What a way to go…

OMFG, I’m so dead right now. Work has been quite the slave master in my training. Yesterday I got no lunch and today again, not only did I get no lunch, but I worked overtime…with no pay.

Because trainees don’t get overtime.

….da fuq!?

And it wasn’t just the overtime that nearly killed me.

It was the fact I only got to drink water and pee once. ONCE. After 6 hours of constant lab work, I was like, no I can’t go on. I’m a creature of water and I need water or I’ll die and stuff. After having to ask permission to pee (wtf), I was able to (barely) survive the day. To quote my fellow trainee: SWEET JESUS ON A CRACKER WTF!?

When they told us we were going to hit the floor running with training, these bitches weren’t lying. I gotta put on my sneakers for this crap because damn, son. We’re running and I’m out of shape xD

Besides the slave schedule, work is going okay. I’m greatly interested in the techniques we’re learning, especially since a lot of this I have never really encountered before. I’m sad that I got my degree in science yet I never got to do real science lab work…everyone else at my work either had experience prior in the specific field I’m in or had some knowledge of the techniques. Me? My school was ghetto and told us to go fuck ourselves pretty much…sigh, at least I got a degree out of it. Most people don’t question what I’ve learn, just that I have the paper lol.

I’m getting to know my workmates. Hoping we’ll survive training so we can have energy after work and maybe go out to eat or catch a movie sometime in the future. Right now, our goal is to NOT die during training and hanging out is the last thing on our minds xD

Let’s see…what else to type about while I’m waiting for my water to boils so I can make some mac and cheese because I’m a pro chef like that >:3


Earlier this week, one of the train lines I ride was closed because there had been an accident. At first I was told the accident had been the result of two guys fighting and falling onto the tracks but later my dad sent me an article saying the reason for the investigation was because yes someone fell on the tracks but it wasn’t due to a fight. It was because the individual was pooping in between the cars and slipped…


The news article said defecating but we don’t need to be fancy here. Let’s be real here:


Who does that!? 8U

Apparently here. When I talked to my workmates about this (they’ve been here in the big city for awhile), one said he was pretty nice to have gone outside the train cart. Most would have stayed inside.


That’s when my workmates went into a long discussion about staying away from liquids on the train because you can’t tell if it’s actually coffee or runny shit.


And yes, people will whip it out on the train or at the bus stop and get jiggy with themselves.


And yes, I will see some weird ass shit on the train but eventually I’ll get used to it and I won’t bat an eye to the events.

…oh gawd what have I gotten myself into!? D8

I know the big city is famous for its quirks but people taking dumps while riding around in trains and homeless people jerking off in front of an audience? Really!?

Damn…well, expect some interesting posts in the future.

I’ve got 4 minutes on my M&C, so I’ll wrap up this entry by saying I went to visit Book-Off for some much needed $1 manga de-stressor presents to myself <3 I got Good Witch of the West #5-7 (complete!), Gamerz Heaven #4 (complete), volume #13 of VB Rose (just one more and I’ll have the complete series whoot!) and some random shojo called Perfect Rose? I’m happy to finally have the last volumes of The Good Witch of the West. Now I can read from the beginning (I held off until I knew I could find the rest of the series). However, I’ll totally NOT having volume # 5’s jacket on when I bring this on my commute to read. Not sure why you’re flashing your underwear for all the world to see, girl, but I don’t want to get judged. Same with volume #6… shit Rune. You’re hawt but damn boy zip your pants up! Look sexy INSIDE the manga where people can’t see and judge!



Well, at least Gamerz Heaven‘s cover just makes me look like a pedo instead of a pervert… *rolls around in my tears*


Only Perfect Rose saved me from looking too nasty in the eyes of my checkout lady xD

I was planning on hitting Kinokuniya but it turns out they closed early. I’ll try later tomorrow maybe. Depends on how lazy I feel xD

And that’s it!

Oh wait, here’s a picture of the donut I got because I could:

It tasted so good <3 Really hit the spot where those two lunch meals were missing ~


I’ll try and get another Lala post out. Currently reading the Feb issue but at a slow pace because of work! Soon I’ll get to Sylph. I can’t keep all this Sylph goodness to myself you know ;D

12 thoughts on “What a way to go…

  1. MICHIIIIIIII. And here I thought people would have the decency to poop when there are at least no people around like this one time at my university. DAAAAMN DUDE.

    Sorry to hear your new workplace is being a bitch squeezing you guys to make their bloody lemonade (and I mean bloody). That they aren’t paying you all for overtime is bullshit.



    • ;______; CREEEEEE!

      Yes, it was very wtf to hear each time I get on a train, I’m risking a run in with poop and other biological fluids.
      I’m happy I live in a nice part of the city. I only have a couple creepy people but that’s it. Apparently my coworkers live in the more ghetto part of town so they’ve witnessed things like fights, people stripping, and even a drug transaction ON DA TRAIN!

      DA FUQ CREE!?

      SAVES ME!


