Ahhhhhh so much stuff I wanted to post about this past week!! Damnnn you lack of time! Uhghhhhhhh, well. I’m surviving training if anyone is curious. Not dead yet. But oh damn…we need to talk about that real quick because us trainees were in a state of depression this past week because of it.

But I’ll start off with my burrito experience first ~

And fear not, it does not involve me shitting into a toilet, screaming wtf was I thinking.

Last week, the fates just so happened to schedule my time off work with another trainee who I talk with. ヾ (^∇^) I will call her Gabby. Gabby is a nice girl but she’s a talker. Like, to the point where she’ll tell you everyone’s secrets…but not just to you but to everyone else as well. You make sure to NEVER to tell anything confidential to Gabby.

NEVER. ಠ_ಠ

…but outside of that little habit, she’s pretty cool. A bit spazy like a shojo girl, but interesting (lol, I should be like a shojo hero: “Omoshiroi ~” oTL)

Anyway, I and one of the trainees in my group, L, were going upstairs to get our paychecks. Gabby just happened to be in the elevator we were going up in. After hearing where we were going, she decided to join us d=(´▽`)=b Because it’s more fun in a crowd. So we went up and searched for payroll only to be told if we signed up for direct deposit, our paycheck should be deposited tomorrow. Which is strange since when we signed up for direct deposit, we were told our paychecks won’t be deposited until 2 pay cycles later but whateva ~

That adventure out of the way, we all headed for the exit. Back on the elevator again, Gabby suddenly pulls out a flyer from her coat pocket. On it is an advertisement for all day $4 burritos (and people, that’s fucking dirt cheap where I live. Maybe back in the South, this was considered a bit uppity in price, but we ain’t in the South no more. This is City life now, bitches). Gabby mumbles about if she’s really interested enough to go grab some burritos from this place or not. She has to go to her bank and that’s all the way over there (where ever “there” is).

Being the socially starved creature that I am, I told Gabby that if she went, I would like to go too. I needed to grab something for dinner anyway. Why not a $4 burrito, gas free! When I got on board for the burrito thing, Gabby became more inclined to the idea of getting a burrito. However, she was still in debate about it.

We got off the elevator and headed out. I was still trying to convince Gabby about the burrito when we stopped at a light. I’d almost got Gabby Jonez-ing for a burrito when this dude walks by. Now, I wouldn’t have mentioned this dude had he not swung around all crazy and came waltzing over to us.

Aw, fuck me.

With a smile on his face, he asks if any of us have a cigarette on hand. Us: no GTFA. Like a father proud that he child said no to drugs, he praised us for not smoking. Us: uh… Then he began talking about random shit, like how the economy is and how we’re young and we need to follow our dreams.

Me: I am trying to follow my dream sir. Of hanging with my co-workers and getting a burrito out of it. Now if you could please leave so I can accomplish said dream >:(

But of course, like all dreams, they get shat on. He doesn’t leave. Instead, he keeps yapping away. As he’s talking, we’re all looking at each other like, ummmm, we don’t need this right now. Don’t make eye contact and he should leave.

And he did!

But he came back.

He took 3 steps away from us, waited a second at the cross walk, then came back.


All this time, he’s still been carrying on the conversation like we were with him the whole time. Somewhere in the course of his migration and rambling, the man’s conversation turned to Obama. The man praised Obama and said he was hot shit. Then, he pointed at us and said we could be the next Obama. We could be the next president! But then he took a good look at me and realized that I’m not African American. He swerved his head to look at Gabby and realized she was female. Then he looked at L who was both African American and male and proclaimed that L will be our next president.

Me and Gabby: fuck you ಠ_ಠ

After that, he started to walk away and crossed the street, all while muttering about how he has Obama (trapped?) on VHS ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) What?

I loved that Gabby had a big smile and said “I love this city…no, who the hell am I kidding? I fucking hate this city.” (,,#゚Д゚)


Along at last, we opened our mouths to talk about what to do when guess who was crossing back over? Yeah, I heart Obama dude. Not wanting to experience another creepy moment, we all scattered. Them to the bank (they go the same way) and me to my train station.

As I’m walking away, all I could think about was, DAMN. I almost had the opportunity to hang out with my co-workers and get some cheap ass Mexican cuisine….sigh. The thought preoccupied me all the way to my train station. Just as I get near the entrance of the train station, I pulled out my phone and found a text from Gabby. She asked where I went and weren’t we going for burritos?


After exchanging some texts, we decided to try hanging out for another time. But a part of me on the inside was thinking: If I ever see that burrito-blocking son of bitch, I’m punching him in his dick!!!! >:( On the train ride home, all I thought was PUNCH HIM IN THE DICK MAKE HIM BLEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDD! I didn’t even get to read my manga. I was that worked up (which is silly now that I think about it!)

I eventually settled down and got to text Gabby about it. She’s like, it’s creepers like him that give MY PEOPLE a bad reputation >:( lol

So that was one of my experiences. Not too bad, but it was memorable enough that I wrote an entry about it.

Oh but yes, the next day. The next day, a bunch of us trainees were going to have Happy Hour. As sad as this is going to sound, this would be the first time I ever going to a Happy Hour thing.

