 – Let’s get ready to rumble, folks! The fight between Apricot and Bratty begins. We think Apricot has got the edge but things turn when we find out that Bratty operates like that Poke’mon move, Endure. For two turns, he’ll take abuse but once turn #3 comes, Bratty unleashes 2x the damage he received! Hinase jumps in and tells everyone to go away (even the Professor lol). Apricot tells Hinase it’s not over yet. Apricot starts to recite some words but is stopped by the Professor. No. Not now. Instead, the Professor tells Apricot to call “him.” And so Apricot calls down Garuda and it’s here I get my proof of Apricot’s gender. I was 98% sure Apricot was a boy because the Professor seems the type to like touching little boys but I was hoping that maybe Apricot would be a girl because I like the idea of having one cool female in this series (Hinase’s sister doesn’t count bc we don’t really interact with her save for comedic moments). Garuda scares off the female professor and her robot and we end with Hinase telling us readers that even though he Hardens at the sight of Apricot (lol Poke’mon terms ~), he knows nothing about the robot.

Uta no Prince-sama Debut Character Anthology Shou – Ai is being a turd to Shou and Natsuki, telling them they suck and they’ll probably never graduate. Since Shou is the main focus of the Shou themed chapter, Ai picks on Shou the most. Shou: (:.;゚;Д;゚;.:)I DON’T NEED THIS!!! When Haruka comes and Ai tells the three they suck even harder, Shou gets offended and tells Ai to give them three days. They have a bond and that bond will help the trio make a song so good, Ai will blast a hole in his pants from the awesome boner he’ll get. Ai says whatever and disappears into the floor. Natsuki, Shou, and Haruka do stuff (no literally. They talk about fashion and stepping on Shou) and they somehow end up doing a good enough job for Ai. The chapter ends with Haruka kinda gheying up Shou’s chapter by saying Shou now has a bond with Ai. Shou: (ಠ_ಠ)…did you forget that you’re the main love interest here? I’m supposed to be bonding with you, not some turd.


Tab*ret 『tab*ret』 Chapter 5 & Fujoshissu 『腐女子っス!』 Chapter 41

tab * ret Chapter 5 – So art teacher turns out not to be the guy our heroine was looking for. Rather, he was interested in the main girl because he’s got this obsession with paining the color red and he’s having trouble…painting…the color red. >___> #dontask But just when he was about to retire his Crayolas, in comes the main girl with her red hair. OMG it’s a sign!!! He asks the main girl to be his model, which pretty much means she sits facing the wall and he paints her hair (on a canvas) #lolwhat!? The next day, Karen’s magic friend tells Karen to get cozy with the school nurse and see if he’s the one they’re looking for. Because they need plot. She gives Karen a lunch box and a thumbs up before kicking her out. Karen does as told but finds the school nurse is popular man. He’s got his bitches chillin’ with him. Unsure of what to do, the school nurse acts first. He tells his hos to beat it much to their chagrin (which is directed at Karen. Oh how I hate hos :/). Unsure again at wth just happened, Karen tells the school nurse that she’s heading out #peace. However, he stops her. He knows she’s been asking about him and his scar. Well, today’s her lucky day. He’ll tell her what she wants to know in exchange for telling him her secrets. The chapter ends with the school nurse leaning over her #ofcourse and Karen trying to figure out if she should accept the deal or not. Ah, I also should mention that the reason magic peeps are keeping themselves hidden is because of all those witch burnings back in the day. After humans began setting magic peeps on fire, the magic peeps said u ppl got problems f this shiz and made is law that they won’t be co-mingling with the humans.

