01.2013 Lala Part II


Well, I finally got to watch Black Swan. And people, that shit was messed up like a fruit stand after a car rammed into it. At first, the prologue made me think of the anime Princess Tutu, only 3-D and with no ducks. However, once it got to the part about “touching yourself” that’s when everything went downhill. The movie should have been rightly named “Feeling up Some Junk” because that seemed to be the focus of the series – either touch your junk or someone else’s. The ending kind of tied everything together but really, the whole “exploring the south” bits weren’t necessary. I personally think the “sexiness” was just fan service for the guys whose girlfriends dragged them to see the movie (because really, what guy would want to watch the Black Swan when he can have something more testosterone inducing?).

Oh well, the movie was free plus it killed some time.

And disturbed me to no end.

With that, let’s transaction from fingering yourself to shojo! (lol what a horrible segue xD)


赤髪の白雪姫 (The Red Headed Snow White)
Akagami no Shirayuki-Hime
Chapter 41
あきづき空太 Akiduki Sorata

Wow ~ what a cute series ~ I’m sort of surprised VIZ hasn’t licensed Akagami no Shirayuki-Hime in English yet :o The artwork is adorable and the characters are pretty likable! Of course, I’m basing my assumptions on this one chapter but really, I may have to go back and start this series from the beginning (that’s how much I’m liking it) :3

aka2Not much to say for chapter 41. The whole thing was pretty much a date chapter for the main chick, Snow White, and the prince guy, Zen. Very cute. BTW the two spoke of other characters in the Akagami no Shirayuki-Hime world but since this is my first real introduction into the series, I had no idea who those people were. Sorries.

My only complaint with the chapter is the two only held hands. I was under the impression they were dating but I guess they’re still in the beginning of their relationship? (I could have sworn I saw pictures on tumblr where the two kissed?) Ah, but if I want kissing, I should read josei, not shojo xD Usually in shojo, the only kissing to be found are accidental kisses, kisses from love rivals, and the YAY WE’RE FINALLY A COUPLE/YAY WE GOT BACK TOGETHER kiss on the last page :3


敵は王サマ (My Opponent is a King)
Teki wa Ou-sama
Chapter 1
石原ケイコ (Ishihara Keiko)

The second new series in Lala ~ I believe the manga-ka is known for her work, Ojousama no Untenshu, but I know her best from the Aka Lala one-shot, The Rose Princess’s Awakening :3 Teki wa Ou-sama starts with main girl Nobara, age young, being ganged up by her pint sized peers. I believe the other girls are richy riches and are questioning Nobara’s purpose at their fancy smancy party. Nobara explains her grandpa is friends with someone here and that’s how they got invited. The girls proceed to make fun of Nobara and her rural roots. However, before things can get too ugly, a young boy appears and is like, agriculture and grandpas rule! ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) This statements causes both to realize they have a kindred spirit in the other and they spend their time bonding over their love for gardening and old people. However, their time together was short and the two had to part. Before she leaves, the boy – Ibuki – gives her a pocket watch that in turn was given to him by his grandpa. Ibuki tells Nobara to return the watch to him when they meet again in the future.

Jump to the future. Nobara is older. She’s worked hard to get into a prestigious school where Ibuki supposedly is since his family owns the school (she knows this due to grandpa. Oh old people and their scuttlebutts). Excited to meet her fellow member in the WE LOVE OLD DEGENERATES! club, Nobara wonders what kind of person Ibuki turned into. Most likely a prince character right?


Oh hell no xD

Instead we find he’s turned into…I guess…a Japanese bishi version of Genghis Khan. Everyone is scared of him to the point where they won’t go near him.

Nobara doesn’t care what the masses say. She tries to get his attention, yelling stuff only he would know. When she mentions their love for their grandpas, that’s when Ibuki stops and turns feral. He pretty much tells her she’s an ugly fat hairy cow and walks away.

Nobara: D8

ou2Turns out Ibuki has some sort of anti-grandpa thing going on so anytime anyone mentions ‘grandpas” around him, he goes ballistic.

