01.2013 Lala Part III

Going out of order here people because I need to find where I saved Part II xD

Yup, she's dating the guy with the bear mask.

Yup, she’s dating the guy with the bear mask. That is one guy desperate for some pussy.

Bear Bear
Extra Chapter
池ジュン子 (Ike Junko)

o wo) no idea why Bear Bear decided to pay Lala a visit… probably so Lala can get more money by getting fans to buy not only Lala DX (where Bear Bear is serialized in) but also its Lala magazine.

Lala: >:D hahaha money! *rolls around in its cash like a pig in mud and poop*

Of course it could also work the other way: gets fans interested in the series so they are compelled to throw their money into buying Lala DX to see what happens to their beloved love story between a tiny shy girl and her boyfriend who wears a bear head over his bishi face… Yeah, you read that right. A bear head. Like the guy who plays Mickey Mouse at Disneyland. And it’s not because he wants to…he does it for her. It turns her on…. xD lol jk. Actually, she’s afraid of boys so in order to date the dude, he has to cover his face because…yeah…I don’t know.

All I can think of is the sex must be either very awkward or fantastic depending on their kinks (^~^;)ゞ

I believe the chapter in Lala is like a “bonus chapter” since nothing really happens. The main girl (Haruka) gives us the low down on what the story of Bear Bear is about. Then we continue with the chapter’s plot: one day, Haruka learns that the place her boyfriend (Inukai) is working at will be having some special event soon which requires temporary employees. Determined to use this God given opportunity to work on her fear of guys (not sure how she got to this line of thinking… (゜-゜)), she applies for the job…AND IS INSTANTLY HIRED! DAMN YOUR PROSPEROUS ECONOMY, BEAR BEAR! While working, she bumps into these power ranger knockoffs. One of the dudes tells her, hey you’re just the person we need! Will you help us?

bbHaruka: * w * USEFULNESS!

Happy to be of service, she accepts his offer…until she learns what she just accepted. Sex Slavery. The power ranger guys will be putting on a play for the kids. They need someone to kidnap for their program. Since kids have parents that are ready to sue at any moment a lawsuit can present itself, the gang is going to use Haruka instead since she can pretty much pass as a kid. However, it’s not the kid thing that bothers her. It’s the fact the villain is going to grab her that’s the problem. THE VILLAIN IS A DUDE. AND DUDES HAVE COOTIES AND HERPES AND WANDERING HANDS! EW EW EW!!!!!! (*д*) <- Haruka’s thoughts.

Inukai learns about Haruka’s new role and tells her to stop forcing herself. He’ll take her spot ;D

Haruka: =___= no…no person would kidnap you…unless they were into furries with stick bodies…

When Haruka gets defensive and tells him she’s doing it because she can, Inukai creeps up close to Haruka. If she can handle him without his mask, then she should be fine right?

Her: FUCK NO *punches!*

Me: =__=; uh…

Long story short, she goes through with the role but ends up freezing and crying when the villain grabs her (and yes, the villain was all, wtf!? Maybe we should have just used a kid!!! ( ̄□ ̄;)). Inukai comes to the rescue and switches Haruka out with some random side character. The two go some place and Haruka is like wtf and Inukai is like, YEAH, W.T.F.? *in her face* Haruka instantly backs down and tells Inukai the whole reason she got the job at his work place and why she wanted to try the role with the power rangers thing. She also adds that she wanted to be of use and to stop giving Inukai grief.

Inukai: =__= …holding back all this information is what causes problems between us, man…

Inukai tells Haruka he’s happy she told him the truth because he’s a shojo hero incapable of anger unless needed for drama, and requests that she tell him what’s going on in the future – because he was getting kinda jealous she was hanging with other people and not telling him why. Haruka then tells Inukai she’s happy she kept her mouth shut (him: ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ whut!?) because had she not, he wouldn’t have come to save her (him: but then you have to remember that our relationship would be a lot more stable had you just told me everything… Her: meh ヽ( ´¬`)ノ). The chapter ends with Haruka thinking: I love Inukai/his bear form ~ and that’s it ^^;


