Tid-Bits: Shounen Oujo Chapter 17

Guys dressing as girls. Girls dressing as guys. Only in the world of Shounen Oujo. What kind of crazy adventures will our young heroes find themselves in today?

…honestly? Nothing really too crazy haha.


“Just whose hand…does this belong to?”

Chapter 17 starts with Gii bursting into a room, screaming, aw hell no bitches! Naturally, the people in the room are looking at him like, dah fuq dude? ಠ_ಠ What is it this time?


The reason for Gii’s emotions is not because of the season finale of WalkingDead but because the ship is heading towards Lepula Island (hell if I know if I spelled that right). Why is that bad? Gii: BECAUSE THAT’S WHERE THE ENEMY IS GOING! THE GUY IN DRAG? THE ONE THAT KILLED HIS FAMILY AND NEARLY KILLED ALBERT? DAT MAN BITCH! I DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU PEOPLE BUT I AM SO NOT INTERESTED IN SEEING HIM AGAIN K?

(really, don’t know how Gii knows how the enemy is operating. This is the first time “Lepula Island” has ever been mentioned. I looked back at the previous volumes and yeah, no clue how the enemy knew about Albert being on a pirate ship still. They were all too busy running around due to the explosion Bomby let loose…from actual bombs, not from the tacos he ate earlier jk. How do they know Albert didn’t go on the pirate ship and get right off?)

(Things you don’t think about until you’re writing a summary lol).

Someone comes up behind Gii and slaps him over the side of the head. It’s Zeppu.

Zeppu: “They are YOUR enemies, not ours.”

The captain bursts out laughing, telling Gii it sucks to him and Albert (lol what a turd! xD). Realizing us readers have no idea what’s so awesome possum about Lepula Island, the captain fills us on the details. Lepula Island is a place where the shady can go to do shady dealin’s. As shady people themselves, this is the ideal spot for the pirates to get some cash (“For COAL experiments!” (*´꒳`*) Lol, captain. Why? xD). The captain also explains anyone from Morrian (whatever the name of the Queendom is) will have to fight the tides to get to Lepula Island…so it’s all cool, bro! ( ゚∀゚)

Gii: no it’s not щ(゚д゚щ)

Captain: “We have no plans of prying any information out of you. However, at the same time, we have no plans of helping you.”

Gii: (´;ω;`) the hell!?

Captain: “I know that sounds harsh but understand. It’s just like how you aren’t going to risk your lives for us. I too won’t endanger my crew for your sakes. THAT I will not allow.”

Gii: …f u :,(

Gii leaves, conflicted. By the time they get to Lepula Island, Albert will have to make his decision: Be a boy and say fuck you all or stay as a girl and fight for the Queendom.

Gii: “We’re running out of time.”

Just then, Albert runs by. He is being led by…a little girl? Uh oh. Guys. *looks at Gii*


Agreement, Albert. It has been awhile since we’ve seen pedo Gii xD


Ah, how we’ve missed you pedo Gii :) Glad to see the thought of prison rape hasn’t stopped you from being a pedo…

Theo materializes out of space to remind Gii there’s a special place in hell for pedophiles. Love how we’re given a excerpt on just what is considered “preying on young children.” Gii is like, please, son. I don’t touch the minors. I keep it in my head (◉◞౪◟◉ )

“Making young girls sad is not befitting of a true lolicon gentleman.”

Um, what, Gii!? xD

Naturally, Albert is like, just die, man! The little girl herself is cowering against Albert xD ‘Don’t let the clown touch me’ is what her face seems to say. How sad. You’d think being on a pirate ship would be more dangerous than Gii! xD

“Hey now, don’t you be laying a hand on my daughter.”

We turn to see…man, I really need to have a system for all these pirates. I’m calling him Philly because he reminds me of a Philly Cheesesteak (what?).



As Albert and Philly talk about WTF how are you married (lol Albert, that’s so cold…even though I thought the same thing when I found out he’s married to Minetto xDDDDD), Gii is in the background trying to figure out if they’re really on a pirate ship or the Disney Cruise line. Married people. Kids!? Dah fuq!?

Philly and Theo explain that on this ship, they have laws. Men and women are equal. They are judged based on hard work and principles, not on balls or boobs. Another law is that any booty gained is divided equally among the crew (my mind instantly turned this into a bad BL fic xD). A third law is everyone gets sick leave and health insurance. And all sorts of days off.

[Fuck, these guys have it better than pretty much everyone in America!!]