Fujoshissu! Chapter 41 – Eri learns to deal with her past and with a creeper that called her fat. Guys, I think I’m liking Fujoshissu. In the beginning, it was all WE LIKES GEHY MANS PORNS but now it’s about the characters, their drama, and…the power of friendship. And we all know I’m a sucker for the power of friendship. They don’t really talk about their BL love too much, which is weird seeing how the title pretty much says BL Fangirl (or is the term now changing to anime fan?). I might consider grabbing the earlier volumes to catch up with the series. We’ll see with the next chapters I have ~


Arcana Famiglia アルカナ・ファミリア Amore Mangiare Cantare! Chapter 14

Arcana Famiglia Chapter 14 – Haha, I love the color page. Jolly looks like a kid that didn’t get the toy he wanted. Mondo looks like a dad telling his kid to man up and stop being a little bitch. All the while, Dante is smiling in the back like just he farted but no one caught him xD The chapter mainly focuses on some backstory involving Luca and the three mens ~ See, Mondo wanted to leave the island to get himself a wife but Jolly and Dante told him no. If he wants a woman, they have an island full. Stop being a little bitch. :/ Luca happened to walk in during this exchange and tells Mondo that he should just do what he wants to do. Quit being everyone’s bitch. Mondo then realizes that the 10 year old is right. He’s the boss man. He doesn’t get told what to do. HE tells people what to do. ╰(ಠ益ಠ)╯And that’s what he does. Get me my boat, I’m off to find me some pussy! If I’m reading this right, Mondo left Luca in charge while he sailed the seas looking for his waifu o___O; I’m thinking that’s right because Felicita has a (≖__≖) face on, like she cannot believe her own father left a 10 year old in charge of his gang. The chapter ends before Felicita can ask Luca about what this old lady told her concerning the Tarot powers in the previous chapter. Oh well. Not that important, right?


Kitsune-sama ni Onegai (キツネ様にお願い!) Oneshot & Danshi Koukousei to Rock no Kiwadoi Tsukiaikata (Teenage Boys and Those who Flirt with the Dangers of Rock and Roll (lit. High school boys and those who associate with rock and roll’s shady/riskyiness)) 男子高校生とロックのきわどいつきあい方

Kitsune-sama ni Onegai (oneshot) – man, this one-shot had the potential to be cute. The story follows this chick whose parents are away overseas so she’s on her own. She’s in a new locale with no friends and family (don’t ask who she’s staying with because that’s not important). One day, she visits a shrine and prays that she’ll be able to make friends. She even writes her wish on this tablet thing but ends up dropping it. While looking for the tablet (you’d think it’d be easy to find since she dropped it at her feet lol), she sees a little fox come up and eat the offering she left. While doing a Sylphalchemist and going awwww, the fox turns into a bishi, freaking her the fark out. She runs for it before anyone can figure out what just happened. At school, she replays what happened in her mind when lol guess who shows up? It’s fox boy. He notices her just as she notices him and before she can say anything, he kidnaps her and drags her to the shrine #lolwth #howdidhedothat!?. It turns out the guy and his bros are foxes that help to strengthen bonds between humans and foxes. Because. The brothers are good at their job but the main dude is a buttfart and says f ppl. The girl is then dragged into being the boys’ maid because…the older brother said so. The older bro said she’s going to be their maid because he needs a woman hanging around their bachelor pad and said bachelor pad is in need of cleaning. #Lol #okay #whatever. The beginning of the one shot was going good up until this point because then it’s like the middle part of the story just disappeared and all of a sudden drama happens then oh wait no let’s be friends the end. I was like, um wait she became your maid and then shit hits the fan the next page!? Not even going to give me a moment to merge into this transition? Ok then. The ending leaves the story open for more but first the manga-ka needs to find the missing 20 pages that made up the middle of the story to make it flow better bc this whole thing was just awkward ^^;

Danshi Koukousei to Rock no Kiwadoi Tsukiaikata chapter 3 – no


Noble Children 『ノーブルチルドレンの残酷』 Chapter 7 & Himegoto wa Hanazo 『ひめごとははなぞの』 Chapter 41 (final)