Remember how I was all OMFG CUTE! in the Lala DX post earlier? Well…now my opinion of the series may be changing… I want to like Bear Bear but the fact the main girl keeps punching her boyfriend is really…annoying >___> I guess I’m getting old because I don’t find that funny anymore…except if he got kicked in the balls because that’s always hilarious (except if you’re the one getting your balls whacked in…but even you’ll chuckle about it some time in your life, as long as your balls weren’t damaged ~). I mean, I love Inukai as a character. He’s such a sweetheart. And the fact he looks cute helps ;D He’s the main reason I’m sticking with the series. Now Haruka would be good too if she’d stop freaking out and using violence as a means of defense. I mean, why does she only punch her boyfriend of all people and not anyone else around her? .___. This is like Half Dog Prince all over again, except the main girl is a hell of a lot better than Half Dog Prince‘s dumb bitch of a main character.


So innocent

ヒノコ (Hinoko)
Chapter 8
津田雅美 (Tsuda Masami)

Snaps! This is the same manga-ka of Kare Kano!? Man, it’s been so long since I read the first volumes of Kare Kano but damn did the art style changed! I almost didn’t recognize the connection :U

So cougar

So cougar

Any hoo, I ain’t got much for this summary folks. Unlike the other series in Lala where I can kind of pick up with what’s going on, Hinoko just left me scratching my butt. This chapter was too all over the place for me. I couldn’t tell what the fark was going on (I mean, why the fark did the girl suddenly have a lizard arm and shanked some dude with said arm!?). But hey, that’s what I get for jumping in without any knowledge of the story. I CAN tell you the little boy thief was just plain adorable in chapter 8 x3 He’s such a sweetheart ~ However, cute as he may be, I just don’t see myself going back and buying the first volume to catch up on what’s going on ~ ^^; Sorry Hinoko


wtf to those words in the bg. Daz woomen? xD

学園ベビーシッターズ (Gakuen Babysitters)
Chapter 39
時計野はり (Tokeino Hari)

A series I do see myself catching up on: Gakuen Babysitters. Talk about friggin adorable! x3 The main character, Ryuuichi, reads his little brother Kotarou the fairy tale Kaguya-Hime as a bed time story (people, the title Kaguya should get you all jumping in joy because Ghibli will be animating a film on the story in the near future ~ x3 if you hate Ghibli and think its films to be a bore, I have no wish to exchange words with you jk not jk). If you don’t know the story of Kaguya-Hime, I suggest wiki-ing it because I’m not too familiar with it either ~ (wikipedia should still be open and not asking for handouts since Cards Against Humanity donated like $70,000 of its profits from their Holiday Card sales). If you don’t want to wiki it, just know that in the end, *spoiler ~* the princess goes back to her home on the moon. *end spoiler~* Ryuuichi, half asleep, wonders that if the princess had been given something wonderful, then maybe she wouldn’t have left to go back to the moon. At this point in time, Ryuuichi doesn’t realize how the story he read and the his words he just said have affected little Kotarou. The next day, Kotarou gives Ryuuichi a bunch of his picture books. Unable to understand the meaning behind his behavior, Ryuuichi thinks, oh hey, Kotarou just wants to read some books. Well, we don’t have time to read them all so we’ll just read this one. At the end of his story, Kotarou tries to give Ryuuichi the book, calling it a present. Ryuuichi simply pats Kotarou on the head and tells him he doesn’t need the book. Kotarou’s feels are all he needs.

However, Kotarou is sad panda. At breakfast, rather than eat his favorite foods, he offers them to the chairman and Ryuuichi but they can’t figure out what he’s trying to do. Rather, they try to get Kotarou to eat the food he is offering them. Kotarou does as requested but he looks miserable (dwahhhh!!! (●´∀`●)). The butler(?) who made the food sees Kotarou’s pained expression and believes his food is to blame. He tells his employer that he is off to explore the world and learn its cooking secrets so he may come home a man whose cooking doesn’t make children cry xD Ryuuichi manages to stop the man before he can run out of the house in tears and asks Kotarou if he thinks the food is yummy. Kotarou responds by offering his food to the butler who complies. Happy, Kotarou asks that since the butler got good noms, he’s not going to leave.

