Hey ya all! How are you? 8D Hope you guys had a great Christmas and an awesome New Year’s!

2012 is gone and in its stead is 2013. With the new year comes new changes. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve gotten a job (yay!). The job is in another state which required a lot of packing and preparation over the holidays. Very crazy but it got done. I’m here now in my new state. Chillin in my hotel room to be specific, and sucking off the hotel’s wifi ~ Tomorrow I’ll head off to my apartment and pray my stuff comes this time….(it was originally supposed to have been here on Thursday but apparently the guy picking up all the moving stuff forgot to…pick up the moving stuff for me and a bunch of other people. Not sure how that worked but…it did).

Once I have my shiz, I’ll be able to scan stuff and post again on here. How frequently I’m not sure. I start my job on Monday so we’ll see how much free time I have. But don’t worry guys. It can’t be any worst than 2012. I was barely active at all.

That said, I wanted to post about the direction Spoils will be taking in 2013. In the past, Spoils really had no purpose. At first I wanted to be a review site for manga and anime but then I realized I’m not good at being impartial. If I didn’t like something, then that was it. I couldn’t look past my feels for pros and cons. Same with if I loved something. If I loved it, it was the greatest thing ever. STFU haters. But that’s not how review sites work.

So instead I started to use Spoils as a motivator to study Japanese. Specifically, I’d write translations. But alas, I realized early on I hated writing translations xD (due to my poor Japanese) Instead I changed to summaries. As my Japanese improved, I was able to write summaries for more things outside Sylph. I had fun writing summaries until grad school started to weigh on my free time. You’ll have noticed the reduction of posts on Spoils as well as activity from me over the past year and a half.

Now we’re here. I’m going to continue to post about summaries. Magazine wise, I’m going to work with Sylph (duh!), Lala, and Lala DX. I’m still going to collect B’s Log Kyun but I don’t think I’ll write up posts about it (just because it got tiring to write “no idea what the plot is lol ~” for almost every series in the magazine ^^;). I’m also planning on finishing up my little projects like Zeele Sacrifice (almost 3 years and I’m still not done…fail!), Hakuouki Jurenka (*shudders*), and Miyako. Once I’ve completed those projects, I’ll start on new ones like Brothers Conflict Puru Puru and Koisuru Ouji to Junan no Himegimi (unless someone beats me to it).

And folks, don’t worry. Shounen Oujo spoils will come. I’m not that mean.

In addition to summaries, I’m also going to turn Spoils into a little journal to write about my adventures as…an adult!

With money to burn!


I know turning into a journal is sort of random but talking about just manga gets kind of old ^^; Blasphemous I know!

That said, if you unfollow me, I’ll understand. Most follow my blog for the summaries, not for boring RL stuff. But if you stick around, hey, sweet! Learn a bit about Sylphalchemist and her adventures in the big city! If not, it was great having you with me for the ride! Hope you have a good life filled with manga goodness and peace be with you ~

Alrighty, that’s it from me. I’m off to bed because I have to get up early for the movers. Take care my peeps!


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