Noble Children no Zankoku chapter 7 – Last we left off, Romeo saved Juliet from this crazy cat killer who was about to shank(?) her with some handcuffs #wtf. However, Romeo gets injured and needs medical care. As Romeo’s bff goes to find a taxi so they can transport Romeo to a hospital (because screw calling an ambulance), Juliet sticks with Romeo who is currently dying from blood loss. In an effort to stay alive, he grabs a hold of Juliet’s hand, which awakens the power of love in her. After Romeo gets medical attention, Juliet calls Romeo to the roof of the hospital and tells him she loves him. Romeo is like, no, and tries to leave. Juliet however, is a proactive girl and after dropkicking him (mind you he’s still injured), she tells him that she’ll make him fall in love with her. PREPARE FOR CREEPY STALKING! Romeo does the sane thing and leaves, all the while Juliet is in the background, monologing about how happy she is to be in love o__O; um wtf happened to this series?

Himegoto wa Hanazono Chapter 41 (final) – the story ends with Ai and Koi married to their respective love interests: Renji and You. Each couple has a set of twins who look just like their parents – which is creepy. Both Ai and Koi are preggo with more babies ~ Chouko got married Agawa and had a little girl who is crazy obsessed with Ai’s twin that looks just like him/her when s/he was younger. Lol, like mother, like daughter! The adults joke about how Ai and Koi’s kids are going to be in for some shock when they get older. Balls become ovaries and boobs become dicks. During their discussion, Ai’s and Koi’s waters break and they are rushed to the hospital where they literally just shit the kids out. We see older Renji and You as they burst into the hospital like omfg babies!? But like I said, those babies just came sliding out so everything is good. What took you dudes so long? jk Koi and Ai both give birth to twins, summing up the grandchildren number to 8. Everyone is all lolololololol. We flip the page and we find that this was all a dream fabricated by one of the brothers. However, the brothers are all shitting themselves: 8 grandkids!? WTF!? Is this seriously going to be the future??? Ai and co come home to find the brothers all staring off into the distance. They tell Chouko she needs to be exorcized so her craziness doesn’t spill over into her daughter (her: my what!?). They tell You and Renji that they basically need to use condoms. 8 grandkids is just too much, man. Ai and Koi stare at the whole exchange happening before them with a (o w o) expression. The end!


Hana to Melancholic 花とメランコリック & Very Busy Veggie ベリー・ビジー・べジー

Hana to Melancholic (Flowers and Melancholic) oneshot – long ago, when the girl in the middle was a young loli, she fell in love with the dude on the left, who is a knight for the duke of that area. She vowed that when she got older, she’d become a maid for that duke so she could find her man. First day on the job, she accidently belly slams a little shota. He’s like wth ho, watch where you’re throwing your fat. Oh wait who are you? The girl introduces herself and smiles at the boy. Instantly smitten, the little boy is like, marry me. Her: owo; huh? And so it’s decided that she will be the fiancée of the boy who is actually the duke’s son ~ Her: o w o ;;; uh. Then to add drama on top of that, the knight dude makes his stage appearance. He’s like, oh okay that’s kinda random but I’ll roll with this. Her: щ(゚д゚щ) fuck! The one shot was pretty cute though we readers get kind of trolled at the end. The two love interests in the picture are actually father and son. Yeah………………needless to say, we know which one she gets with (especially since daddy is still married to mommy who is the “duke” of the land). >___> that trolling left a bad taste in my mouth…

Very Busy Veggie oneshot – Pretty much the premise of the story is this: a vegetarian guy is like, fuq meat it’s ghey. *eats a piece of meat* Him: where has this been all my life? #the end xD No, I shit you not. That is the story. And it amused me to no end!