Well, the day goes as it should until we get to the end of the work shift. I asked to another trainee, who started a bit before me but I’m on friendly terms with, if we could go together. My own group couldn’t go due to reasons and I didn’t want to show up alone. So we met in the elevator and I notice she has this, omfg what just happened look. It wasn’t until the doors closed that she tells me: one of the trainees had just been fired.

Me: D:

Her: D:

Me: (iДi)

Her: (iДi)

Naturally our conversation to the bar comprises of: omfg a trainee was fired why what happened sweet jesus on a cracker are we next fuck fuck fuck. When we get to the bar, we both order our drinks (I got some blackberry campaign thing. Sounds really nasty but it wasn’t bad) and stew in our gloom. A few minutes later, the other trainees appear, order their drinks, and we all just vent our frustrations and fears for the first hour. Eventually the conversation turned to lighter things but it was of course still on our mind.

(Fuck, I never realized how expensive life in the city was. Fucking $12 for a burger!? Shit son! Even my Happy Hour drink was $6. Thankfully I don’t drink really so I only got the one drink to blend in. The rest of the night was pure water because shit if I’m getting drunk in the City. Also, I want to spend that money on other things x3!).

I’m thankful I had my dad and friend to talk with over the weekend because that really helped to settle my nerves. Come Monday, all the trainees received an email about a meeting Training is holding in the afternoon. A quick one.

Us: Quick as in the information given will be quick or quick as in “you’re all fired have a nice day”????

The higher ups must have noticed the jittery state of the trainees because we were all sat down and given a rough summary on what happened. We were told we were safe and that our supervisors haven’t complained about us so don’t go thinking we’re just going to be kicked out like X.

Us: … >___> *still nervous*

So yeah…that’s the big news. We’ve settled down a lot. Things have been processing forward. The news about the firing is still there, but we’re trying to push into the recess of our minds and focus instead on surviving training and getting through the year without fucking up hard and getting fired.

(we’re on probation for a year – after that, you wanna fire me, you gotta talk to the union, bitch)

Oh, and to end things, Gabby said on the bus the other day, she saw that burrito blocking son of a bitch from earlier. I asked if she punched him in the balls for me but she just laughed. I didn’t expect her to. This is the city. He’d probably pull out a gun and shank her with it. Because that’s how guns function in the city…as knives.

4 thoughts on “Journal: YOU COULD BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT!

  1. …..Michi, please come back. Before somebody shanks you with his belly button ring while singing songs about sheep and the White House.

    I’m glad you’re surviving. And even though you were burrito blocked, at least you seem to have nicer co-workers unlike those other interns. And have a bunch of crazy stories to tell.

    I don’t think I’ll ever have a “Happy Hour” hangout unless people are cool with me drinking tea or water. I’m sure once the initial friendship waters have been penetrated (for some reason I could not find any other way to express this) and you find good friends, most hours will be happy hours. :)


    • Haha, thanks Cree. Life is definitely interesting here in the city xD

      As long as you get a light drink, you’re fine. I usually get a Miller Light or some drink on sale. Just one. The rest of the time I drink water. Drinks are kind of price-y.
      (Don’t worry. I’m not shooting back Jello-shots or anything like that xD Lol, please.)

      You’ll see when you work in the real world. Being social shows you’re able to interact with others and get things done. Also, you might end up making some great friends this way :)


  2. Funnily enough, right after reading your experience with the burrito-blocker I had one similar myself. Not involving burrito though. XD
    I was going to the gym like a good little pokemon when a totally random old guy on the street started talking to me about the weather, how it was a cold morning etc etc. Since it was pretty early I tried to be polite thinking he was simply in a good mood because, I unno, morning people seem to be always in a good mood (<- total prejudice created in the mind of an un-morning person)? So I said yeah yeah, it's pretty cold, gotta go, bye bye. The weird thing was that even as I continued walking the guy kept talking after me. XD 20 meters, still talking, 30, 40, 50 meters he's still screaming after me about the weather while I am just kinda waving at him veeeery awkwardly. Finally I coincidentally meet a friend and the weirdo decides to gives up his unusually polite screaming monologue. Can't remember the last time I felt so awkward. XD
    But yeah, it's pretty hard to shake off those kinds of people. I found out that the best response is an icy smile, an uninterested attitude and a very firm "sorry, gotta go/I'm in a rush/not interested". Unfortunately some guys are pretty thick skinned even then. :/ Good luck evading the burrito blocker! And don't stress yourself too much over the guy that got fired, have fun socialising when you finally get some free time. :D


    • Oh my gawd D: How creepy! Thank goodness you met your friend so you got protection in the form of numbers.
      Dang creepy old people! Quit being so creepy!

      I’ve slowly learned who I should talk with and who I shouldn’t. But it’s still awkward. Especially when people come on the train asking for money. I just stare at my poke’mon game and pray no one talks to me xD

      Thanks! Life is slowly getting better ^^ I’ve still got my job after all!
      And I’m slowly making friends at work. It’s just hard with us all being in training and feeling dead all the time after work.
      Once we’re real workers, then we’ll have stable work hours! Which means we can be social after work! xD


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