Comic Sylph 12/2012 Update ~

November 2012 Cover Art:

Hakuouki Reimeiroku #2

Hakuouki Reimeiroku #2

Hiso Hiso ~ Silent Voice #2

Hiso Hiso ~ Silent Voice #2


Prince of Stride #1 (no idea where this one came from lol. It’s not running in Sylph at all…)


December 2012 releases:

白アリッッ(4) Shiro Ari #4

うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪ Debut (シルフコミックス) Uta no Prince-sama Debut (complete)

星屑町のパンのミミ(3) Hoshikuzuchou no Pan no Mimi #3 (complete)

In December, we say good-bye to Hoshikuzuchou no Pan no Mimi. The ending wasn’t bad…from what I can remember. I’m actually waiting on the last volume to read the end because I missed a few chapters in between volume #2 and vol #3 ^^; Uta no Fail Prince-sama Debut ends too…even though nothing in the form of a conclusion was ever given… ( ̄□ ̄) If you’ve ever wanted to read a manga adaptation where only the story’s problems are presented and that’s it…then Uta no Prince-sama Debut is for you! …. Honestly, even die-hard fans will urinate on the Sylph adaptation. I’m not sure what Sylph was trying to go for…but it failed .____. Finally, we have Shiro Ari #4! I’m so proud of Shiro Ari! I did not expect the series to last this long ~ (^▽^) Yay fantasy and sadist Boy Alices 8D


Possible January 2013 titles:

十鬼の絆(1) (シルフコミックス) Toki no Kizuna #1 <- another where did this come from!? title.

ノーブルチルドレンの残酷(1) Noble Children #1

コード:ジャスティス Code Justice (complete)

BROTHERS CONFLICT 2nd SEASON(1) *let the milking continue*

4 thoughts on “Comic Sylph 12/2012 Update ~

  1. Yay~

    “Prince of Stride” is currently running in “Dengeki Girl’s Style”… for some reason. (along with “Toki no Kizuna”) I mean, I know they’re planning to turn “Stride” into a game, but it is a little off to have novel exerts in a gaming mag. ( > 3<) Ha ha~ talk about a plug!


    • Ah! Well that explains a lot. When I looked on, I was like ಠ_ಠ the heck!?
      Gotta love that Sylph is pretty much an otome plug for a lot of titles out there xD
      Thanks so much for letting me know 8D
      Do you currently subscribe to Dengeki Girl’s Style BTW? :D


      • No, but I’m planning to~ I haven’t had to of late, because Akadot (thankfully USA based) keeps Girl’s Style in stock pretty faithfully~( ノ゚∀゚)ノ I do subscribe to B’s Log, though~

        LOL -and for that I love Sylph~! (∩゜∀`∩)


      • Ah you use akadot? :3 I used to use them back when I first started to collect Sylph but for some reason they had such an erratic schedule with their releases. Sometimes they’d even completely skip issues! I remember one time I went 6 months w/o seeing an issue of Sylph. That’s when me and became friends.

        However, I still use akadot when they have some nice promotions going on ;D


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