02.2013 Lala Part I


Man, I have no idea where my camera’s cable is ;___; Probably hidden somewhere in these bunches of boxes I have yet to open. So until I find the cable, I will have to use my phone and scanner to take pictures… That aside, enjoy Part I of the February issue of Lala!


夏目友人帳 (Natsume’s Book of Friends)
Natsume Yuujinchou
The Binds which Much Not Tie Part II
緑川ゆき (Midorikawa Yuki)

Unlike Part I, I didn’t really understand much of what was going on in Part II. More talk about that forbidden shiz. What I can tell you is the spirits haunting Taki’s house were found and after hanging with Taki, learn not to hate humans as much as they did before they got trapped in her house ~ Yay ~ The spirits leave and Natsume awaits his next supernatural filled chapter ~

Whenever I see Taki, I keep getting Fruit's Basket Tohru vibes xD

Whenever I see Taki, I keep getting Fruit’s Basket Tohru vibes xD

oTL wow, what a shitty summary. Unfortunately, when the story is like 50 chapters in and I start there, I can only be so knowledgeable about what’s going on ^^; I’m just waiting for a nice VIZ sale with Rightstuf before I get the rest of Natsume and Library Wars ~ Because I love saving money <3 (because that means I get to spend that money on something else! Yay capitalism!)


Who’s the guy in the background running around with a stick in his mouth!? o__O Better hope he doesn’t trip and fall on his face…

赤髪の白雪姫 (The Red Headed Snow White)
Akagami no Shirayuki-Hime
Chapter 42
あきづき空太 Akiduki Sorata

AKA2I guess we’re back to following the main story? *shrugs* The plot for this chapter follows the swordswoman Kiki and Zen’s BFF Mitsuhide. Now, since my only exposure to Akagami no Shirayuki-Hime was the last chapter (41), I’m not too sure what’s going on plot-wise so I’m just going to give my best interpretation with what I just read.

The drama starts when Mitsuhide gets super pissy after learning that Kiki was supposed to leave the castle they work at after a year of service due to an agreement between her and her father. However, it’s been 5 years since that agreement and Kiki’s still here. It’s only now that Mitsuhide gets the news about her condition. Not sure why he’s pissy…might have something to do with Kiki leaving to visit her old man? Maybe something else in the previous chapters? *again, shrugs*

While Zen and …I don’t know his name cower in the corner because Mitsuhide’s got his grumpy pants pulled up to his nipples, Kiki decides she needs to be the bigger man and talk to Mitsuhide. However, Mitsuhide is kind of sulking so he’s not being too cooperative. Kiki’s like, that’s cool, just listen to what I have to say. Kiki tells Mitsuhide she stayed instead of leaving because she wanted to be by Mitsuhide’s side as they protected Zen (not sure if that was a confession or not…do they have the hots for each other?). We take a jump into the past. Mitsuhide first meets Kiki at some ball. However, Kiki is very secretive about her identity and only tells Mitsuhide she’ll explain everything later. When later does happen, Mitsuhide finds Kiki and Zen having a sword match. Mitsuhide’s excited that Zen made a guy friend to which Zen is like, you’re an idiot. Kiki comes forward and introduces herself. Dun dun ~

x3 I really like Akagami no Shirayuki-Hime ~ the artwork is so cute and I love the character interactions ~ Unfortunately right now, I’m working on catching up with Gakuen Babysitters so I’ll have to wait to play catch up with Akagami ~


ラストゲーム (Last Game)
Game 15
天乃 忍 (Amano Shinobu)

Chapter 15 focuses on third wheel Kei and his dilemma about being the loser in the Last Game love triangle. He wakes up one morning to find a care package sent from his parents who live in the sticks. Inside the box is a shitton of veggies that he as a college student will never be able to consume since college students don’t eat vegetables (unless pizza still counts as a vegetable). When trying to pass the greens on to a friend, Kei finds himself instead playing host to his friends as they visit his apartment to have some stew. There we learn about Kei’s shitty luck with everything. For example, due to bout of food poisoning/the shits when he was younger, he ended up losing not only his position on the baseball team but also the girl he likes. I guess other shiz has happened before this but we’re never told at this moment. Determined to turn his life around, he moved to Tokyo where his shit luck still exists. The chapter ends with him watching Kujou and Yanagi be all lovely dovey while he cries himself a river.


Not a bad chapter. I like that progress is finally being made romance-wise. Thanks to Kei’s inadvertent help, Kujou has come to realize her feels. Now all we have to do is wait for both to finally get the balls to confess. I’m still not convinced if I like Last Game enough to buy the previous tankoubon. I feel like I’m comfortable where I am. Kujou kind of annoyed me in the last chapter with her retardation when it came to love so I think I’d probably not enjoy the series from the beginning ^^;

PS. Concerning your apartment Kei, I feel for you. When the gang went over to visit Kei’s apartment, they were shocked that it wasn’t the best of qualities. Rent is expensive in Tokyo so Kei had to find a place that was economical for his wallet. Living in a big city, I can understand having to find a place that was within budget but in a safe place. My apartment may not be huge but I can at least afford rent and utilities every month and the neighborhood I’m in is relatively safe. But I’m sure people coming to visit will be like, wtf is this hole? Me: my castle. Now stfu unless you want to sleep with the homeless guy over there.


