01.2013 Lala Part I

iconMan, I finally got punked by google maps. My friends and I were going to see the movie “Rise of the Guardians” yesterday but it turned out we were going to a different movie theater than usual. I typed the name of the theater into my phone and was given a location. At first I was like, damn, son. This is a bit of the way but whatevers. I started to drive down to the location and instantly things turned seedy. Then I get to the spot google maps tells me to go to and there’s no movie theater.

There’s no movie theater.



There’s only a grocery store.









Someone sent you to kill me google maps because that’s probably what was going to happen to me if I hadn’t gotten my butt out of there ASAP! Thankfully, typing in the movie theater’s name in google via safari and using the address google maps provided in google helped me get to the right location.


And I barely made it. I’m thankful my friends were so patient with me ; A ; The movie was awesome ~ Jack Frost, people. Only reason I went to see the movie. Not disappointed at all. Well…maybe had Jack taken his shirt off…hey, it’s cool. He’s 400 years old. That’s legal.

I’m really interested in reading the books now (apparently the books have a lot of backstory on the characters!). Maybe my local library will have them x3

Afterwards, we went to my friend’s house and played Cards Against Humanity. I’m so glad I bought the game. We had a hilariously great time. You learn a lot about people when you play CAH xD If you don’t know what Cards Against Humanity is, it’s like that kid’s game Apples to Apples except for horrible people like ourselves. It’s got dirty stuff, wtf stuff, and plain WRONG stuff…but it’s awesome fun. Man, I wished I had taken pictures of some of our winning hands because they were seriously messed up hilarious.


Now that I’ve gotten my fantastic adventures with google maps out of the way, let’s talk Lala. As a present to myself for reasons that will be explained later, I’ve decided to start collecting the monthly magazine Lala! I figured with 4 new series starting here soon, it was the perfect time to join on board. Plus I get to see the latest chapters of Natsume’s Book of Friends and Library Wars 8D Don’t worry folks. I’m still collecting Sylph (that’s my life and butter, children). I was actually back to reading Sylph after finishing the 11.2012 issue of Lala DX when my package arrived xD And you know how people get when they have new stuff….I instantly grabbed…well, I grabbed the newest issue of Sylph first to read Shounen Oujo (omfg…so hetero…) but then I grabbed Lala to check it out ~

Thus, I’ll be writing magazine posts for Lala as well :3 I’m hoping if I force myself to write for both Sylph and Lala, it’ll help motivate me to keep on track with my mags and my blog….though I think my blog may become a little dead here soon due to holidays and what not! That said, here’s the first of 3 installments on Lala!


三日月とオレンジ (Crescent Moon and Orange)
Mikazuki to Orange
ふじつか雪 (Fujitsuka Yuki)

Originally I was under the assumption Mikazuki to Orange was a new series (seeing as how Lala DX advertised it as A BRAND NEW SERIES FOOLS! GET IT WHILE IT’S HOT!) but it turns out Mikazuki to Orange actually had two one-shots before becoming a series. This explains a lot because the recap scene not even 3 pages into the chapter confused the hell out of me. I was like, wait…I don’t remember any of this happening in the 3 pages I’ve read thus far. Am I missing something?

Thank goodness for google, for it gave me an answer.



Mikazuki to Orange, from what I can gather, takes place at a school that has classes in the day time and classes in the night time. Main protagonist Mitsuki is a student of the day time classes. At some point in the two one-shots prior to serialization, she met and was befriended by night class student Youta (and some other people too). Through hanging out with the students of the night class, Mitsuki learns to give a flying a about people and starts to become social (thus why a big deal was made 2 pages into this chapter about Mitsuki making friends with some students in the day time classes). Also at some point in the one-shots, Mitsuki develops a crush on the affable Youta, though right now she wants to keep her feels under wraps.

In the 01.2012 chapter (no chapter is listed so I’ll just go by the issue date), Mitsuki helps one of the night class students study for his midterms. Most of the chapter is dedicated to Mitsuki tutoring the night class student and her trying to come into grips about her own feels for Youta. The chapter ends on a sour note when Uno, a classmate of Mitsuki, spots her hanging out with night class students. He tells her to stay away from the night class students or else he’ll tell their (Mitsuki and Uno’s) teacher about the association she is having with the night class students (night class students and day time students aren’t supposed to hang together whut? Isn’t that like…illegal?). He even takes a picture of her with the night time students as collateral. The question on everyone’s mind: why is he doing this? It’s obvious to us readers it’s because he likes Mitsuki and I’m guessing he wants to keep her away from her love interest. Also, Uno thinks the night class is filled with a bunch of Neanderthals who should go beat themselves over the head with their wooden clubs and keep away from the day class so as to not spread their stupidity.

