March 2013 Sylph, Part II


More Sylph goodness ahead x3


Dear Girl Stories: Hizuki 『Dear Girl~Stories~ 緋月』 Chapter 3 & DADADADAN 『ダダダダン。』 Chapter 19

Awhile back, Dear Girls Stories: Hibiki ended but it left this message: we’re not done yet :) Translation: this franchise will continue to be milked ;D And sure enough, Dear Girl Stories came back…only this time, the boys are vampires.


Yeah. You read that right. The boys are vampires. They still help young maidens in trouble…only in return, they ask for blood. Everything else is pretty much the same. …….hey, I can’t judge. Whatever gets Sylph the moneys, man. Anyway, chapter 3 ends the arc concerning a job the boys took to help a maid and her feels for her master.

In DADADADAN, we get background on Shiro/Bashful and damn people, if you thought Grumpy had it bad, at least his dad didn’t die in front of him. Shit! Thank gawd for friends because Grumpy and Doc are there for Bashful after Bashful has a freak out about his inability to remember his father clearly.


BROTHERS CONFLICT feat Natsume 『BROTHERS CONFLICT feat.Natsume』 Chapter 1 & Shounen Oujo 『少年王女』 Chapter 18

I’ve already written Tid-Bits for both :3 Click on their respective icons to go to their pages :3



Tab*ret 『tab*ret』 Chapter 4

Quick recap: the main girl is a witch who had her powers stolen from her when she was a kid after she kissed some random ojisan who was passed out in the woods. Don’t ask why because then we wouldn’t a plot for Tab*ret. All she remembers is the dude had a scar on his chest. Fast forward to the future. The girl is older and she wants her powers back. This brings her to the human world and she’s currently posing as a student to find information concerning the man with the scar on his chest. So far she has 3 potential leads.

Chapter 4 deals with the megane dude on the right side of the picture. He’s a grumpy art teacher who loves the arts more than he loves people lol. Could he possibly be the man who stole her powers?

ಠ_ಠ We all know the answer because this series is still ongoing haha


Hakuouki Reimeiroku 『薄桜鬼 黎明録』 Chapter 10 & Uta no Prince-sama Debut Character Anthology: Cecil (『うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪Debut キャラアンソロジーside.セシル』)

How appropriate that these two got placed next to each other xD The otome games that focus more on bromance than romance lol ~ I haven’t been following Reimeiroku so nothing from me on that. In Uta no Prince-sama Debut, we see Camus be a douchebag to Cecil. Cecil, confused, thinks that if he mimics Camus, Camus will like him. Of course that doesn’t work. Instead, it freaks Camus out and he tells Cecil to go die pretty much. Resolution needed, the two end up getting locked in a closet or something and bond over the various songs their countries have concerning the moon. It was such a ghey moment guys that I had to remind myself this is an otome game not a BL game xD

Oh and Haruka appears like twice in this series despite the fact she’s supposed to be the main heroine and is featured on the cover page lol


BROTHERS CONFLICT Puyo Puro 『ぶらざーず こんふりくと ぷるぷる』 Chapter 7 & Kamitsuki 『カミツキ』 Chapter 9

In Kamitsuki, we learn that the “student body president” has the ability to communicate with spirits. Does this mean Yahiro finally gets a buddy he can share his secrets with? :D


Hiso Hiso 『ひそひそ -silent voice-』 Chapter 13 & Hakase Ga 『ハカセがっ!!』 Chapter 23

Hiso Hiso is so precious ;_____; I just want to hug everyone and marry Kouji. He’s a good influence on all shojo heroes out there. The way he and Daichi interact is so heartwarming, you could use my heart to heat a building. It’s that adorable.

Hakase Ga – More Apricot is always a wonderful thing. In this chapter, Apricot kicks the shit out of a kid and proceeds to do battle with said kid…who turns out to be a robot. Otherwise Hakase Ga will have turned into a whole different type of manga… Turns out the reason for the battle is because some lady appears and demands that the Professor go with her to make the awesome-ous fighting robot eva. The professor tells her no. He’s got Apricot. And he’s busy perving on Hinase. The lady then comes to the logical conclusion that if Apricot is destroyed, the Professor will have to make a robot with her. Welp, unfortunately for you lady, Apricot ain’t laying down for that stupid plan.


Noble Children 『ノーブルチルドレンの残酷』 Chapter 6 and Himegoto wa Hanazo 『ひめごとははなぞの』 Chapter 40

It’s been awhile but let me explain wtf is going on here in Noble Children. The girl with a pointy object in her face and the boy with the “no fucks given” expression are children of two families that hate each other. Both the boy and the girl go to the same school and want to open a club. The girl wants to create a “healing” club and the boy wants to make a drama club. However, there is only one clubroom available. To get it, the teacher who will be in charge of either club says the kids gotta do something for her. There’s been a rash of cat killings that need investigation. Whichever kid solves the mystery gets the club.

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh she’s not the best teacher out there.

And so that’s what’s been happening. And guess who they found! Yup. …did anyone NOT see anything wrong with sending kids after a guy that kills animals? Did that teacher REALLY think shit was just going to go fine and dandy like a Scooby Doo episode? Well, if she did, she’s an idiot. Because this guy is balls crazy. Let’s just say the chapter ends with someone getting a head wound (not the dude) and possible love crawls out from that…yeah, this series is weird.

In Himegoto wa Hanazo…the cover page pretty much tells it all. Ai and Koi build snowmen…lots of them.


Gekka no Yuuutsu Ouji (Lit. The Depressed Prince of the Moonlight) 『月下のユウウツ王子』

And finally we have a one shot ~ a sequel to a one-shot you could say. Another attempt is made to bring the main dude back to the moon to do some prince stuff but the main dude is like no. If only Hakase Ga’s Hinatsu was like this main guy. He’s tsundere but he’s not as tsundere ~

That’s it kids 8D Here’s two pics of the freebie included with the March 2013 Sylph (one side of the booklet has info on Kamigami no Asobi and the other side has information on Uta no Princes-sama


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