Subway Passes and Herbal Essences

First journal entry!

And it’s about…subway passes! Yup, you read that right: subway passes.

Ack, don’t leave!! It’s really interesting…kinda? …okay, yeah. I don’t blame any of you for leaving. But for those who stayed…*crickets*…to the entry!

So…first question…why a subway pass? Answer: because I have no car here. I lack the balls to drive in east coast traffic. Specifically, city traffic. I’m scared enough walking on the sidewalk haha…ha .___.|||

Ahem cough

In order to ride the subway, one needs a subway pass. Thus my story starts with me going to the station near my house to buy a said pass.

In the station are little machines to buy passes. I went up to one of these machines which only took credit cards because  I had previously emptied most of my wallet out save for $100, my card, and my driver’s license. Just in case I got pick pocketed (yeah, fuck you pickpocket-ers! Probably wish you were burglars instead because dat’s where all mah cash was at that point in time, bitches). I followed the prompts on the screen and got to the payment part. Just as I got to “credit card” as my payment option, the machine told me that it couldn’t take credit or debt card–s at the moment.

…wtf? Isn’t this a machine whose form of payment was only in the form of credit cards!? o__O

Confused, I canceled my transaction and went to another machine, this one a generic give me everything one. Cash or credit card, it doesn’t matter. Just make it rain!!! Again, I went through the prompts and just as I got to the payment part, I was told the machine couldn’t accept cash or credit cards.


You machines trolling me, man!?

Foiled again, I decided to look to the man in the booth for help. At each train station (I believe), there is a man in a booth whose sole purpose for being employed is to help those with subway troubles. Or so I thought. Now I’m thinking he’s only there to tell me to go fuck myself >__>

I approached his window and told him what happened. He proceeded to tell me to go fuck myself pretty much and that there was nothing he could do. Seeing as the man wasn’t going to lift a finger to help, I decided to get a single pass for the day to at least get me to my hotel.

Now you may be thinking, why not use your cash? Because my child, I had $100. The monthly pass cost $10…4. Yes, I was $4 short. But never fear, I could always get the cash later! I went to a machine and selected a single pass. Then I put in my $20 and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Only to find…the machine had frozen up!

It wouldn’t do anything. Like spit out a receipt. Or pop out a ticket. OR GIVE ME BACK MY $20!

It just, gave up on life.


I went to the man in the booth again to tell him what happened and again he proceeded to tell me I’m shit out of luck. He gave me an envelope with the station number and machine number and told me to call the number he had written down on the envelope to tell them what had happened. Seeing as how I had no way of paying for a ticket – because cash didn’t work nor did credit cards – I called the number. In cold 29*F weather. I stood around for 20 minutes trying to reach someone when I said fuck it. This was ridiculous!

Desperate, I went to the man in the booth once more to ask if I could buy a ticket from him. A human that won’t take my money from me unless he wants to lose his job. Apparently talking to him twice and standing near his booth on the phone for 20 minutes wasn’t enough for him to remember my face. He thought I was trying to scam him when I told him about my situation. Then he seemed to faintly recall me and told me while I couldn’t pay for a ticket with him, I could go through the turnstile.


I thanked him profusely and went to the turnstile. I went forward only to meet resistance. Huh? Didn’t he say I could go through? I looked behind me to show him the spot of trouble I was in when I see…HE’S NOT THERE! THE MAN IN THE BOOTH WAS NO LONGER IN HIS DAMN BOOTH! THE FOOL VANISHED LIKE SOME SORT OF LUCKY CHARM’S LEPRECHAUN!!!! HE WASN’T WALKING AROUND THE AREA WITH THE REST OF US OR ANYWHERE! IT WAS LIKE HE WENT TEE HEE YOU WON’T CATCH ME AND LEFT…or hid under his desk shitting himself with giggles.

In shock, I backed away from the turnstile and waited by the side in hopes that my magical Irish friend would pop up again AND LET ME BE ON MY DAMN WAY! But no. He never showed up in the time I waited. Which wasn’t long. Why? Because just then, one of the pedestrians started to slow down reaaaaaaaalllllll slow in front of me. As he walked forward, he kept his eyes on me the whole time. Like he was some sort of fucking owl. Then he started to stop as he told me I had nice hair…

And that was the end of that! I said thanks and got my tush out of there!

The story ends with me finally getting a monthly pass after I stomped off to another train station (wtf I don’t understand how that worked…why does one take cards and the other tell me to go fuck myself? I blame that Indian Irish mythical creature employed by the train station. Curse you.

I was able to make it safely to my hotel. No creepers commenting about my shampoo I use. I got myself some food and proceeded to watch Rio, both which made me feel safe and happy again.

End of story!

Sorry I have no pictures in this post ~ My computer isn’t hooked up yet. Heck, I haven’t even put together the desk yet xD Expect doodles in future journal entries when I’m done unpacking ~

6 thoughts on “Subway Passes and Herbal Essences

  1. lol, that’s a horrible thing to happen so soon in your new adventure!
    Owl-man must have been an extra special bonus~ (≧∀≦)
    The saying “when it rains it pours” has never been so applicable…

    Here’s hoping things go smoother! (and less creepy!) (ノ≧∇≦)ノ


    • Haha, I’ve actually got a post coming up soon about some creepy adventures I’ve experienced in the Big City thus far xD While a part of me is like, no stop this, the other part of me is like, as long as this doesn’t hurt me physically or mentally, keep it going so I can post about this shiznick on my blog xD


  2. It’s nice to hear what’s going on with you. I’m glad you’re safe and all. I read all recent entries – so I will comment here as well if you don’t mind (and to prevent spamming you) Don’t feel bad about your 3 year ongoing project – mine is taking for years too (Kuranoa) and I forgot where I left off too. Plus I still haven’t started working on the mini novels. But I’m glad you’re done with school! I hope I will be done too maybe I need 2 years more *cries*


    • Haha, Soyo, you know I love them spam comments 8D Fire away! I’ll always answer them (though I take my sweet time haha).

      I’m totally looking forward to your Kuranao translations, both CD and in book form. Of course, no rush!! You’re a student and your time is limited!!

      It’s a relief to be done with school because hey, no more stress about studying and what not. Unfortunately, I’m going through that again with work: studying and passing tests before I can become competent and do shiznick on my own xD I guess school just trains you on how to study again when you get into the real world xD

      Good luck with school my friend :D You can do it!!!


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