Or at least that’s the impression I got.

Thus far I’m liking Mikazuki to Orange. Would probably be enjoying the new series more had I read the first two one-shots but what can you do ^^;


For a second, I thought the girl was pregnant. I was like, damn Natsume! You go, boy! PS. that face by my thumb. He is totally looking up her kimono and is happy with what he sees…that face below the happy face is probably his girlfriend xD

夏目友人帳 (Natsume’s Book of Friends)
Natsume Yuujinchou
The Binds which Much Not Tie Part I
緑川ゆき (Midorikawa Yuki)

Oh Natsume, how long has it been since we last met? Ah yes, volume #1 lol…so behind oTL But I guess it’s nice that, what, 13 volumes later I’m able to walk into the story without too much difficulty (I can’t tell if that’s a good thing or a bad thing).

In Part I of this new mini arc, Natsume starts us off by mauling over something some…exorcist dude told him about using illegal techniques to do spiritual shiz. I wish I could be more specific, but I’m only given 2 sentences as a recap. As a newbie, I can only do so much .___.

The story starts to roll by introducing our monster for the week – some hoodlum spirit that is currently haunting a chalkboard in Natsume’s school. The spirit seems to be related to the one his friend, Taki, helped out. I guess Taki’s grandpa made this magical seal that can be used for…occult stuff….and Taki used it to help her see the spirit that was shacking up in her house. Turns out the spirit accidentally got stuck in Taki’s house and was unable to find its way out. While she was able to help the spirit leave (see, you turn the doorknob like so…oh lol wait you have no hands, here let me get that), weird shiz is still afoot at her house. Natsume decides to go investigate Taki’s house to see if the spirit is still around or if there’s something else going down. In the end, he does find a spirit…but it’s not the one Taki said she helped out.

BTW Natsume himself spends a lot of time brooding over what that exorcist guy said. Apparently, Taki’s grandpa’s devil seal might be one of those forbidden techniques Natsume was mumbling about earlier and thus bad shiz might happen.

PS. I did not realize Nyanko-sensei was a girl. Lol, for a second, when Nyanko-sensei went human, I thought she was Natsume’s grandma. Oh, why does everyone look like everyone else in this manga <w<;

PSS. I’m horribly behind but yeah, Natsume has a friend!

Zero...why do you have your hand wrapped around her neck like you're about to kill her. No Zero. That's not how you woo a woman...Zero...stop...

Zero…why do you have your hand wrapped around her neck like you’re about to kill her. No Zero. That’s not how you woo a woman…Zero…make your mind up already…

ヴァンパイア騎士 (Vampire Knight)
Night 88: A 17 year Old’s Determination
樋野まつり (Hino Matsuri)

Holy crap…I can’t believe Vampire Knight has been going on this long…and holy crap, why does everyone looked so stoned:


Dude…like…I can see my fart…it’s beautiful…like a baby’s first laugh…whoa…

Dude...you know...like...what if our bodies....like...keep us from flying away...so that's why we have bodies...like...man...

Dude…you know…like…what if our bodies….like…keep us from flying away…so that’s why we have bodies…like…man…

omg dude...that's so...wow...I never knew...whoa...dude...

omg dude…that’s so…wow…I never knew…whoa…dude…so that’s why when we die…we like…leave our bodies behind…so we can fly away…like dolphins…awesome…

I need to mention I haven’t been following Vampire Knight at all save for what my friend Pauperfish tells me so I have no idea what’s really going on. If you don’t mind bumbling around with me…then let’s do this!

In chapter 88, we begin by staring at Zero and Yuuki who I guess kissed in the previous chapter? Well, brother Kaname witnessed the whole thing and runs away like a shojo girl before anything can be said. Yuuki follows Kaname but somehow loses him in the crowd…which surprises me seeing as how he’s the only one wearing a cape and running like he needs to find a toilet fast. Though she doesn’t know where he went, Yuuki reckons Kaname is going to this Isaya’s place. She takes off and Zero comes along too because…I don’t know. He ate a lot of cake and needs to burn it off before he gets thunder thighs.

