Blahs on June 2013 Sylph

I got my new Sylph today and I wanted to share some news ~ (seeing as how I’m now three issues behind, by the time I get to this particular issue, the news will be old lol!). Forgive me if my sentences don’t make sense. I went out to Happy Hour with some coworkers and I’ve got a margarita floating around in my veins ~ Weeeeeeee xD

First order of business: no new chapter of Shounen Oujo. Yes, criminal I know. The reason? Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 2000%. Yup. Sylph is whoring Uta no Prince-sama again and the manga-ka who draws Shounen Oujo has been pulled to draw the manga adaptation. We saw something similar to this last year when Sylph slutted out Uta no Prince-sama Debut. So expect releases of Shounen Oujo to be weird again :<


(o___o; wtf happened to you guys. Two of you are posing like moe shojo girls! Where are your balls!?)

Second: Freebie pictures ~

The May 2013 issue of Sylph included something called the BROTHERS CONFLICT Master Guide Part I. Inside we have a preview of the anime designs for like…half of the brothers. I’m guess the other half will be in Part II.


In addition, the master guide has the next chapter in the Natsume manga, a chapter of the new adaptation starring Azusaki, and more Puru Puru shorts ~

Reverse side:


Finally on the agenda: What to expect with the next issue of Sylph. Well, Shiro Ari will take the cover of the July 2013 issue! (damn, you go, Shiro Ari! Show them people that you don’t have to be a whored out otome game to get the sales 8D)


In addition to that, we have Hiso Hiso Silent Voice getting a colored page. Yay ~ x3 Another fav series getting some love! Also Dear Girl Stories gets a colored page because 1.) it’s Dear Girl Stories, Sylph’s original whore cash cow & 2.) to celebrate the release of its first volume ~ Gawd, I’m such a hater xD

Two new series will be joining Sylph’s line up seeing as how Himegoto wa Hanazono and Hakuouki Reimeiroku have ended. Replacing our otome title is another otome adaptation: Norn9. Replacing HwH is a Choujin title 8D Originally a oneshot, Futsutsuka na Oyako de wa Arimasu ga must have gotten enough love to turn into a series ~ Yaya ~ I’ve missed you Choujin ~ I’m looking forward to your work x3

(not mentioned here is that in the August issue, another new series will join Sylph: Valvrare the Liberator)

The July 2013 issue will come with two freebies: the BROTHERS CONFLICT Master Guide Part II (which will contain the next chapters of BROTHERS CONFLICT feat Natsume and BROTHERS CONFLICT feat Azusaki as well as more shorts of BROTHERS CONFLICT Puru Puru) and an Uta no Prince-sama Maji 2000% mousepad ~ Make sure to grab your copy before it all disappears!

Sadly no Shounen Oujo is listed :<


Sweet. I’ve done my job today. Now it’s time to crawl to bed. Peace, ppl ~

4 thoughts on “Blahs on June 2013 Sylph

  1. gawddamit! i don’t give a shat about utapuri! i need my shounen oujo!!!!
    uugghh -_-

    that said, Valvrare the Liberator? woot! =D

    ps: i guess utapuris are posing like that because they wane to become the next oujo? =D


    • Uta Puri always gets more love because it brings in the cash for Sylph. Poor Shounen Oujo doesn’t really ^^; (thus why it gets kicked to the side a lot)
      Ah man. I hope the manga-ka doesn’t go too crazy from her work load. She’s got UtaPuri, Shounen Oujo, Makai Ouji, and some otome game she’s drawing for. This is almost like like year, only tackle on more more manga she was working on o__O; this lady is either very hardcore or can’t say no…

      I have no idea what Valvrare is. I feel like that’s an anime… (I’m very out of date with anime ^^;)

      [ps: i guess utapuris are posing like that because they wane to become the next oujo? =D]



  2. Sigh, Syph really doesn’t have much love for its not-otome titles. :( Damn that utapuri and brocom. Except for the feat Natsume one. Because I just decided that Natsume’s totally worth it. XD
    I really tried watching utapuri but… but… Nevermind the nonsense (it’s otome, duh!) whenever they break down in song or dance it just feels way too awkward for me to watch. It’s like one of those extra embarrassing bollywood movies where someone breaks into song at the most inappropriate moment. Also, them moves… Like… They are dead serious… But for me there’s just too much second hand embarrassment. XD
    Never heard of Norn9, sounds like some alien planet from an old SciFi series. Make it Babylon 5. I wonder if the bishies are horned aliens.
    Well, it’s nice to hear you are getting along well with your colleagues! Keep it up!


    • UtaPuri and BroCon bring in the munnies ~ $$$ It keeps Sylph alive so that’s why I just nod my head and roll with it. But I really wish they’d just grab another artist to adapt their shitty UtaPuri manga :/ Both versions she’s drawn for have sucked plot-wise (not her fault. She’s just the artist). It’s like the only reason they chose this particular manga-ka is for her art. Because really, no one buys the UtaPuri manga for the story.
      Because there is no story.
      Fanfics have more story.
      Gahhhhhhhhhh *deep breath*

      I like how the BroCon manga adaptations are done. Rather than be like the novels, and have all the brothers hot and horny for the main girl’s panties, each manga focuses on a particular brother and follows his route. So in the end, the girl gets with that brother. It’s a lot cleaner this way. I’m glad Sylph is following its Storm Lover example (one of the rare otome manga adaptation where the girl gets with someone!) :)

      I haven’t watched it yet but I do plan to. Especially after seeing that opening on youtube. Omg, those hip thrusts xD UtaPuri seems like the kind of series you watch when you’re having a bad day and need something wtf-ish to brighten your mood.

      Sylph had a one page description of Norn9 in the June issue but I only flipped through it real quick. I’m still behind on my issues so I’ll get to it when I finally catch up xD It seemed kind of magically from what I remember. Like…not magical. Maybe…psychic..ical….you know what I mean xD

      Thank you so much :3 Same to you!!!


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