Tid-Bits: Shounen Oujo Chapter 18

Another week means another chapter of some SHOUNEN OUJO!!! One more chapter and I’ll be current with the chapters again! (the most recent issue of Sylph didn’t have a chapter of Shounen Oujo :c). Then it’ll be back to catching up with Brothers Conflict: feat Natsume :3

The chapters starts with the gang sailing straight towards a rock. Yeah, you read that right. A rock. In the middle of the damn ocean. Not an iceberg. A rock.

I don’t know much about geography but is it possible for a rock to just…be there in the middle of the ocean? I can see if you’re near some form of land but…like…I figure when you’re getting into waters deep enough to have an Abyssopelagic zone and a Hedalpelagic zone, rocks don’t just jut out 5000 feet from the ocean floor…

Regardless, there’s a rock!

Thankfully, Bomby is the lookout for today so he’ll warn everyone about that rock. Right? Right?

Hell no.

See, Bomby didn’t get a good’s night sleep because he was too busy thinking of the new gun powder he recently acquired. And guys, before we judge, realize that everyone has their kinks. Some boys get off boobs. Others, ducks. In Bomby’s case, he wets himself over explosives.

So after a night of using up all his Jergens lotion and a box of tissues, Bomby isn’t exactly in top condition. Which is how he missed the rock.

But that rock doesn’t miss them!


However, Shounen Oujo law kicks in to save the gang. Rather than hit the rock straight on like the opening panels were showing (and kill everyone), our ship teleports a bit to the left so it grazes the rock instead (so our story doesn’t end here with everyone dead). But it still causes some damage.

We learn that it’s because of this impact that Nikora lost her balance and dropped the dagger into the ocean in the previous chapter. Hur hur oops.

Nikora doesn’t hesitate to think wtf just happened? She climbs on the ship’s railing and gets ready to jump in after the dagger like an Olympic swimmer for the gold but Albert stops her. Bitch, you cre cre? Look at them waves!

Nikora: “This is my responsibility!”

Albert: but you’re going to die and stuff… (:.;゚;Д;゚;.:)

Nikora: “Why are you hesitating!? You need that dagger! Isn’t it the only thing you have to prove you’re you?”

“It’s proof that you’re alive!”

“As a princess, I’d think you’d realize the value in something that important!”

Albert: ∑(O_O;) oh shit…that’s passion


After spending all this time yelling at Albert, Nikora takes off her jacket thing and poses dramatically.

Nikora: “And…it’s my fault that I took your only proof from you…”

She grits her teeth and jumps off the ship’s railing. Before she plunges into the choppy waves, she screams out:

“There’s no way I’m going to die!”

Actually, had Albert not been a shojo heroine, you actually would have, girl…

Albert calls her an idiot and says there are other ways to prove he is who he claims to be…like his face, for instance. I mean, think the people of the Morrian would remember what their princess looks like…

Of course, Nikora is too busy swimming away to hear Albert and his rational answer.

Albert suddenly remembers Theo telling him Nikora used to be a princess herself. Back then he didn’t think too hard about Theo’s words but now that Albert has time, he’s replying the memory in his head. Because this seems to be a good time for retrospecting about stuff that’s been happening in his life.

Albert: wait…so she’s was princess but now she’s a pirate? hmmm…guys, I think something went down here that made her go from princess to pirate ಠ_ಠ I can feel it in my bra.

Omg Albert…really? xD

He thinks that maybe Nikora went through the same thing as he did so that’s why she’s diving after that dagger like a coked up dolphin. Realizing this, Albert thinks dat dumb and dramatically runs into action.

We jump over to the pirates for a second. Zeppu asks a very appropriate question: the fuck is going on!? After learning about Bomby failing at his job, the pirates spring into action. Gotta make sure no damage was done to the ship or it’s the end of Shounen Oujo! Gii, not caring too hard, walks by and asks a random salty dog if he’s seen Alexia. Naturally the guy gives a quick answer about seeing her on the deck of the ship before running off, seeing how they’re all about to die. No fucks are given by Gii about them all dying. He’s more concerned about Alexia being on the poop deck. He too dramatically runs to the deck (I love how this manga-ka draws. It’s so much more dramatic than it needs to be xDDDDD).

When Gii reaches the deck, he sees this:


No one going to say anything about Albert’s flat chest?

Gii, like Zeppu, ask a very appropriate question given the situation: um, what the hell? ಠ_ಠ

Albert explains about Nikora jumping in after the dagger she dropped in the ocean.