We change scenes to Kaname and who I’m thinking is Isaya. The two talk…well, Isaya does all the talking. He’s like, yo bro, what’z it? You needs something? Hey cool beans about killing all them pure bloods but lols you can’t finish the job by yourself. Let me be creepy and kneel in front of you so I can stare at your crotch while I’m talking. So where was I? Oh yeah, so what’s so big you came to visit even though there’s probably a trap set up for you, huh dawg? What, you were going to sacrifice yourself to turn Yuuki into a human but now you want to be the new “Oyagane”?” That’s cool but why the fark do I care. Oh, I’m suicidal? I gotcha. And I’m apparently in man love with you. Yeah, bro. I’ll totally sacrifice myself for you when the time comes. I gotcha back, doodlebear.

Me: (ಠ_ಠ)

Just as Isaya and Kaname finish their discussion, Yuuki comes barging in and she and Kaname have a stare moment…before Kaname runs away like a school girl with his posse (don’t know where the posse came from but I guess Kaname believes to going home with a bunch of people to prevent getting anal-ed in an ally or whatever happens when you walk alone at night). Yuuki looks all sad as she mumbles how Zero was right about everything. What is everything? Me: *shrugs*

Since Kaname is gone, the two decide to freshen up…because what else is there to do? Yuuki finishes first and comes to see if Zero is ready but he’s still walking around butt nekkid in his room so no. To kill time, Yuuki wonders out loud how things would have been had the two of them been humans instead of vampire and vampire hunter. She fantasizes about how events from earlier chapters would have gone. Would something have happened between them? Or would nothing have arisen?

Zero opens his door which causes Yuuki to fall over (kids, don’t lean on doors like Yuuki here. They are not like walls). In his usual Zero fashion, Zero opens his mouth and takes a verbal shit on Yuuki. Had they both been human, he says, they’d have no reason to even talk to each other. End of story. I fucking hate my life. Love me.

Me: (ಠ_ಠ) this is why you can’t have nice things, Zero.

Zero picks Yuuki off the floor but she’s had enough of his shit. She grabs him and bites his tattoo. Then she begins to drain his memories of her from him…wait, when could she do that!? When Zero tries to get physical, Yuuki slaps Zero with some voodoo bracelet she has and all of a sudden Zero goes from man to shojo girl. As Yuuki climbs on top of him, he’s stuck on the floor going kyaaa noes! He tells Yuuki to stop but like the generic shojo rapist guy, she doesn’t. And sorry Zero, your senpai isn’t coming to save you.

Yuuki tells Zero it’ll be easier on him if she erases his memories of her because the only way to stop Kaname is to turn him into a human (and I guess that means killing herself?).


o___o …what has happened to this series!? BTW, this might be a good thing or a bad thing (depending on your view) but Vampire Knight is starting to wind down. The end is coming!


ラストゲーム (Last Game)
Game 14
天乃 忍 (Amano Shinobu)

Dwah, I remember this manga-ka from Natsu no Kakera. ;___; oh my feels. Nice to see she has a running series now ~ Her art is so adorable x3

Chapter 14 has main dude Yanagi, love interest Kujou, and some country hick Kei at a party for Yanagi’s sister’s “friend.” However, the “friend” is more like a rival and the fact she’s getting married before the sister pisses the sister off. As the three watch the two ladies banter, Yanagi suggest they look around. However, when he gets close to Kujou, she starts to circle around Kei to avoid him. Thinking wtf, Yanagi tries to circle around Kei as well but Kujou continues to move away until they’re both running circles around Kei. When asked WTF, Kujou tells Yanagi to stay away from her for awhile. Naturally, this breaks Yanagi as any man would if a girl told him to go away. Before Yanagi can recover and ask why, his sister comes in and drags him away.

lastgamero2We go into each character’s head for a moment. With Kujou, we find out that she is confused by Yanagi’s blushes and behavior and does not know what is up with him thus why she told Yanagi to stay away for a bit (at per Kei’s advice from another chapter I guess). For Yanagi, he’s trying to figure out why would a girl tell him to stay away. Then both reach the same conclusion: omfg he/she hates me ; A ;

Thankully, a drunk party guest helps the two reconcile and they become friends again…though I think Yanagi is hoping for something more. The chapter ends with the two holding hands (“to keep you from falling” is Yanagi’s reasoning) and scoping the party out while Kei, the forgotten third wheel, leaves the party (I’m guessing Kei has a thing for Kujou, doesn’t he?).

I feel bad for Kei :___: I think he was my favorite character in this chapter. I love how he was all щ(゚ロ゚щ) YOU PEOPLE ARE SO SLOW! BUY A CLUE ALREADY! GIMME SOME CHICKEN! xD

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