(wow shojo….really? ಠ_ಠ)

Anyway, the whole plot for this first chapter revolves around Ibuki kicking out a dude from the soccer team. While gardening with the school’s janitor (don’t ask), Nobara accidentally overhears the soccer dude talking with his soccer bros about how he got rid of someone else on the soccer team so he could take his place. Now, I’m not sure how this dude got the other dude to quit the team. The word used has two meanings (Kawaigari) : one is some sort of strict sumo wrestling training that involves a senior whipping his junior (wtf) and the other meaning is making the other person fall in love with the person. I’m confused because one of the soccer bros goes on to say that the one who left was totally loyal to the ass guy and ended up quitting the soccer team because of the shock of being betrayed. The ass guy is like, yeah I liked him too but he was taking too much of the lime light.


Here’s the original exchange. If someone with Japanese experience has time on their hands and wants to help a newb like me, that’d be awesome! If not, oh well:

Ass: また、ここで「かわいがり」しちゃう?うちの純情エース山田君みたいに

Maybe I should use ‘Kawaigari” again? Kind of like what I did with our innocent star player Yamada?

Bro: ひでーな 山田 お前に懐いてたのに。裏切られたショックで部活来なくなったじゃん

Dude, that was harsh. Yamada really looked up to you. He was so shocked by your betrayal that he stopped coming to the club.

Ass: 俺だって好きだったよ。俺より目立ってなけりゃね

Hey I liked him. I just didn’t want him to outshine me.

Nobara is in the background going omfg what did I just hear… (so yeah…)

Well whatever they’re talking about, they plan on doing that Kawaigari thing on Ibuki as revenge. Nobara gets discovered and at first tells them words are louder than actions. The ass guy is like, well, you should be all for taking Ibuki down because he was such an ass to you. Nobara tells ass guy that Ibuki is not an ass. Ass guy is the ass. And he has stumpy legs! Naturally ass guy isn’t pleased with having his assets insulted and proceeds to throw a punch at her as he cries about his flaws (no seriously, he’s got tears in the corner of his eyes xD).

Ibuki flies in from somewhere and takes the punch. His cousin…friend…guy that walks around with him…pops out of no where with his cell phone in hand. He recorded the whole thing. Ibuki then proceeds to go from shojo hero to Hitler and tells ass man he is now Ibuki’s bitch unless he wants the video to go viral.

Ass: D:

Nobara, now given the chance to talk to Ibuki, asks him what happened to him. He used to be so cool as a kid. Now he’s just a turd. He pretty much tells her to go fuck herself. People change. Just because he’s not like his old self doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with who he is now (<__< okay um…okay). After some crying and monster gardening, Nobara learns from the janitor that Ibuki is the one who orders the gardens at the school to look pretty. Looking to her side, she’s like, oh fuck where did this come from? as she looks at a fancy cultivated garden xD This is actually a connection to her past because Ibuki’s grandpa was like, oh school is a garden and you need to tend to the students there to make them grow up big and strong. Little Ibuki seconded his grandpa’s thoughts because he’s super ghey for his grandpa and goes on to say that yup, I’m going to turn the school into a garden and when we meet again, I’ll show you Nobara!

Nobara realizes that she should have never told Ibuki that he was better when he was a grandpa loving shota. She doesn’t know what sort of things he went through to change him into the person he is today. But she wants to learn everything ~ because she’s a shojo girl ~

The next day we see Nobara waiting outside the school gates for Ibuki. When he does appear, she apologizes to him and tells Ibuki she will work hard to get to know the Ibuki before her. However, as she talks, a bit of her hick accent comes out. From her hick accent, Ibuki suddenly realizes oh shit, it’s you!

Nobara: 8D


Nobara: 8D …huh?



会長はメイド様!(The Student Body President is a Maid! // Maid-Sama!)
Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
藤原ヒロ Fujiwara Hiro

Whoa…what in the world has happened to Maid-sama!? Last I remember, it was about a female student who worked at a maid cafe to earn money yet I guess was ashamed of it because she tried to keep it a secret only someone from her school found out about it (of course) and lol comedic adventures filled with sexual tension ho ~ ! How’d we go from that to the guy Usui chillin’ in England and I guess turning into some kind of pop star? And why is main girl Misaki all hell no I’m not going to stand by and let this shit fly we’re going to England even though I’m pretty sure we should still be in school but yeah whateva! ?


Gawd, he looks so creepy. Like he wants to bang her while she’s sleeping o__O

And why is that one ass from the first volume all of a sudden part of Misaki’s gang and has possible feels for her!? HOW MANY LOVE TRIANGLES DOES THIS SERIES NEED BEFORE IT’S SATISFIED D8

Okay I’m done. On to the next series!