Butler: ;A; you adorable sack of organs! Of course I’ll never leave! EAT MY FOOD!

gaku2Kotarou then proceeds to give food to the chairman and after she accepts, he asks the same thing: that she’s not going to leave now since she’s gotten good stuff.  Seeing how Kotarou is acting, Ryuuichi realizes his words may be to blame for Kotarou’s behavior. Kotarou is giving away his favorite foods because to him, they are “wonderful” gifts that will keep people from leaving him. He is seen giving his food to his other younger cohorts and to their caregivers.

Ryuuichi leaves for school and is scratching his head over why his little brother is so damn determined to keep people from leaving by giving them “wonderful gifts.” It’s not until he’s talking things over with his friend that Ryuuichi finally puts the pieces together: Ryuuichi and Kotarou lost their parents. Kotarou is hoping that by giving stuff away, he’s telling people not to leave him.


Friend: Because you are a shojo heroine

Ryuuichi: um I’m a dude

Friend: but you still fall under the stereotypes of a shojo heroine

Ryuuichi: point taken

We jump over to Kotarou who is having a dream about his parents (this kid ;A; I WANT TO PINCH HIS CHEEKS AND HUG HIM!). In his dream, his parents tell him they have to leave. Kotarou tries to stop the parents by offering them a gift he found – an acorn. The mom smiles and tells him his gift is indeed wonderful. Thinking things are going to be okay, Kotarou smiles. Suddenly the mom turns into Ryuuichi. He tells Kotarou that though the gift is nice, he can shove it has to leave and tells Kotarou good-bye. The little angel wakes up crying ;A; At that moment Ryuuichi comes in and they have a cryfest and he pretty much tells his bro that he ain’t going no where. Kotarou offers the acorn to Ryuuichi but Ryuuichi tells Kotarou he has already given Ryuuichi something wonderful (basically, feels). The chapter ends happy and everyone is like, yay ~ though Kotarou still offers his favorite foods to Ryuuichi just in case xD

OMG, this series. SO. FUCKING. ADORABLE!!!! 8U I’m not sure if it’s because I have a uterus or what but this series just got me in the feels! Totally adding Gakuen Babysitters to my “TO BUY” list! *kicks Bear Bear to the side* I love these kinds of stories. Like Usagi Drops…until it crossed the line between child and parent and lovers. Then is just got weird .___.


Pretty boy, pretty boy, thug

菩提樹寮のアリア (Linden Hall Aria – La Corda D’Oro Series)
Chapter 13
Bodaiju Ryou no Aria
呉 由姫 (Kure Yuki)

Well, what a nice surprise! I didn’t know La Corda d’Oro had a spiritual sequel(?) 8D

I can’t really tell what the plot of Aria is as of right now…but I’m curious if it too will have music fairies running around bestowing random girls with magically endowed musical instruments so said girls can be put into situations where they are surrounded by eye candy musicians? I have yet to see a fairy in tights but the eye candy musicians are present and accounted for ;D so who knows?

Ritsu, fiddling away ~ ...am I the only one that thought of pervy stuff as we jump through the panels? Anyone? Fiddling? Okay then...

Ritsu, fiddling away ~ …am I the only one that thought of pervy stuff as we jump through the panels? Anyone? Fiddling? Okay then…

From what I can gather in this chapter, the gang is playing their instruments in front of a bunch of people but for some reason they suck. However, their butts get saved by the talented violinist Ritsu. Blah blah blah Ritsu faints later on because of some injury he had gotten on his hand (must have happened in a previous chapter). The main girl expresses her concern by pretty much telling Ritsu he sucks balls. Rather than take a break and let his arm heal, Ritsu probably doesn’t believe his band mates can carry on successfully without him. Well, screw you, man! (,,#゚Д゚) ヽ

Him: o__O;

Later on, after talking with this dude who I totally thought was a girl (Haruto), the main girl realizes that ho shiz, it’s not that he doesn’t believe in us…it’s that we don’t believe in him. We don’t believe that we can succeed without Ritsu. As the two head back to Ritsu, he himself gets a talking to by some old dude named Daichi.

Him: wtf man!? Dx What’s with this day!?