Gii: shit! (゚Д゚|||)

Pirates: shit! (゚Д゚|||)

(lol where did they come from xD)

Albert tells everyone he’s going after Nikora. Only he knows where she jumped off to and he doesn’t have time to explain to the pirates where to go so it’s all on him.

(Albert…I’m pretty sure they can tell where she went. I mean, all they have to do is look at where you plan on jumping…not that hard…also, you’re pointing in the direction she went to xD)

Regardless, even though Albert doesn’t have time to tell everyone where Nikora went, he does have time to explain why he has a rope tied around his waist. He tells Gii to hold on to the rope. When Albert pulls on it twice, that’s the signal to reel him in. After confirming that Gii understood his instructions, Albert jumps into the ocean.


No one? Guys?

Gii: “Alexia-sama!”

(I’m surprised Gii didn’t scream ALBERT like when Albert had been in that coma from the poison. Skills to Gii for keeping his names straight.)

Gii makes a mad dash for the rope which is sliding away due to Albert’s mad swimming skills.

Gii: Thanks for giving me some time to grab the rope, you stupid dumbass! Your majestic plan would have been shit had this rope fallen over! >:U

As Gii is trying to keep a good hold on the rope, the pirates behind him are running around like idiots. Theo tells the gang he’s going after the two but someone tells him he’s going instead. They just need some rope. The pirates are totally oblivious to Gii trying his darndest to keep the rope from getting too slack.

(okay Albert. Now I understand why you didn’t have time to explain which direction Nikora went….drawing pictures so the pirates could understand would indeed take too much time)

Gii: “He knows what he’s doing. That’s why he used the rope. …I have to believe in him.”

Gii talks out loud about how he needs to make sure he doesn’t fuck up. The sound of his voice wakes the pirates up. They stare at Gii as if he just morphed out of the ground (love that Theo is in mid-strip as he stares xD).

Them: Oh yeah, he had been here the whole time!


Poor Gii. Make the feminine guy do the muscle work. Let’s hope all those nights whacking off to child porn has given him some good arm strength…

The rope starts to bite into Gii’s hands but he doesn’t let go. (Holy shit, the rope is turning red from his blood! D8) A sudden stop in the rope surprises Gii. He looks behind to see the pirates each holding a portion of the rope.

Zeppu: we totally forgot about the princess going off to save Nikora. Our bad. But we’re here to help now. Argh.


Zeppu: “Tell us when you see Nikora and that crazy princess of yours! Understood?”

Gii smiles. “Gotcha” (in his head: ( ಠ益ಠ ) Shit, you bitches took long enough! Look at my hands! My goddamn skin is coating this rope!)

We leave this touching scene between a pedophile and some pirates to follow Nikora. She finds the the dagger but is blocked from her goal when a school of troll fish swim by. From the looks of the panels, not only did the troll fish slap Nikora so she expels a good amount of her air reserves but they also smashed the rock holding the dagger.

(Wow, what asshole fish!)

Nikora: “Almost there!”

She reaches her hand out to grab the dagger but unfortunately, like all things in life, she falls short of her goal…and starts to die.

“One day, you will be my successor, Nikora. Remember this view well. For this view you are seeing now will surely continue to prosper under your rule.”


Well…about that.


“Don’t leave me!” (lit. I don’t want to lose it/them)

Unconsciously, Nikora extends her hand just in time for a certain panty wearing boy to reach out his.


Wait…is she crying underwater?

Both go to the surface.


Albert: “Ah, thank goodness! Nikora, you’re alright!”

Albert smiles at a surprised Nikora. The chapter ends with Albert staring at the pirate ship while Nikora remembers her father’s words.



Not sure why my blogging program made the pictures from my camera look fugly but it did. WordPress made the pictures look normal but I don’t know how to get the edges of the photo to look all rounded like my blogging program does it so I said screw it. We’ll stick with the shit quality pictures. Less chance of someone jacking the pictures anyway ^^

Chapter 18 gave us a glimpse into Nikora’s past. Think the severed arm in one of the flashback panels will tell you that it wasn’t a good past to have.

Also, we see possible OTP between Nikora and Albert ~ I’m not shipping nothing right now since my last ship was murdered off :/

Hope you all enjoy ~ One more chapter to go until we’re all caught up! ^^

11 thoughts on “Tid-Bits: Shounen Oujo Chapter 18

  1. lol Aaah~ I expect nothing less from shounen oujo ┐(´~`;)┌
    wow. the rock was a surprise. In the middle of the ocean… and nobody noticed. (they may all want to reconsider their occupations…) I like Norika’s design~ lol those evil fish!