狼陛下の花嫁 The Bride of the Wolf King
(Ookami-Heika no Hanayome)
Chapter 40
可歌まと (Kauta Mato)

In this month’s chapter of Ookami-Heika no Hanayome, the main dude’s aunt comes to visit. The main girl who I believe is pretending to be the main dude’s waifu is super nervous about the meeting and isn’t sure she can do it. However, she’s pretty much told lol fuck you girl you want money you go do it. And she does because I guess she’s poor or something. Auntie fangirls over the main girl Yuurin and requests the two meet again to have girl time. The two do and Yuurin becomes a groupie of auntie’s fan club since the aunt is so cool and awesome and filled with chocolatey goodness (most of us Americans are also filled with chocolatey goodness but that’s because we have diabetes).

wolf2Judging from the tension between the two, I’m guessing right now main girl Yuurin and the emperor are at the point in the story where they have feels for each other but they’re not ready to have the confession scene yet. Instead we have misunderstandings and each thinking oh woe is me s/he doesn’t like me like I like him/her.

Yuurin goes to meet auntie again and auntie asks Yuurin how the emperor is in bed what about him does she like? Yuurin tries to follow the script by saying he works hard and that he’s strong and scary (<- xD). Then she adds that even though he’s close by, he feels so far away…

Auntie: o__o huh?

Yuurin wonders if what she is saying is a lie or a truth. Before she can get an answer, the emperor appears behind her and is like sup, nice conversation you have going ok let’s go. He grabs her and bids his aunt a farewell, telling the aunt to take in the sights with the tour guides he provided. Both he and the aunt have a creeper eye moment before the emperor leaves with Yuurin. He and Yuurin have a cute moment while the aunt tells her teacup that she’s very interested in Yuurin.

End ~

…oh gawd, don’t tell me the aunt is evil. Really?

2 thoughts on “01.2013 Lala Part II

  1. WOMAN. HOW COULD YOU HAVE NO READ AKAGAMI. one of my favourites but i’ve never blogged about it. excellent lala posts btw!

    its making me miss my old days…im no longer subscribed to any magazine(God forbid) due to the direction of my little life.
    was staring at an issue of Aoi Lala wanting to get it the other day but i just cnt afford the time to go through it >_>
    this is a great thing ur doing *cries tears of joy*

    Teki wa Ou-sama looks kind of promising. and its been so long since i updated with ookami and everything still sounds exactly the same LOL.


    • Back in the day when it first started, my skill level was no where as it is now so there was no way I was going to attempt to read the original tankoubon xD Then time went on…and I forgot about it xD It was only when I started to read Lala that I went, ohhhhhh I remember this series! Let’s see what’s it like? :3

      Lala has so many titles I want to catch up on: Gakuen Babysitters, that La Corda sequel, Akagami no Shirayuki-Hime, Library Wars (I need to catch up on the English release – I only bought vol #1 xD), and Natsume (likewise, I need to play catch up with the VIZ editions!). Possibly Last Game but I need to read a few more chapters to see if it’s something I’d like ~


      It was actually thanks to your posts on your blog that I got interested in Lala. It just so happened a month or two ago a lot of series had just ended and I figured it was God’s way of saying, jump in my child. Join the shojo world!!!

      Also, I had finally gotten a job so this was a CONGRATS YOU’RE NOW A SLAVE TO UNCLE SAM present to my self xD

      ;_______; oh my, no more magazines? I can’t imagine you without your shojo magazines. It’s just…like picturing Abe Lincoln without his beard and vampire shanking stake! No can do!

      I take it school is probably taking over your life? I can relate. There’s a reason I’m 6 months behind on my Sylph posts ^^; I hadn’t had time to read them. It’s only recently I started up my magazines again.
      I hope that whatever is troubling you works out soon! I know it’s not much, but if you need a ear (or whatever the internet equivalent is), I’m here!


      I love Teki wa Ou-sama @___@ even though it’s ending in the next issue (the March issue), I’ve enjoyed the ride. The characters are so fun ~ I’m definitely hoping a tankoubon version comes out soon! Take my money, Lala. Just…take it!

      I think Ookami might be winding down here soon. I’ll let you judge when I post about the February 2013 Lala!


      Thank you for your comment, girl! May things fly smooth for you!!!!


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