The main girl and girl boy find Ritsu and apologize for earlier. Ritsu tells them nah he’s the one at fault then randomly asks his…brother(?) Kyouya (who just so happened to walk in on the gang) to take his place.

Kyouya: dude bro they said you were taken to the hospital – wait what did you just say about me taking your place!? (・□・;)

Lol, when I see her face, all I can think of is that tumblr gif with Ariel looking at us with the words "I'm getting some dick tonight" flashing xD

Lol, when I see her face, all I can think of is that tumblr gif with Ariel looking at us with the words “I’m getting some dick tonight” flashing xD

おいらんガール (Oiran Girl)
Last chapter
響ワタルHibiki Wataru

OwO; well…um…not going to beat around the bush here. Basically the girl and the guy get together and yay! Truthfully, I like this ending a lot better than I did Shounen Dolls. Shounen Dolls was too…”open” I guess. Rather than say, yes she got with Leo, it left the doors open for Yuki to have a shot with the main girl. Of course, I only read like 2 chapters of Shounen Dolls before going to the end so I didn’t really know much about what was going on save what my friend told me.

My favorite part in this final chapter is when we learn what happened to the main love interest after he got stabbed, fell into a river, and was presumed dead. Turns out the whole stabbing thing was staged. However, though it was supposed to be fake, the guy stabbing the main love interest got a bit carried away and shanked the main love interest too hard xD


Shanker: But we needed to make it look real ~ 。◕‿◕。

Main love interest: I’m currently bleeding in this panel. Look at my shirt. Fuck you.

Shanker: (*´∀`*) tee hee ~

Overall, yay?


10 thoughts on “01.2013 Lala Part III

  1. wow thank you a lot for la corda resume :D i was really wondering what’s going on in that series since the scanlators are taking too long to realise the chapters! anyway thank you! and i know the guys are just perfect


    • Not a problem :3

      Scanalators are people too ~ There could be something in their lives that’s affecting their speed (like school, work, personal, etc.). I’m just always happy that there are people who are willing to translate a series out of the goodness in their hearts with no compensation on their end ^^


  2. ROFL @ bear bear
    it sounds interesting. i’ll check if there’s any scanlation around~

    and x3333 <333 *-*
    gakuen babysitters!!! w<
    i really hope it gets licensed one day! *0*

    and yeah, that shojo heroine prototype… i wish they didn't make them so annoying and stupid. this is the main reason why i don't read shojo. i just can't take all the corniness and stupidity! ugghhh

    ps: don't get a nosebleed when you pinch the babies cheeks xDDD


    • why you eat part of my comment, wordpress?! D-l
      must be the “more than” symbol .-.
      as i was saying ~.~ i was at mangaupdates looking for an interesting shojo and i found this gem *-*
      (gakuen babysitters)

      i think i’ll go re-read it xD
      reading your review made me want to go re-visit those pink cheeks xD


      • Yeah, wordpress is a bit dumb with the “greater than” and “lesser than” symbol. Think it has something to do with the ability to use html in these comments and I guess the “lesser than” and “greater than” symbols are read as code in wordpress’s mind. If used back to back, so the mouths are facing each other, that’s like code to wordpress.
        Have yet to figure out how to disable that other than use the same facing symbol all the time :<


    • Bear Bear was cute but I gotta hold off until I see if this series goes past the OH MY GAWD I HAVE THE HOTS FOR YOU LET ME PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE BECAUSE THAT’S HOW I ROLL stuff. This is twice in a row she’s done that and really…once is enough. Either you let him in or you become a nun :/ Don’t tease the poor boy, main girl.

      I’m sad that I never got into Gakuen Babysitters before. When I first saw it, I thought, nah it’s too lame. But then when I sat down and started to read the manga, A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E <3
      I'm so glad I'm learning Japanese because otherwise I'd have no way of reading all these manga I want to read ~ I'd be at the mercy of scans and English companies ;___;

      You and me both (again xD). It's like a requirement that shojo girls have to be really dumb. I'm not sure why though.
      Usually as long as the manga entertains though, then I can handle it but if the manga is annoying, then no. I'm bailing D: Hawt guy be damned!

      PS. lol don't worry xD No nosebleed.


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