三日月とオレンジ (Crescent Moon and Orange)
Mikazuki to Orange
Part II
ふじつか雪 (Fujitsuka Yuki)

Last we left off, third wheel Uno laid down some threats to keep Mitsuki away from the night class. However, apparently that didn’t work since the chapter opens with Youta meeting Mitsuki at her school lol. Just as the two start talking about what to do, Uno pops in like an unwanted pimple and ruins the atmosphere. After some bickering between Youta and Uno, Youta agrees to keep away from Mitsuki for awhile. Mitsuki is naturally all, the hell – no I’m not cool with this. Get those sweet bishi buns back here (,,#゚Д゚) Despite the fact Uno is like 2 feet from them and can probably hear anything the two say to each other, Youta whispers to Mitsuki that he’ll think of something so until then, they always have tumblr ~ So Youta is out of the picture and Mitsuki is a sad mushy banana over the lack of Youta in her life.

One day after exams, Uno again pops up like a bad fart in a crowded train and asks Mitsuki to hang with him. When asked why as they are walking away together, Uno says he just wanted to hang with Mitsuki because he likes her (♥óò)ノ♡ Mitsuki: YES! I mean, crap I’m a shojo heroine. No sorry dude. I can only have feels for Youta. Maybe in fan fiction or something, buddy? However, like all shojos at some point, a random thug enters the scene (after he nearly runs over Mitsuki because she for some reason felt the need to back up in surprise towards the road after Uno confessed to her . Yeah, we learn to stop questioning why shojo girls do what they do ^^;). Mr. T recognizes Uno and starts commenting about how uppity Uno is given the fact his brother is fucktard. Rather than respond, Uno just walks away. No use reasoning with stupid people.

Mitsuki stops Uno before he can walk away like a badass (no really, he’s stopped like 2 steps after dissing Mr. T): during the commotion, she dropped her bag over the side of the bridge they just happened to be walking on.

Him: You just don’t want me to have this little victory do you :/

MIKAZUKI2So they go down to find her bag (love how Mr. T just gets on his bike and leaves. Like, opportunity for some fist throwing missed). That’s when Uno and Mitsuki have a bit of a heart to heart. Uno hates people who don’t give a fark about their lives like his fucktard brother. Judging from the blurry picture next to Uno’s speech bubble, I guess his bro was a thug and got injured while doing some thug tricks on a motorcycle? Yeah, I’m not sure because we’re never really told what happened to the bro. Anyway, he likes level headed people like Mitsuki. That’s why Uno doesn’t want Mitsuki to hang with the night class who he believes are fucktards like his bro. Mitsuki has her turn in the conversation (can’t hog it all, bro). She explains you can’t judge people based on appearances. It was thanks to Youta that Mitsuki was able to become the person before Uno. He helps her and lets her rely on him. She loves him. When Uno confessed to Mitsuki, it wasn’t because he loved her. It’s because he liked her as a person, right? Hopefully one day, Uno can get some :)


what no mudkip

Realizing he has no chance to get into Mitsuki’s pants he was wrong to judge people based on their hair color and the number of piercings in their ears, Uno deletes the picture he took at the end of Part I and gives his phone to Mitsuki to show proof of his action. Mitsuki is all, ohhhhhhhh so this is a cell phone (●´∀`●) (which had me staring at her speech bubble in silent shock for a second. Apparently Mitsuki is…out of date with technology. Like, not only does she not have a cell phone, but…apparently she’s never seen one!? WTF, you go to SCHOOL, fool! That’s like…cell phone paradise there!). Just because we need some drama before the chapter ends, Mr. T pops up with a friend. He’s like, we’re going to beat you up now (a little late but whatever). Mitsuki freaks and calls Youta’s number. Turns out Youta just happened to be walking at that exact area when she called. He comes jumping off the bridge (not sure how…because that’s a high jump. That’s like jumping from the roof of my 4 story apartment) and the thugs get scared because Youta just jumped off a fucking 4 story (minimum) tall bridge and didn’t break his legs. Once they leave, the three talk (like how the boys were all, how did you know Youta’s # if you don’t have a cell phone? Her: I memorized it. Me: damn, I barely know my OWN number! Them: who does that!?). Uno tells Mitsuki that hey, I’m cool with being friendzoned. We’ve only got one more chapter so meh.


The chapter ends with Youta suggesting Mitsuki create an astronomy club for the day class so they can all hang together without shit hitting the fan ~

Chapter end ~

Wow, talk about a fast ride. The next issue of Lala will have the final chapter of Mikazuki to Orange. Still not sure how I feel about the series. Not having read the first two one-shots hurts me as a new reader :/

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