~ Conclusion

Man, I can’t believe Himegoto wa Hanazono is over. It’s been running since I first started collecting Sylph. It’s going to be weird getting my Sylph mags and not seeing the wtf antics of these gender changing peeps. Dang, the only one left from when I first started is Fujoshissu! Dear Girl Stories doesn’t count because that thing is like a herpes. It just keeps coming back. I’m happy I’ve stuck with Sylph (and blogging!) after all these years. I hope Sylph continues on for many more :)

I think my favorite oneshot of the three included with this month’s mag is the short one – Very Busy Veggie. It was so dumb it entertained. Hana to Melancholy had the potential but that father – son love interest thing…no.

And Noble Children. I don’t know wth happened to that story(ಠ_ಠ)Now I’m glad I held off buying the first volume because nah uh.

I’ll get started on Natsume and Shounen Oujo’s Tid-Bits. If everything goes to plan, I should have Shounen Oujo out on Sunday ~ Ciao ~ (*゚ω゚*)

6 thoughts on “April 2013 Sylph

  1. “Tsubaki, identical twin to Azusa and triplet to Natsume”
    wut, triplet? i didn’t know that x_X
    “since not even two pages into the short, he’s already licking the inside of Ema’s mouth”
    i’m really starting to dislike this series… why can’t they at least make it platonic love 1st, and then romantic? the stories would go slower, but at least they aren’t going to be as creepy as they are now!!! ya, so many guys, no times for slow stories. then don’t make a story about over 9000 siscon guys that just want to bang! geezus krist.

    the power of friendship… lol
    in the past i always wondered why in anime/manga the fujoshi girl was always either fat or ugly, or both. and then i watch some vids of yaoicon in usa… and saw why.
    but now i don’t know if that just cos it’s usa, or if its the reality all around the world x.x

    i’ll be waiting for ur shounen oujo review =w=


    • I didn’t even know they were all related until the read the manga. Apparently, you can tell they’re triplets since they all have stars in their eyes and each has a mole somewhere on his face.
      (don’t ask how their other siblings lack this “starry eyed / beauty mark” trait since they’re all supposed to be related…I guess it’s a triplet thing lol).

      Hahahaha! Siscons everywhere!
      Think the reason Tsubaki is already exploring Ema’s mouth not even two pages in is because his story is told in only two chapters. If you’ve only got two stories to get some, you’re going to work fast in order to maximize your booty gettin xD
      (this is just my theory, of course!)
      Natsume’s story is better executed. He slowly develops feels for Ema. In fact, it’s Ema who gets the hots for him first! We’re already four chapters in with him and he’s yet to even hug her!
      THAT is how BroCon needs to be. Having 10 brothers throwing their dicks at the main girl is creepy…

      Haha, you’re looking at the wrong person for information on fujoshi! I know like nothing when it comes to BL xD
      But I suspect it’s like any fandom? You’ve got your crazies and your normal people? :3

      I took so long to answer that I already have the Tid-Bits out xD
      Thanks so much for your comment! <3


      • i guess natsume is the true ending!

        no, it’s not about bl, but the kind of people that like bl… in regular manga (not bl) fangirls are almost always fat x.x i was just wondering why they always draw them like that… and then i got my answer.


        • Either that or Sylph likes Natsume more, thus why he gets more chapters ;D

          Haha, well us girl manga fans are either drawn as super pretty or super ugly ; w ; it all depends on our “type’s” purpose in the story. If we’re love interests, we’re pretty. If we’re there for comedy, we’re ugly. Ohohohoho…cry


  2. Hello! Since it seems that that xhaoter of shiro ari is about the relationship of alice and snow white, arent you willing to do a summary? :D it isnt necessary to have spoiler pictures, just writing about what happend is really good!


    • Normally I’d give a little summary but this chapter was mostly just recap about what’s been going on since Snow fell unconscious ^^ Towards the end there were some cute scenes with Alice and Snow that resulted in both of them blushing and not understanding why they’re blushing. The last few pages show Alice asking Snow White to tell him more about herself since he’s never really sat down with her and actually tried to get to know her.

      Sorry the summary isn’t the best. This is one of those chapters were seeing the chapter is much more satisfying than reading about it xD


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