Finally, no fighting. Like the Shakira song. Any disagreements need to be settled democratically. Because everyone on this ship has a voice!

Albert is in shock (like me…). Health coverage, paid holidays, equal pay…the heck!? Sign me up for the pirate’s life! As he and the other pirates talk more about how things operate on the ship, Gii looks at Albert in guilt. Which path will Albert choose?

Sometime later, Philly leaves to do some work. Albert and co walk off. Gii is the first to ask where the heck are they going? Albert tells Gii that Minetto sent her daughter to get Albert for something. Theo? He just appeared like 4 pages ago. Don’t question it.

The daughter runs ahead and enters a room. “We’re here! I brought Ms. Princess!”

Albert and co follow only to be greeted by boobs. Like, no joke. Nikora is strutting around butt fucking nekkid. I was going to scan the picture but then I thought, so much awkward might happen if someone just happens to walk by as you got to the picture of ass nekkid Nikora.

Fair warning when you read the scans of Chapter 17. Make sure no one is around to see dat ass.

Also in the room is Minetto. And she has clothes on. She tells Albert they boiled some water for a bath and wondered if Albert wanted to join? Of course, Albert’s only thoughts are BOOBS. BOOBS, BIG BOOBS. He can’t even form sentences because BOOBS. xD

Remember Gii and Theo? They’re here too. And totally not caring about the boobs. Theo jokes about how big Nikora’s honkers are. Gii is like, they’re just mounds of fat hanging from her chest, Albert. Geezus, nothing to gawk at. ಠ_ಠ


And Gii, of course being Gii, tells Albert that bigger isn’t better. Little boobs are more this man’s game. (✧≖‿ゝ≖)


Nikora, already in the tub, turns around and faces Albert. Her legs spread in an aggressive stance, she yells at Albert.


Nikora: “Are you coming in or not!?”

Boobs + girl parts + “invitation to come in” = too much hentai fantasy for Albert. He falls over, with only the blood from his nosebleed to soften the impact.

Since Albert is down, we travel back to Morrian to go visit our favorite crazy transvestite. Olivie is putting on a shirt but we get a good look at his back. It’s filled with scars, as if he’s been whipped or cut.


“Your white skin is quite alluring.”

Leaning against Olivie’s (now?) open door is Pirate Bob, who is either leaning against the door trying to be cool or is leaning against the door because he wants a good view of Olivie’s butt. Whatever the reason, Olivie pulls his shirt on real quick, not happy with someone seeing his scars (or butt). Pirate Bob saunters in the room, still talking.

Pirate Bob: “Had you even a pinch of love from your mother, your body would not be as it is now.”

”Proof of your manhood was taken from you. You were beaten. Why was it just you who went through all that?”

As Pirate Bob talks, he comes up from behind Olivie and ties the strings on his shirt together….and guys…I swear to god,it looks like Olivie has no pants on in this scene so it’s really awkward because Pirate Bob is leaning on him like a horny Cyclopes.

Olivie is too busy stepping on flowers in his not so happy place to notice the GHEY coming off of Pirate Bob’s action.

All of Olivie’s pain was due to HER.


Pirate Bob…dem thighs

Pirate Bob: “You’re right. It’s the queen’s fault. Had this country given rights to men as well, none of that would have ever happened to you.”
”The Queen has been killed and all the women have been driven out of the palace.”
*leans down to whisper into Olivie’s ear: “What next?”


Olivie: “The obliteration of the royal heir.”


Lololol, Olivie has pants in this panel! I’m so amused! Where did those pants come from!? xDDDDDDD

Not phased by Olivie’s teleporting pants, Pirate Bob puts both of his booty grabbing hands on Olivie’s shoulders.

Pirate Bob: “Yes, with Alexia dead, you’ll inherit the throne. And I will support you from the shadows.”

Olivie: really? ಠ_ಠ totally not going to stab in me the back later on?

Pirate Bob: really! …yeah lol I probably will :) because I’m that kind of guy.

We leave Olivie as he goes, “Alexia!” rawr! (with Pirate Bob still attached to him xD) and return to Albert. He has awoken from his shit fit and is still thinking about boobs. He’s seen them in books but oh damn. In person is a WHOLE different experience (DID ALBERT JUST ADMIT TO READING PORN!?)! Then Albert begins to think…has he ever seen a pair of tits? When he was young…nope. And at the palace, the only one he ever saw nekkid was Gii.

Wait, what?


Albert: “Guess even I can get excited over seeing a girl’s naked body.”