      That’s what I get for working for da city. They cut pennies wherever they can.
      Heck, we can’t even get to the supply cabinet!
      Right now I only have an ancient computer and a phone on my desk. Funny side topic: when I opened the cabinets above my desk, for some reason there were 8 empty water jugs and a rotten pumpkin inside.
      Not sure what to make of that >___>

      ; A ; thank you for reading about my whines, Cree! We need to talk on the phone again! I was dead all week. I have a 3 day weekend (whoot!) so maybe this Sunday if you’re free? I want to hear how school is going and tell you about this shit anime I’m watching! 8D

      *hugs back*


  2. Geez, I hope things calm down for you! It’s awesome that you’re interested in what you’re learning, though~ A science degree? You sound so…SMART (ノ・д・)ノ

    No. No, no no no no… that is so GROSS. Σ(゚Д゚|||) This country girl just had a mega-helping of culture shock. Oh my gosh that is so sick! *cannot unread what has been read* Okay, I’m not thinking about it…

    Oooh~! Lovely loot from Book-off! (^∇^) lol, I know! I hate it when the covers would make you seem like a weirdo! It’s not like you can explain “they’re innocent! I promise!”
    I’m *hopefully* going to be in NY next month, and Book-off is on my *to-do* list~ Did you happen to see if they carried any Sylph titles? I’m hoping to pick up a few series I’ve been meaning to get~

    Your donut looked super yummers~

    Yay~ keep up the good work~! (づ。◕‿‿◕)づ


    • ;____; thank you! Supposedly the training period will be intense but it should cool down when we complete our tests and we can do work on our own. However, it’s kind of funny because what we learn during training may not necessarily be what our division does. So in essence, I’ll probably have to go through another training to learn how my division does things xD wtf

      Haha, not really xD The real smart (translation: insane) people get degrees in chemistry or neurobiosciencelogy. Something crazy. I went the bio route, which is pretty tame (except for the chemistry and physics stuff. Ew!).

      Now you know how I feel! I was like, no no no only dogs poop on the sidewalk. Sometimes cats and racoons. Not people. People can use the toilet. It’s not that hard to find one Dx

      My coworkers: welcome to the big city

      Me: (((( ;°Д°))))

      I do wonder what publishers/author think when they agree on a cover. It’s like…you guys know people want to read this book in public, right? If the cover is risque, people will think the whole think is risque and judge the reader. Please, let’s just make the cover pretty…but with clothes. You can do whatever on the inside.

      (maybe that’s why in Japan, when you buy a book, they ask if you want them to add a “cover” to the book so no one can see the front?)

      8D Hey that’s the Book-Off I went to! I didn’t see any Sylph titles when I went but I only got to browse around for a bit. I didn’t realize the store closed at 8:00! (and I didn’t get out of work yesterday until 6 oTL). I got stuck staring at the $1 manga in the back corner and didn’t make my way out fast enough to look around xD

      I’m going to check out Kinokuniya again today. When I went for the first time, I only found one Sylph title: Arcana Famiglia.

      Me: What is this blasphemous shit!? WHERE’S THE SYLPH!? (/゚Д゚)/

      Looks like online will have to be my friend to find Sylph titles ;___; sigh.

      Maybe when you go, you’ll have better luck?

      Thank you x3 I’ll do my best…not to cry in a pool of my own tears and blood too much haha!

      PS. Yes, the donut was delicious ~ I haven’t had one in a while so I felt it necessary to celebrate with one xD


  3. It’s so nice to have you back!
    The journal entries are really very funny, it seems like no matter where big cities are all full of nut-jobs. And here I thought that american big cities were another story, but no, crazies jerking in public and other stuff seems pretty standard, just like the rest of the big world. XD

    I hope you’ll soon get used to your new place and that you won’t always have that much of a hard time (slaving) at work. It seems like this year is going to be pretty exciting for you. :)


    • Thanks 8D It’s good to be back (well, somewhat back haha).

      I came from a smaller city before this so the thought of people fiddling with themselves in public was mind blowing. I think my coworkers love seeing my wtf expressions when they tell me of things they’ve seen during their time in the big city.

      Training is definitely a bitch because we don’t get overtime pay yet we’re being shoved through at lightning speed, which means using every hour of daylight possible to study. It’s weird. And there’s a new batch coming after us which makes me go, omfg D8 Take it easy, man!
      But once we finish training, things should settle down :3 Then we can have things like lunch and leaving at a decent hour like our superiors! xD

      Part of me wants to say “I hope I run into some fun things so I can blog about it” while another part of me is like “do I really want to encounter some of these wtf things just so I can blog about it? Hmmmm” xD
      Well, whatever happens, I’ll try and post about it haha. Can’t keep all this interesting stuff to myself after all xD
      I hope that this year will be exciting for you too :)


  4. at least you have a job D:
    now that’s been a couple of weeks, do they still make you do overtime? or are things better now?

    and that weird news… @_@ poop… train… what? x_X
    i’ll try to forget that…


    • That’s what we all keep saying. If I were to lose this job…oh gawd, I don’t even want to think about it. That’s my motivation to keep on going.
      Oh no, I’ll still be stuck in overtime with no pay until I pass my training. We trainees get abused xD It’ll still be a bit longer before I get to be a pro ~ BUT I WILL BE ONE DAMMIT haha! xD

      Yeah, it was definitely not something I had expected when I heard the trains were down.
      I guess that’s one way to be welcomed to the big city…


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