Febrezing Satan’s Corruption

Hello all ~ Been a while ~ Lots of fun stuff has been happening but man, most of the time I’m too dead to do anything! This was pretty much me last week:


Training is quite the harsh mistress ^^: The lack of lunches hurts too. Once, I was so hungry, after we got out of the lab, I just shoved my sandwich into my face as I walked around doing my last minute whatevers before I left for the day (no comp time yeah ~). My labmate saw me with my sandwich hanging out of my mouth and just nodded his head in sympathy. “I totally understand” was all he said as we passed each other xD

Other than the crazy pace and the lack of lunch/breaks (once, I went 6 hours without peeing or getting a drink of water… o—o I do not recommend that…man is supposed to drink water and pee often…I don’t care if our ancestors only drank a tea cup of water every three days and could hold their pee for a week. I’m spoiled and so is my bladder. We don’t roll that way), I’m having fun :3 It’s interesting to learn all these new techniques and play with fancy machines ~ Plus my labmates are pretty awesome 8D

There’s so much I want to talk about but gahhhhh I’ve got to get ready for bed soon. So instead, I’ll talk about random things that caught my eye today. First: I started to read Gakuen Babysitters on my commute. I had just opened the tankoubon when the lady next to me asked me where I got the book. I told her it was from Kinokuniya (I better get a coupon or something for this, Kino. I just advertised for you). She was like, oh I’m looking for a planner like that. I like those cute illustrations. Now, I think she got confused and thought my manga was a planner because I had just opened the tankoubon to the first page where there was only a small illustration in the bottom corner and I had my pencil out (I use the pencil to circle words I don’t know to look up later – I have no qualms about marking up my manga xD It’s in the name of studying!). I clarified with her that what I had was a book but Kinokuniya does have planners – probably not Gakuen Babysitter ones but maybe something just as cute. She then asked me to text her the name of the store.

Huh? o__O

Me: …uh no, let me just enter it into your phone’s notebook feature.

Her: oh hahahaha ~ thanks ~

And that was that thankfully. Because the situation turned kind of creepy there when she indirectly asked for my number. She started to text to someone on her phone but it was in Spanish so I couldn’t understand what she was writing but it probably went something along the lines of “damn I didn’t get Sylphalchemist’s number she’s so cool fudge I wish I could be like her and have my fart smells like vanilla ice cream too~~~”

Lol, who are we kidding. She probably was texting “Missed a possible target…will try another…keep the car running ಠ_ಠ ”

Because I judge.

Interesting thing #2:

While riding the train, a bunch of people got on. One lady started to talk kinda loud. Now, at first I thought she was on the phone talking to someone in another language and just forgot her surroundings because that’s happened before. However, she started to increase the volume of her voice so I could hear her more…some what. In really broken English, she was proclaiming the word of God and we needed to pay attention. We must stop listening to Satan and his sexting. He’s corrupting us.



Her English was really hard to make out but I know I heard Satan and sex repeatedly. Whether it was sexting for sure, I can’t tell you. Anyway,  she went on about Satan’s sexting until her stop came (two stops after the one she boarded) and she left…all the while still talking about that sexting thing.


Interesting thing #3:

This dog. Omg, this dog. I wouldn’t have noticed him had he not been peeing on the sidewalk. I started to think about my dog back at my dad’s (and how peeing on the cement would have driven her mad) when the dog looked up at me.


















I shit you not, this was the hairstyle the dog had (・∀・) I have no idea where his ears were because I saw none. Unless his ears were styled to look like hair!? Maybe!? I don’t know – really looked like he was wearing a wig to be honest xDDDDD Omg, that dog! Now that I’m reflecting on it, that dog is the kind of bishi dog you’d see on dog smut books with him hanging on the girl dog as her collar starts to slip off xDDDDDDDD


I’m sexy bitches ~

Interesting #4

When I went home after a day of sitting in front of my computer all day (change of pace!), I got on the train and there was this homeless dude curled up in the fetal position on the seats. I was kind of surprised by how nonchalant everyone was taking in the situation. I guess they are used to this because people just kind of gathered around him…like gave him room but not too much room because they wanted to fit on the train. Even despite the fact he was smelly didn’t deter people. One guy just opened the window above the sleeping man to air the cart out and another lady had a thing of febreze and sprayed the area. Yeah, you read that right. She pulled out febreze. A fucking spray bottle of febreze!


Lady: guys, don’t worry. I got the Febreze for this week. Tom, can you cover my shift for next week? Thanks man. Now, who’s got the deodorant?

Annnnndddddddd, that’s it :3 Yeah time for bed ~

4 thoughts on “Febrezing Satan’s Corruption

  1. Is the picture of the guy with the moving eyes you? Or were you referring to the eyes being like how you feel? I laughed so hard when I saw the picture because I have been following your blog for awhile now and thought you were a girl? Lol anyway love you blog and hope to keep reading about your adventures in the big city!


    • Lol, no no no that’s not me. Not unless I was on NBC (or whatever station that is in the bottom corner of the gif) and didn’t know it xD No he just represents my feels xD Haha, now I’ll forever look at that picture and think, wow, someone thought I was him. Is that a good thing or not? Would I be considered a bishi in this gif or… xD
      I’m just messing with ya :P

      As long as the city provides me with interesting stories, then these entries will continue to fly out 8D


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