Uh can we go back to that naked Gii thing please? No? Okay…

Frustrated with himself, Albert decides to go out on the poop deck and get some air. Unfortunately, he encounters boobs Nikora. She asks if he’s ok and Albert says yeah, he fainted because BOOBS he’s not used to BOOBS the pirate BOOBS life haha BIG TITTIES…. But then Albert decides to come clean some what and says my bad about fainting at the sight of her BOOBS nakedness. Nikora admits that she was surprised that Minetto had invited Albert to join them but there’s no need to be embarrassed about boobs. They’re both girls after all.

Albert: hahahaha yeah girls both of us….ha…ha >___>

She goes on to say how Gii and Theo weren’t affected by the sight before them (Albert: Gii’s into little girls and Theo’s an idiot…that’s not the same thing). That’s just how it is here. Albert will get used to it.

Nikora: “Oh wait. You don’t plan on sticking around that long, right?”

Before Albert can respond, Nikora continues. Albert has been fitting in reallllllll nice with the pirates. despite all the shiznick happening with his home. She pulls out the royal dagger from her bike shorts (really, I have no idea how she did that but she did) and holds it out. This dagger is the one thing Albert has to prove he’s royalty, yet he easily handed it over to Nikora. WTF, man!? She asks if Albert even gives a fark about his home? He’s supposed to protect his home yet he just threw that responsibility away.

Albert tries to tell Nikora that he’s not going to just leave Morrian. He did that to save his pedophile friend (Albert: …I need to choose my friends more wisely). Nikora doesn’t give a fark. He’s supposed to lead his country yet he’s not even trying.


DUN DUN DUNNNNNN Albert gets a cold hard slap in the face by life’s penis. It’s true. He says he wants to help Morrian yet here he is doing crap about it.

Before anything else can happen, something rocks the boat…even more lol. Nikora slips and accidentally drops the dagger…where it goes flying over the ship’s edge and into the sea.

Well, shit.


Chapter end.

I admit Nikora wasn’t my favorite character when we were first introduced to her (still isn’t now), but I think she’s exactly what Albert needs right now.

Since Gii seems to have done a shit job all this time.

Gii: hey now

Two more chapters and I’ll be all caught up ~

18 thoughts on “Tid-Bits: Shounen Oujo Chapter 17

  1. It looks like Olivie has no pants because the author skipped toning them. “LAWL, he looks nekkid.” I thought his thighs were oddly shaped for a naked bottom.

    Man, where are the villains who did made people’s lives terrible just for fun. None of this sad past to make me feel sympathy for them. I want to see a really smart villain mess around with the hero Joker style.

    Why hasn’t someone told Gii “NO QUIT YOUR SHIT. Nosebleeding over a child? REALLY? You know what, you need help.” Then send him to the supporting character time out and get Albert a new sidekick.


    • I knew there were pants but the manga-ka didn’t put the creases on them like in the other panel which made me go “uhhhh wtf? Suggestive much?” xD
      Lol, I don’t go based on anatomy anymore. I’ve seen too many weird things done with body parts xD Yaoi hands, my child. Yaoi hands.

      You’ll probably find those guys hanging around the shounen area. Shojo has a thing where you gotta make the guys sympathetic so the heroine can sort of redeem him with her shojo powers ~
      Now that I think about it, it’s rare to have a crazy person doing crazy things just because…unless they are a monster of the week thing. Then they’re just there to die/make the hero look good.

      Because no one cares lol ~ I feel that once Theo showed up on the scene, no fucks were given about Gii anymore xD
      Volume #2 scarred me a bit with Gii but I’m happy that volume #3 is redeeming his character a bit. I’ll take pedo Gii over annoying get pregnant bitch! Gii any day, dude.
      But in all seriousness, Gii does need to get help for his pedoness because Shounen Oujo is going to end with everything good for Albert, Theo, and the pirates while Gii is rotting in jail for having sex with a minor or child porn possession…or he’s swinging from the gallows. Not sure how the justice system works in SO :/


  2. actually… olivie IS wearing pants. DUN DUN DUN!
    you can see how his “legs” have wrinkles, so he actually had pants from the beginning~
    you guys just want everything to go BL! las agarré con las manos en la masa! hahaha
    (ya, i’m too lazy to go to google translate atm)
    come to the dark sideeee~~~~ ^q^

    i cant wait for albert to hit puberty =D


    • Lol, yeah, I know he has pants. It’s just that the first picture didn’t have the creases like the second picture does – was that on purpose??? xD To make us question what is going on haha??

