02.2013 Lala Part II


ヒノコ (Hinoko)
Chapter 9
津田雅美 (Tsuda Masami)

Having caused such a big ruckus in the last chapter, our two characters decide sticking around isn’t the best of options. Main girl Mayura suggests they go to another country, which Shin is all over. Seriously, he fangirled more than a Project K fangirl xD And that’s what they do. They bump into some kid and help him out before they continue on their adventure.


Favorite part: when Shin asked why the kanji for “happiness” is represented by “handcuffs.” All I could think of was 50 Shades of Gray xD


うそカノ (Fake Girlfriend)
Part 1
林みかせ (Hayashi Mikase)

Not sure what to make of Uso-Kano at the moment.

Uso-Kano starts with protagonist Subaru shouting:

“I’ll do it! I’ll pretend to be your girlfriend!”

ditto freak face

Main guy:

drinking water but not really what the fark smile confused

Naturally the dude she just exclaimed this to is like, the hell? Who are you, crazy woman? Turns out like all girls in shojo, Subaru has a thing for main dude Iriya. A while back, she wasn’t feeling well and went to the nurse’s office to get some R&R. When she went in, she found Iriya sprawled on one of the beds. I guess as a customary thing, you use a curtain to give both patrons some privacy. However, that particular day was a blistering hot one and Subaru wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of lying on a bed with the curtain up (I guess the curtain makes it hotter?) (wtf is this school too ghetto for some AC in the nurse’s office!?). Just as she was about to pull the curtains, Iriya wakes up. He tells her she doesn’t have to pull the curtains shut. He’s leaving. Before he exits stage left, he notices her sickly pallor and gives her a wet cloth. Since that day, Subaru has had the hots for Iriya. Even to the point where she kind of stalks him and takes all sorts of pictures of him. >___> …it’s more creepy than cute, actually…

I guess Subaru is a regular at the nurse’s office (she has anemia). This particular day, she collapsed while at an assembly. When she came to, she overheard Iriya – who also hangs out at the nurse’s office – muttering about needing to find someone to pose as his girlfriend. Not even pausing to think the situation through, Subaru bursts through the curtains and says she’ll take the job, bringing us back to the present.

After taking a few minutes to recover from his shock, Iriya says, ok let’s do this. And they become a fake couple. Subaru is all sorts of happy about it but her sister thinks this is all a mistake. Thank you sister for being the rational thinker in all this. The sister tells Subaru that she is being used and will only get hurt in the end. However, Subaru is a shojo girl and she’s like, nah, it’ll work out. Shit will fly but then it’ll end with me getting the guy because this is shojo :3 *innocent*

Sister: *facepalm*


Things actually go nicely for the fake couple. Iriya is a nice guy and Subaru has her dream of dating Iriya ~ <3 They have some pretty cute moments. However, towards the end, we learn the reason why Iriya asked Subaru to be his fake girlfriend. Turns out he has a thing for the school nurse and wants the nurse to think he’s moved on by having a girlfriend. What will Subaru do now that she realizes Iriya already has someone special in his heart?

Again, not sure how I feel about Uso-Kano. Right now it’s teetering on the edge of entertaining and dumb. The next chapter will decide my feels. If main girl Subaru can manage to be naive without being too stupid, then I think I can manage. However, if she turns out to be another one of those face-palm inducing shojo heroines…


図書館戦争 LOVE&WAR (Library Wars Love & War)
Toshokan Sensou: Love & War
Chapter 53
弓きいろ 原作/有川 浩 (Yumi Kiiro // Story by: Arikawa Hiro)


Wow, I’m so out of the loop with Library Wars. Not EVEN going to try and summarize the chapter. Basically some dude in a wheelchair gets fired for doing something and everyone is sad about it. I’m sorry guys. I’m still on volume #1 of the manga…and I haven’t read it in a while so I need to refresh my memory with what’s going on and who is who…


学園ベビーシッターズ (Gakuen Babysitters)
Chapter 40
時計野はり (Tokeino Hari)

Chapter 40 serves as a flashback chapter. We get more background on the character Usaida ~ And that’s it xD


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