    I like Norika x Albert too~ I hate your last OTP was murdered off :U I’m curious, so I’m going to go ahead and ask who they were~? ∩(︶▽︶) ?

    Thank you for all your hard work~! (#つ´з`)つ Your posts are always so much fun to read~


    • Haha right? xD I’d hate to live in the world of Shounen Oujo. Even a boat ride ends in near death!

      I’m more of a Theo fan, design wise ;D It’s his hair ~ ( ゚∀゚)
      I’ve got mixed feels about Nikora. Mostly because in the beginning of the series, Nikora reminded me too much of this chick from an anime called Kaleido Star that I hated with a passion…which sucks because it now turns out Nikora isn’t as bad as that chick but the memories of that character keep manifesting when I see Nikora xD I’m hoping those feels will die as I realize that Nikora isn’t that character…oh that character…(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

      My OTP? I’ve probably got problems for shipping them but I was hoping Gii and Alexia would somehow end up together…xD I didn’t take Gii’s pedo thing seriously (it wasn’t until volume #2 that I realized Gii was 100% serious about liking little girls) and I liked how dedicated he was to her. But then she died and any hope I had that maybe there was something was completely destroyed when Gii told us readers his feels for Alexia were totally like that of a father’s.

      Me: ( ༎ຶ ◡༎ຶ) …

      Glad you like the post x3 I love making Tid-Bits ~ <3


    • My friend who I’ve known since middle school laughs at me because when I find a character I really like, about 95% of the time, that character is either killed or gets maimed in a horrible way. That’s why I’ve stopped trying to claim favorites but I did it with this manga and BAM Alexia is dead. I loved how passionate she was to be all she could be and then fucking Olivie had to piss on my feels by hiring an assassin.

      That’s a good question. What happened to that dagger? The last we saw of it, the asshole fish smacked the rock it was perched on.

      Let’s see if the next chapter explains what happens because we’ll be in a bit of a bind without it haha (<-according to the rules of Shounen Oujo, because Albert's face isn't enough to prove he's who he claims to be xD).

      See, even in the ocean, you'll find assholes xD


  2. Lol, your TidBits for Shounen Oujo never fails to make me laugh; such a creative mind you have there. XD

    Is chapter 19 the latest chapter? And dammit, Yukihiro, do you HAVE to draw for cashcow Uta no Prince??? =___= I honestly think this is better than Uta no Prince…

    Lol, even if one of the character’s dead, don’t you still ship your otp? or is that not possible for you because you’ve been scarred…btw, are you not a fan of shounen-ai? I know that this is a shoujo manga, but I still can’t help but ship TheoXAlbert, -v-;


    • Haha thank you 8D Glad you like the summaries!

      Chapter 19 is indeed the latest! I’ll definitely let you all know when the next chapter is out. As of the July issue, nothing has been mentioned about Shounen Oujo’s return. I think we have to wait for Uta no Prince-sama to end first ^^:
      (TBH, all the Uta Puri adaptations Sylph has produced sucked. Either watch the anime or play the game. You feel empty reading the manga versions. However, the adaptations are what get Sylph its money so I guess you have to take the bad with the good :/)

      I wish I could still ship my pair but since he gotten older and she’s…well, dead and not older, it’s hard ; v ;
      I’m not much of a shounen-ai fan. I can’t see Albert and Theo as nothing more than bros xD


  3. Seriously, I thought of Titanic when I saw the ship was going towards the rock :p

    How Theo can be so slow? You know, Nikora jumped, then Albert Jumps after her, Gii is alone holding the damned rope and he is there like atarataratara o.O
    WTH darling?! Do something boy!!!! XD

    I’m curious abiut Nikora’s past, It seems no character had a happy past. :(

    And I have just been thinking the same as PN, I don’t believe she won’t notice Albert is a boy now they are all wet, you know, you can perceive this things.

    Thanks for posting this mangá.


    Jess :3


    • Haha, now I have “My Heart Will Go On” playing in the back of my head xD

      I guess we know who not to depend on in a crisis! Sorry, Theo but the pedophile is more responsive than you xD

      Indeed! Her past is depressing D: It’s bad enough everyone has it bad but then to be killed off too! Dang! Talk about a kick in the nuts!

      First rule of manga logic – don’t question manga logic xD
      You’re right. I mean, Albert isn’t wearing a bra or nothing. His man nips are there for everyone to stare at.
      Unless he just happens to be wearing a VERY thick shirt that somehow…masks his…non-existent boobs? o__O;

      No problem 8D I have fun with it! I’m just sad it’s not updated as much as the other Sylph series but what can you do ^^


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