      I’m too lazy for BL :P I like pretty boys but not with each other ^^

      You and me both :D I wonder what kind of man he’ll turn into??? I’m hoping something like Theo because damn, son. That boy aged well ~


  3. Albert I wanted it to continue counting Gii! It leaves me with doubt … :O
    Well at least it addresses more issues … although other situations …. pedo Gii xD
    Thanks for the summary! I love it!


    • Haha, no matter how strange the situation our boys get themselves in, I doubt it’ll ever go true BL. Sylph doesn’t have BL. It has pseudo-BL (in terms of jokes) but it never gets to shounen-ai/yaoi level. If you want man action, you gotta read series in BL mags xD

      No problem! Thanks for reading it :D


      • i don’t know sylph, but highly doubt this will ever be BL. it wasn’t created for that purpose. as you well said, it’s for the jokes.
        of course, i wouldnt mind if they started to seriously ship theo x albert =w= hahaha
        (when he hits puberty)


      • Yeah, I can totally see Albert going with Nikora…unless she dies too and Albert ends up forever alone with Gii whacked off in the background to loli porn.

        I haven’t read any of this manga-ka’s other works (Makai Ouji for example) so I don’t know how she rolls. If she puts characters together or if she leaves their fate up to fanfics. We’ll see ~


  4. I wonder if Minetto guess Albert is a boy… :/

    Gii is soooooo funny! Love him very much <3 Bwahahahahahaha
    Although he is a lolicom, he is a very nice gentleman, somehow he is.

    I'm very sorry for Olivie, I think the same thing that they did to Albert, they have done to him, but the people who found him were not nice as Albert's. :(
    Although I'm sorry for him I think he is crazy! Well, he suffered a lot, it seems.

    I share with you the same opinion about Nikora, I'm not really a big fan of hers.

    Thank u again for this review, it is really hard to find this manga on net, it takes tooo long, for people who translate and post have a thousand works at the same time and are not able to release it fast. I'm really thankful to them however.

    Do you know if it is possible for me to sign this magazine? I live in Brasil and I can't find it here, I can't find it at all T-T


    Jess :3


    • Haha, that would be hilarious if she knew Albert was a boy – thus the reason she kept her clothes on. Because that means she totally knew Nikora was going to come strolling past the gang in her birthday suit xD Could Minetto be a troll???

      Gii keeps things humorous. In real life, he’d be in jail and scorned by all of society but in manga, he’s just quirky xD

      That’s an interesting theory! We can only wait for future chapters of Shounen Oujo to shed light on Olivie’s past :<
      If I was whipped like that and had my nuts cut off, I'd be kind of wacky too…

      I'm not a fan of angry female characters xD I might eventually warm up to Nikora but right now I care more for Albert than I do her haha.

      Ah, I think the reason they haven't released any chapters is because the 3rd volume isn't out yet. Rather than subscribe to the magazine Shounen Oujo is serialized in, the group instead scans using the tankoubon. However, due to Shounen Oujo's erratic release schedule there isn't enough chapters to compile into a tankoubon, thus the delay :3 I remember reading this on their site.

      You can order the magazine off amazon.jp. There's also hmv.jp. I used to have a subscription with Fujisan.jp (they have an English site) but then I moved and now I live near a Japanese bookstore where I now order my books from :3 Hope that helped!

      Thanks for the comment x3


  5. Thank u! I’ll try amazon.jp >.<
    I thought I had to sbscribe the magazine, but it is better to buy through this site, so I can see if there is a new chapter of Shounen Oujo by looking the magazine's cover. I remember you said that this mangaka has lots of works to do and we do not know when there will be a new chapter. T-T

    I like angry female characters, I think I didn't like her, at first sight, because I thought she would tease Albert thinking he might have had an affair with Theo, but I think I was wrong. :3



    • Amazon.jp is nice because it’s fast but the shipping can be ridiculous unless you buy lots of stuff to even out the shipping.
      Yesasia has free shipping over $25 but it’ll sometimes take up to 2-3 wks to reach you ^^;
      Each site has its pros and cons!

      Yeah, the last chapter was chapter 19 which came out a few months ago. There hasn’t been another one since then ^^ While that’s nice for me since I’m all caught up on the Shounen Oujo summaries, it sucks because I want to know what happens!
      I recently saw that not only is the manga-ka working on Makai Ouji, Uta no Prince-sama Maji 2000%, that otome game,and Shounen Oujo, but apparently she’s also drawing illustrations for the Makai Oujo video game @___@ damn woman! Easy!

      Haha, we’re opposites then!
      But to all their own :3


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